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Drake, Charles L.
Oral history interview with Charles L. Drake, 1995, November 28, 1996 May 22, and 1997 May 20.
Recollections of his childhood, early introduction to geology, his education at Princeton, and Columbia, the development of geophysics and seismology as a field of research, his work at Lamont, the development of the geochemical lab at Lamont, the offshoot companies that grew out of Lamont, the politics and processes of gaining federal funding in the 1960s, the political ramifications of earth science, geochemistry, global warming and environmental concerns, working on the research vessels (Verma), his work in velocities, the development of plate tectonics. Among those prominently mentioned include: V. V. Belousov, Wallace Broecker, Walter Bucher, E. C. Bullard, Maurice Ewing, Burce Heezen, Harry Hess, Laurence Kulp, Angelo Ludas, John Nave, Jack Oliver, George Wollard, J. Lamar Worzel.
Charles L. Drake (1924- ). Geophysicist. Professor of geophysics, Columbia University, 1958-1967; acting assistant director, Lamont Geophysical Observatory, 1963-1965, professor and chairman of dept, 1967-1969; professor of geology, Dartmouth College from 1969.
Belousov, V. V. (Vladimir Vladimirovich), 1907-1990
Broecker, Wallace S., 1931-
Bucher, Walter H. (Walter Herman), 1888-
Bullard, Edward Crisp, Sir, 1907-1980.
Drake, Charles L.
Ewing, W. Maurice (William Maurice), 1906-1974
Heezen, Bruce C.
Hess, Harry Hammond, 1906-1969.
Kulp, J. Laurence (John Laurence), 1921-
Ludas, Angelo
Nafe, John Elliott, 1914-
Oliver, J. E. (Jack Ertle), 1923-2011-
Woollard, George P, (George Prior), 1908-1979-
Worzel, J. Lamar (John Lamar), 1919-2008
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Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
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Vema (Ship)
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Doel, Ronald Edmund interviewer.
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.
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