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Vaisberg, Oleg.
Oral history interview with Oleg Vaisberg, 2002 February 6.
Dr. Vaisberg's story describes the professional career of a senior IKI scientist, and also illuminates the collaborations and rivalries in IKI and the role played by some key persons in Russian space research. Topics include his family and growing up in Siberia during WW II; his student days at Moscow University under Iosif Shklovsky; early work on radiation belt instruments with Valerian Krassovsky; instruments flown on Kosmos and Prognoz; story of Sputnik 1 and 3; first visit to the U.S.; work with Kosmonauts and building instruments they used; observation of electric fields in space; work on Mars missions, 1969-71; experiment on 1971 Mars probe and 1976 Venus probes; "Vega" dust experiment; his unauthorized plasma experiment on "Vega" mission to Comet Halley; co-workers: Giorgi Zastenker and Lev Zelyoni, Levon Avanov, Valery Smirnov, Andrey Fyodorov, Vladimir Krasnosilskikh; how glasnost began, 1988-90; departure of Sagdeev and the budget crunch at IKI.
Main Research Scientist, Space Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences. Born in 1935, he graduated from Moscow State University in 1957 as an astronomer. Received a PhD in auroral spectroscopy in 1964. Science positions at Institute of Atmospheric Physics, 1957-1967; Space Research Institute (IKI) since 1967; Head of the solar wind laboratory, 1976-2004; Senior Research Associate at MSFC, 1999-2000; and at GSFC, 2000-2002; Staff Scientist at SwRI, 2004-2006; Main Research Scientist at IKI since 2006. Main areas of interest: solar wind interaction with planets, interplanetary shocks, boundary layers, space plasma instrumentation.
Vaisberg, Oleg.
Fedorov, Andre Aleksandrovich
Sagdeev, R. Z.
Shklovski , I. S.
Zastenker, Grigori Semenovich
Institut kosmicheskikh issledovani (Akademii a nauk SSSR)
Space sciences -- Research -- Soviet Union.
Sputnik satellites
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