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Sakharov CHRONOLOGY with additional photographs and information

More history of physics exhibits from the AIP Center for History of Physics (Einstein, Heisenberg and lots more).

See our main links page for some choice sites on 20th century physics, including nuclear history.

The Nobel Foundation 1975 peace prize includes Sakharov’s autobiography and presentation speech.  

The Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues has many annotated references and links, including these items involving Sakharov.

A blog entry on a Sakharov riddle at Scientific American by Gannady Gorelik

Citizen Kurchatov from PBS.

History of Nuclear weapons: from the Atomic Archive.

The Discovery of Fission (from AIP's Center for History of Physics Moments of Discovery exhibit).

The “Installation” Homepage.

Sakharov’s entry in the Nobel Prize Internet Archive.

Amnesty International (defending human rights)
An essay on war and democracy (S. Weart) and the Democratic Peace site (R.J. Rummel).

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