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Sutherland, L. C.
Oral history interview with Louis Sutherland, 1994 June 9.
The interview discusses his family life, education, and career. Sutherland begain his college career at the University of Washington, initially as a civilian but mostly in a Navy college training program that culminated by graduation, in 1946 with a BS in Electrical Engineering and commission as an Ensign in the Navy after the end of WW II. The interview identifies the beginning of Sutherland's activity in acoustics in 1949, after completion of his MS in EE in his first job as a research technician with the Dept. of Speech at the University of Washington. He subsequently continued on in 1955 with work in acoustics for the Boeing Company, and then on, in 1964, to Wyle Laboratories where he retired in 1989 as Chief Scientist for Wyle Research, the acoustics technology arm of Wyle Labs. As the interview details, his work at Boeing, and subsequently at Wyle, has involved work in Aerospace Acoustics including rocket and aircraft noise and response of structures and people to such acoustic environments. As described in the interview, Lous activity since retirement has continued in these areas and expanded to include structural response to sonic boom and blasts.
Born 1926. Acuostical engineer. Worked at Boeing and was chief scientist for Wyle Laboratories.
Sutherland, L. C.
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