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Debye, Peter J. W. (Peter Josef William), 1884-1966-
Oral history interview with Peter J. W. Debye, 1965 December 22 to 16 June 1966.
Overview of the birth and development of quantum theory. Brief account of Debye's childhood and early education at Maastricht, Holland; his studies in electrical engineering at Aachen Technische Hochschule, where he met Arnold Sommerfeld. Follows Sommerfeld, as his assistant, to Munich, 1905-1911; degree (pressure of electromagnetic waves), 1905. Comments on the state of Dutch Physics in the early 1900s, in particular, H. kammerlingh-Onnes, Hendrik Lorentz, Pieter Zeeman, and Cornelius Wind. Professorships at Utrecht, Gottingen, and Leipzig; work on temperature dependence, adiabatic forces, and studying the structure of molecules with x-rays (Paul Scherrer). Discussions of his own and other's scientific contributions to the study of electrolytes (E. T. H. Bauer, Jacobus H. Van't Hoff, Svante Arrhenius, and Gilbert N. Lewis), and molecular forces (Van der Waals, Willem Keeson, Fritz London, Hendrik Casimir, Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Peter Debye). Discussion of Erwin Schrodinger's work (Max Planck, Louis de Broglie's thesis). Anecdotes about Planck (the illogical theory), Albert Einstein, Max von Laue. Many other scientists are mentioned throughout the interview.
Physical chemist. Died 1966.
Bohr, Niels, 1885-1962
Broglie, Louis de, 1892-1987
Casimir, H. B. G. (Hendrik Brugt Gerhard), 1909-2000-
Debye, Peter J. W. (Peter Josef William), 1884-1966-
Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955
Kamerlingh Onnes, Heike, 1853-1926.
Keesom, W. H. (Willem Hendrik), b. 1876.
Laue, Max von, 1879-1960.
London, Fritz, 1900-1954.
Maxwell, James Clerk, 1831-1879.
Lorentz, H. A. (Hendrik Antoon), 1853-1928.
Planck, Max, 1858-1947.
Schrd̲inger, Erwin, 1887-1961
Sommerfeld, Arnold, 1868-1951.
Zeeman, Pieter, 1865-1943. 1865-1943.
Universitt̃ Leipzig
Universitt̃ Gt̲tingen.
Adiabatiac processes.
Molecular structure.
Nuclear physics.
Quantum theory.
Solid state physics.
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Physicists -- Interviews. lcsh
Temperature dependence.
Van der Waals, Johannes D.
Wind, Cornelius.
Kerr, Donald A., interviewer.
Williams, L. Pearce (Leslie Pearce), 1927- interviewer.
Cornell University. Carl A. Kroch Library. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections. 2B Carl A Kroch Library, Ithaca, NY 14853, USA