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Anderson, P. W. (Philip W.), 1923-
Oral history interview with P. W. Anderson, 1988 May 10.
Topics discussed include: family background, education at Harvard, Japan, interactions with Japanese physicists, Bell Labs, solid state physics, Mott phenomenon, Green's function, and Helium-3.
Physicist. Major affiliations include: Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC, 1943-1945; University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England, 1967-1975; and Bell Laboratories, 1949-1984; professor of theoretical physics, Princeton University from 1975. Shared Nobel Prize in physics, 1977, with Sir Nevil Mott and John Van Vleck.
Anderson, P. W. (Philip W.), 1923-
Bardeen, John.
Herring, William Conyers, 1914-
Kittel, Charles
Landau, L. D. (Lev Davidovich), 1908-1968.
Lewis, H. W. (Harold Warren)
Matthias, Bernd T., 1918-1980.
Pierce, John R, (John Robinson), 1910-2002-
Pines, David, 1924-
Schwinger, Julian, 1918-1994.
Shockley, William, 1910-1989-
Van Vleck, J. H. (John Hasbrouck), 1899-1980
Bell Telephone Laboratories
Harvard University.
Princeton University.
Green's functions.
Helium 3.
Mott phenomenon.
Science and industry
Solid state physics.
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Oral histories. aat
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Hoddeson, Lillian. interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA