DISNEY: We decided to try to determine whether or not it was an electronic artifact or it was the real thing. And we'll switch all the electronics off and switch it on again.

MC CALLISTER: This is run on number 19 on SP star—on South SP star. We're on our way. Back here and do some of my paper work. Okay, I'm caught up.


DISNEY: We got Don's number? Beginning. It's moved over.

COCKE: Yeah, it has, hasn't it?

figure 1

DISNEY: My God, it's still there. It's as good as it was, or better than it was, last time.

COCKE: But, it's still right in the middle of the screen.

DISNEY: No, it isn't. It's moved to the right. See look.

MC CALLISTER: I'm going to have to turn it down.
Sorry about that.

DISNEY: It's growing!


Yeah, that's it! By God, we've got it!

COCKE: Now, now.

DISNEY: I think the best way to look at these things is: forget the dots—just look underneath here at the dots at the bottom.

COCKE: Right.

DISNEY: Hmm? It's much clearer then.

COCKE: It disturbs me that it's right in the middle of the screen.

DISNEY: It hasn't. It isn't. John, look.

COCKE: It's moved a little bit.

DISNEY: Yeah, it's moved to the right.

COCKE: Uh huh. Hey, Bob, the frequency generator is still going, all the time, isn't it?

MC CALLISTER: Hopefully.


COCKE: It should be in the same place, because the frequency generator is still going


MC CALLISTER: If you've got the right frequency it would be more or less the same place, wouldn't it?

DISNEY: It should be more or less; it won't be exactly the same place.

COCKE: If we have exactly the same frequency—

DISNEY: If we've got the pulse dead right—


That's a bloody pulse, isn't it? Should we go and ring Don up?

Crab nebula seen in x-rays
Crab Nebula images in x-rays by NASA's Chandra Observatory


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