About This Exhibit

This exhibit is based on the educational package, Moments of Discovery, Unit 2: A Pulsar Discovery, by Joan N. Warnow with Arthur Eisenkraft and Spencer Weart, audio by Bill Schwarz, published by the American Institute of Physics in 1984 with support from the Public Understanding of Science Office of the National Science Foundation, the Heineman Foundation, and the Friends of the AIP Center for History of Physics. ©1984 and 2003 American Institute of Physics.

Exhibit Editors: Spencer Weart, Patrick McCray, Arthur Eisenkraft

Design: Tom Connell, American Institute of Physics

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Further information on the history of physics can be obtained from the AlP's Center for History of Physics in College Park, MD.

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Voice credits

Excepts from interviews for this exhibit with Jon Cocke, by Joan Warnow and Spencer Weart in February 1975; with Michael Disney, by Inge Disney in February 1975; and with Philip Morrison by Joan Warnow in July 1975.