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Audio and video interviews about the life and work of Richard Garwin, 2004-2012

Description of Collection


American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives.

Papers created by

Garwin, Richard L.

Size of collection

0.5 linear feet
1 manuscript box

Short description of collection

Audio interviews from unwritten biography about Richard Garwin and video interviews from "Garwin: The Movie" documentary.

Language(s) of collection


Collection number:


Biographical Note

Richard Garwin: Born 1928. Physicist; received Ph.D. in 1949, University of Chicago under Enrico Fermi. On Fermi's invitation, Garwin went to Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1950. At this time appointed faculty position at University of Chicago. According to Edward Teller, was instrumental in creating the first hydrogen bomb. In 1952 Garwin joined IBM's Watson Laboratory at Columbia University in a research capacity (until 1970), while consulting at Los Alamos and for the U.S. government on issues of military technology and arms control. Also an adjunct professor in physics at Columbia University, and a professor of public policy at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Member of the President's Science Advisory Committee, the Defense Science Board, and the National Academy of Science; Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Scope and Contents of Collection

This collection consists of audio recordings and corresponding transcripts for interviews of Harold Agnew, Paul Doty, Charles "Bert" Fowler, Edward Frieman, John "Mike" Cornwall, Malvin Ruderman, Jeffrey Garwin, Lois Garwin, Richard Garwin, Murray Gell-Mann, Marvin "Murph" Goldberger, Marguerite Goldfarb, Ralph Gomory, Gerald Holton, Jonathan Katz, Carl Kaysen, Robert Kohler, Conrad Longmire, Richard Muller, Walter Munk, W. K. H. "Pief" Panofsky, Norman Ramsey, Jack Ruina, and Herbert York, conducted by Daniel Ford. It also includes video interviews with Harold Agnew, Luis Bettencourt, Robert Budnitz, Jonathan Katz, Harris Mayer, Walter Munk, Per Peterson, William Press, Roy Schwitters, and Frank von Hippel conducted by Richard Breyer and Anand Kamalakar for their 2014 documentary, "Garwin: The Movie." In these interviews, the subjects discuss the life and work of physicist Richard Garwin. Online components of the collection can be found at

Restrictions on Use and Access

Researchers must have an approved access application on file in order to access archival materials.

Selected Search Terms

These papers have been indexed in the International Catalog of Sources for History of Physics and Allied Sciences (ICOS) using the following terms. Those seeking related materials should search under these terms.


Agnew, Harold M.
Bettencourt, Luis
Budnitz, Robert J.
Cornwall, John M.
Doty, Paul M., 1920-2011
Fermi, Enrico, 1901-1954.
Fowler, Charles A., 1920-2016
Frieman, E. A.
Garwin, Jeffrey L.
Garwin, Lois E.
Garwin, Richard L.
Gell-Mann, Murray.
Goldberger, Marvin L.
Goldfarb, Marguerite
Gomory, Ralph E.
Holton, Gerald James.
Katz, Jonathan I.
Kaysen, Carl
Kohler, Robert J.
Longmire, Conrad L.
Mayer, Harris L.
Muller, R. (Richard)
Munk, Walter H. (Walter Heinrich), 1917-
Panofsky, Wolfgang K. H. (Wolfgang Kurt Hermann), 1919-2007
Peterson, P. F.
Press, William H.
Ramsey, Norman, 1915-2011
Ruderman, Malvin A.
Ruina, J. P. (Jack P.)
Schwitters, Roy F.
Von Hippel, Frank
York, Herbert F. (Herbert Frank).


International Business Machines Corporation
JASON Defense Advisory Group.
Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory.
United States. Department of Defense
United States. Department of Energy.
United States. President's Science Advisory Committee
University of Chicago.

Subject terms

Hydrogen bomb
Nuclear physics

Genre terms


Organization and Arrangement of Collection

The collection is arranged into two series. Online digitized content from Series I-Subseries IB and Series II can be found via the links below. Series I-Subseries IA can be accessed by contacting

Provenance and Acquisition Information

Gift of Richard Garwin, 2017.

Processing Information

This collection was processed by Sarah Cochrane in 2017.

Preferred Citation of Collection

Box [number], Folder [number], Audio and video interviews about the life and work of Richard Garwin, 2004-2012. American Institute of Physics, Niels Bohr Library & Archives, College Park, MD 20740, USA.

Administrative Information


Finding Aid to the Audio and video interviews about the life and work of Richard Garwin, 2004-2012


American Institute of Physics Niels Bohr Library & Archives

One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740


Encoding Information

Machine-readable finding aid encoded by Sarah Cochrane in 2017. Any revisions made to this finding aid occurred as part of the editing and encoding process.

Series I: Interviews conducted by Daniel Ford

Subseries IA: Recordings

Box 1 Folder 1 Audio interviews conducted by Daniel Ford, 2004-2007

Subseries IB: Transcripts

Box 1 Folder 2 Harold M. Agnew, February 15, 2007
Folder 3 Paul Doty, December 2004
Folder 4 Paul Doty (1), December 2004
Folder 5 Paul Doty (2), December 2004
Folder 6 Paul Doty (3), December 2004
Folder 7 Charles A. (Bert) Fowler, Nov. 30, 2004
Folder 8 Edward A. Frieman, John (Mike) Cornwall, and Malvin A. Ruderman, June 2004
Folder 9 Jeffrey L. Garwin, January 16, 2007
Folder 10 Lois Garwin, July 1, 2004
Folder 11 Richard L. Garwin (1), June 26, 2004
Folder 12 Richard L. Garwin (2), June 27, 2004
Folder 13 Richard L. Garwin (3), June 28, 2004
Folder 14 Richard L. Garwin (4), July 3, 2004
Folder 15 Richard L. Garwin (Starfish), September 11, 2004
Folder 16 Murray Gell-Mann (1), January 15, 2007
Folder 17 Murray Gell-Mann (2), January 15, 2007
Folder 18 Marvin L. (Murph) Goldberger, June 2004
Folder 19 Marguerite (Margie) Goldfarb (nee Schwartz), October 2004
Folder 20 Ralph E. Gomory, September 12, 2004
Folder 21 Gerald Holton (1), November 30, 2004
Folder 22 Gerald Holton (2), November 30, 2004
Folder 23 Jonathan I. Katz, August 30, 2007
Folder 24 Carl Kaysen, December 2004
Folder 25 Carl Kaysen (1), December 2004
Folder 26 Robert Kohler, July 2004
Folder 27 Conrad L. Longmire, 2004
Folder 28 Richard A. Muller (1), June 4, 2004
Folder 29 Richard A. Muller (2), June 2004
Folder 30 Walter H. Munk and Edward A. Frieman, July 2, 2004
Folder 31 W. K. H. (Pief) Panofsky (1), December 7, 2004
Folder 32 W. K. H. (Pief) Panofsky (2), December 7, 2004
Folder 33 Norman F. Ramsey, December 2004
Folder 34 Norman F. Ramsey (1), December 2004
Folder 35 Norman F. Ramsey (2), December 2004
Folder 36 Norman F. Ramsey (3), December 2004
Folder 37 Jack P. Ruina, December 2004
Folder 38 Jack P. Ruina (1), December 2004
Folder 39 Herbert F. York, July 2004

Series II: Interviews conducted by Richard Breyer and Anand Kamalakar

Box 1 Folder 40 Video interviews conducted by Breyer and Kamalakar, c. 2012