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Selleri, Franco.
Oral History interview with Franco Selleri, 2003 June 24 and 25.
Selleri's background includes and undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Bologna under G. Puppi. His idea of the one-pion-exchange model and his work at the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare and CERN. His stay in the US at Cornell University. The conversion of scientific interest to foundations of quantum mechanics [FQM]. Reading of B. d'Espagnat's Conceptions de la physique contemporaine. Suggestion to Italian Society of Physics to organize a Varenna's summer school dedicated to FQM. Realism, social responsibility and science. His moving to the University of Bari, and his research and career there. The role of local realism in physics. His interaction with Louis de Broglie, Jean-Pierre Vigier, and Emilio Santos. His argument on the loopholes of Bell's inequalities experiments. Proposal of experiments to test L. de Broglie's wave and particle duality. Conference on FQM in Bari in the early 1980's, with Karl Popper and Leonard Mandel in attendance. Experiments held by L. Mandel. the role of journals like Nuovo Cimento, Foundations of Physics and Epistemological Letters as outlets for papers on FQM. Italian attitudes towards FQM, the role of Enrico Fermi. Students and collaborators like A. Garuccion and Rapisarda. Proposal of Bell's tests in particle physics. His proposal of a new theory of relativity.
Italian physicist. Born: 1936.
Broglie, Louis de, 1892-1987
Fermi, Enrico, 1901-1954.
Mandel, Leonard.
Popper, Karl Raimund, Sir, 1902-
Puppi, G.
Selleri, Franco.
Vigier, Jean-Pierre, 1920-
Cornell University
European Organization for Nuclear Research.
Istituto nazionale di fisica nucleare.
Rivista del nuovo cimento.
Universit ̉di Bari
Universit ̉di Bologna
Varenna Summer School
Bell's theorem.
Physics -- Italy -- History.
Quantum theory -- Europe -- History.
Relativity (Physics)
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Freire, Olival, interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA