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Abt, Helmut A.
Oral history interview with Helmut Abt, 1999 October 28 and 29.
Abt discusses his childhood and youth in Germany and then the United States; his student days at Northwestern University and his graduate work at Caltech; use of the Mt. Wilson 100-inch telescope; research topics include W Virginis stars and Zeta Auriga; his work at Lick Observatory and later at Yerkes; use of the McDonald 82-inch telescope for postdoc research; site survey for the building of Kitt Peak in 1959; life at Kitt Peak in its early years including building and design of new instruments; his work as editor of The Astrophysical Journal and the changes that took place over the years; and the final part discusses his personal life and public service efforts.
Astronomer. Born in Germany, 1925. Research Associate, Yerkes Observatory, University of Chicago, 1953-1955; Assistant Professor, 1955-1959; Astronomer at Kitt Peak National Observatory from 1963; became editor of The Astrophysical Journal from 1971-1999.
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