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Ellis, Richard S. (Richard Salisbury), 1950-
Oral history interview with Richard Ellis, 2007 July 27.
Galaxy cluster cataloging, and toward finding supernovae started in 1984 while professor in Durham, England. Collaboration with Danish astronomers, using telescope at European Southern Observatory in Chile on this search. Thus, with ground-based telescopes obtained the spectra of the supernovae and measured their redshifts. Result: Nature paper of 1989. Collaboration with The Supernova Cosmology Project (SCP) beginning in 1993. Carl Pennypacker first PI of SCP. Camera at Anglo-Australian Telescope (1000 by 2000 pixels, as opposed to 600 by 500 pixels of Danish camera). Euphoria of finding supernova at record-breaking distance, at redshift of 0.45. Turning point in collaboration around 1994, 1995. On skepticism and science; Lambda, the cosmological constant, and the accelerating universe; SCP and High-z teams, the UK National Meeting (with George F. Stathew and Martin Reese), and talk at Cambridge Mathematics Institute; use of Hubble Space Telescope.
Astronomer. Professor of Astronomy at Cambridge from 1994-1999; moved to California Institute of Technology in 1999.
Ellis, Richard S. (Richard Salisbury), 1950-
Pennypacker, Carlton
Cosmology -- Research.
Supernovae -- Observations.
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Pavlish, Ursula Rattay , interviewer.
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