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Kitazawa, K. (K ichi), 1943-
Oral history interview with Koichi Kitazawa, 1994 January 5.
Professor Kitazawa recalls his earlier experience of studying and working both in United States and in Japan. He gives a detailed description about the research work of high Tc superconductivity in Japan from 1970 -1987, especially about some important events in the researcher of high Tc superconductivity that happened after the Bednorz and Muller discovery, which involved American, Japanese and Chinese scientists. He also gives some comments on the science policy and R&D of superconductivity in Japan, United States and China.
Professor Koichi Kitazawa, President of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) from October 2007. JST is one of the two major funding agencies for academia and is a core organization for implementing science and technology policy. He has been a professor of Department of Advanced Materials, and Department of Applied Chemistry at University of Tokyo from 1987 to 2002. He joined JST as vice president in 2002 and was appointed president in 2007. He specialized in the areas of physical chemistry, solid state physics, magnetic science and superconducting engineering.
Bednorz, J. G. (Johannes Georg), 1950-
Kitazawa, K. (K ichi), 1943-
M ller, K. A. (Karl A.), 1927-
High temperature superconductivity.
High temperature superconductivity -- Research -- Japan -- History.
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Superconductivity -- Research -- Japan -- History.
Superconductivity -- Research.
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