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Le Vine, Donald.
Oral history interview with Donald Le Vine, 1991 July 29.
Discusses his educational background at University of Michigan, Ph.D. in Theoretical High-Energy Elementary Particle Physics in 1969; 4 years in the Army, first at Defense Intelligence Agency (1969-71) then with DARPA (1971-1973); served at DARPA under Dave Mann and conducted one of three studies on geomagnetics for anti-submarine warfare; began work with JASON in 1974; discusses the politics and rationales behind JASON's move to Washington; headed the Washington JASON office with Bob Leonard; comments on the friction when JASON left IDA and Steve Lukasik's role; explains the process of becoming a JASON and three types of internal conflicts in JASON; comments on the clash of cultures between JASON and government with respect to project compartmentalization; JASONS' success in acoustics; discusses the tension between the JASONs' private careers and government service; comments on the state of JASON upon his departure in 1985; his role with the JASON steering committee as mediator between government and JASONs; comments on the tensions between DARPA, JASON, and ARPA, as JASON diversified to combat a micromanegement issue. Discusses the impact of the JASON group in particular with respect to free electron lasers; comments on JASONs during the Vietnam War era and the question of whether JASONs should expand into biology and sociology; recalls the search for women JASONs.
Physicist, TRW.
Le Vine, Donald.
Leonard, Robert Walton
Lukasik, Stephen J.
Mann, David.
Institute for Defense Analyses. JASON Division.
JASON Defense Advisory Group
United States. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
United States. Defense Intelligence Agency.
Geomagnetism -- Research.
Science -- Political aspects -- United States.
Science and state -- United States.
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Aaserud, Finn interviewer.
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