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Glaser, D. A.
Oral history interview with Donald A. Glaser, 2003 November 18 - 2 March 2004.
Topics discussed include: his family and early childhood, studies at Case Institute of Applied Sciences, graduate school at California Institute of Technology, interest in molecular genetics, cosmic ray physics, PhD for Physics (1960), cloud chambers, professor at University of Michigan, bubble chamber, Brookhaven Laboratory, Xenon bubble chamber, professor at University of California, Berkeley, Bevatron, Nobel Prize, molecular biology, Bill Wattenberg, Cetus and Ron Cape, and neurobiology.
Donald Glaser (1926-2013). Ph.D., physics (California Institute of Technology, 1949). Professor of physics at University of Michigan (1949-1959) and University of California, Berkeley (1959-present). Nobel prize (1960) for invention of the bubble chamber.
Cape, Ronald E., 1932-
Glaser, D. A.
Wattenberg, William W., 1911-
Brookhaven National Laboratory.
California Institute of Technology
Case School of Applied Science.
Cetus Corporation.
University of Michigan.
Bubble chambers.
Cloud chamber
Molecular biology.
Molecular genetics
Nobel Prizes.
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