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Hecht, Jeff.
Jeff Hecht interviews for his book CITY OF LIGHT : The story of fiber optics 1993-1996.
This collection consists of interviews conducted by author and historian Jeff Hecht for his book City of Light: The Story of Fiber Optics. The collection includes audio cassette tapes as well as transcripts and notes of interviews conducted by Jeff Hecht, as well as correspondence files and emails with interviewees ranging from physicists to electronics engineers. Interview subjects include: Elias Snitzer, George Hockham, Charles Sandbank, Bob Tkach and Andy Chraplyvy, Linn Mollenauer and Ivan Kaminow, Peter Runge, John Midwinter, Paul Lazay, John Wilbur Hicks Jr., Donald Keck (printed transcript), Peter Schultz, Murray Ramsay with Martin Chown and Richard Epworth, J. Jim Hseih, Mort Panish, Kenneth Nill, Felix Kapron, Ira Jacobs, Charles K. Kao (printed transcript), Robert Maurer, Lewis Hyde, Brian O'Brien, Jr., and Willem Brouwer. Also includes reminiscences from the New England Fiberoptic Council, and interviews with engineers and scientists at British Telecommunications Research Laboratories. Tapes and/or transcripts exist for 26 interviews; for others there may only be notes on the interview, and much of this is in electronic format. Contact the library reference staff for access to electronic format items.
Freelance science and technology writer. Science Writing Fellowship, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA, 1992. Author of Understanding Lasers (1991); Laser Pioneers (1991); The Laser Guidebook (1986); Optics: Light for a New Age (1988).
Hecht, Jeff.
BT Laboratories.
New England Fiberoptic Council.
Fiber optics.
Fibers -- Research.
Interviews. aat
Transcripts. aat
Brouwer, Willem.
Kaminow, Ivan P., 1930-
Kao, Charles K., 1933-
Keck, Donald B., 1941-
Midwinter, John E.
Mollenauer, L. F. (Linn Frederick), 1937-
Panish, M. B.
Runge, Peter K.
Snitzer, Elias.
Tkach, Robert William, 1954-
Chown, Martin.
Chraplyvy, Andrew R. 1950-
Epworth, Richard.
Hicks, John Wilbur, Jr.
Hockham, George.
Hseih, J. Jim.
Hyde, W. Lewis
Jacobs, Ira, 1931-
Kapron, Felix Paul, 1940-
Lazay, Paul Duane, 1939-
Maurer, Robert Distler, 1924-
Nill, Kenneth.
O'Brien, Brian, Jr., 1923-
Ramsay, Murray.
Sandbank, Charles.
Schultz, Peter J.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA