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American Physical Society Division of Solid State Physics records of Roman Smoluchowski, 1943-1947

Description of Collection


American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives.

Papers created by

American Physical Society. Division of Solid State Physics.

Size of collection

0.25 linear feet
1 half manuscript box

Short description of collection

This collection documents the efforts leading to the formation in 1947 of the Division of Solid State Physics of the American Physical Society (APS).

Language(s) of collection


Collection number:


Historical Note

The Division of Solid State Physics of the American Physical Society, was founded in 1947. In 1978, it was renamed the Division of Condensed Matter Physics. The object of the division is the advancement and diffusion of knowledge of the physics of condensed matter, and in particular of solid state.

Roman Smoluchowski was born in Zakopane, Austria on August 31, 1910. He studied at the University of Warsaw, Poland where he received his M.A. in 1933, and at the University of Groningen, Holland where he completed his Ph.D. in physics and mathematics in 1935. From 1935 to 1936, Smoluchowski was a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. From 1936 until 1939, he was a research associate and head of the physics section of the Institute of Metals at the Warsaw Institute of Technology in Poland. In 1939 Smoluchowski settled in the United States. He returned to Princeton University where until 1941 he was an instructor and research associate of the Physics Department. From 1941-1946 Roman Smoluchowski was a research physicist at the General Electric Research Laboratories in Schenectady. It was during this period that Smoluchowski began his efforts to develop organized cooperation among “metal-physicists” which resulted in the formation of the Division of Solid State Physics in l947, with Roman Smoluchowski as its first chairman. Information on the activities of Roman Smoluchowski after 1946 can be found in American Men of Science and Who’s Who in America. In brief, after 18 years as Director of the Solid State Program at Princeton University, he became professor of astronomy and physics at the University of Texas in Austin, lectured widely in Europe and South America, and served on scientific committees of numerous organizations including the Department of Defense, National Research Council, Office of Naval Research, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the National Academy of Sciences.

Smoluchowski is a fellow of the American Physical Society and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is a member of the Society of Metals, the American Crystallographic Association and the Institute of Mining, and a foreign member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters and the Brazilian Academy of Science.

Scope and Contents of Collection

The Roman Smoluchowski correspondence documents the early stages in the development of the Division of Solid-State Physics of the American Physical Society (APS). Spearheaded by Roman Smoluchowski and five colleagues, Saul Dushman, Clarence Thomas Read, Frederick Seitz, William Shockley, and Sidney Siegel, efforts in research on "metal-physics" led to the formation in 1947 of a new APS division - the Division of Solid-State Physics.

The present collection of correspondence documents the progressive development of this idea of organized cooperation among "metal-physicists" from November 1943 through October 1945.

The idea of organized cooperation did not immediately take the form of a proposed new division in the APS. An opinion poll, taken of physicists with an interest in the field of metals late in 1943, indicated that about 1/2 were in favor of some loose organization of "metal-physicists," in the form of a committee on metal-physics, whose functions would include organizing symposia on metals and promoting cooperation among scientists and engineers working in related fields, 1/3 were in favor of establishing an entirely new metals division, and the remaining members were opposed to anything new, in particular against a new division. In the spring of 1944, however, Karl K. Darrow, Secretary of the APS, sent a letter to Frederick Seitz, one of the group of six mentioned above, pointing out the advantages of a new division, also indicating that he felt the trend toward the formation of divisions within the APS was inevitable. Influenced by Darrow’s arguments, Smoluchowski and his colleagues began arranging for a symposium on the physics of the solid state (held in January of 1945), during which it was planned to publicize and discuss the proposal for a "metals division" of the APS. The initial decision to request divisionalization was made by R. Smoluchowski in consultation with Darrow in the spring of 1944. This decision, along with the choice of a name for the new division, was communicated by Smoluchowski to the group in June, 1944. Wartime considerations, however, made it advisable to postpone the final decision on a Solids Division until sometime after the January 1945 symposium. In the meantime a group of physicists, including J.H. Van Vleck, proposed the formation of a committee which would act in an advisory capacity to the secretary of APS. The proposal was designed to forestall the trend toward divisionalization and to satisfy the demand for more efficient coordination of the activities within the various branches of physics.

Essentially the correspondence ends at this point, with the fate of the APS Program Committee left unresolved. However, with the subsequent formation of the APS Division of Solid-State Physics in June 1947, the organizational efforts extended over a period of nearly four years were successfully realized.

Items of interest:

  • 1. November 23, 1943: First "feeler" letter sent out by R. Smoluchowski to F. Seitz to gauge opinion concerning some organization of "metalphysicists."
  • 30. January 29, 1944: Letter from J. H. Van Vleck to S. Dushman stating his chief objections to divisionalization of the APS.
  • 59. February 23, 1944: Results of the opinion poll as related in a letter from R. Smoluchowski to F. Seitz, and some mention as to tentative plans of action.
  • 66. March 18, 1944: Letter from R. Smoluchowski to K. K. Darrow summarizing the results the opinion poll and suggesting the formation of a permanent "Committee on Metal-physics" within the APS.
  • 83. May 16, 1944: Letter from K. K. Darrow to F. Seitz voicing Darrow’s support of the formation of a new Division of Solid-State Physics.
  • 97. June 19, 1944: Letter from R. Smoluchowski to T. A. Read, F. Seitz, W. B. Shockley and S. L. Siegel outlining a plan to petition the Council of the APS to form a new Solid State Division.
  • 262-263.Copies of replies from various physicists referred to in letter #1 of the Smoluchowskiki correspondence including arguments for and against some type of "metalphysics" organization.
  • 265. Copies of the article "The Present War is a Physicists War," stressing the need for greater organization in solid-state physics, in view of the expected rapid growth of the field after World War II.
  • 273. Schematic diagram of two alternative political structures for the APS; i.e., divisional organization vs. committee organization.

Historical memoranda:

  • 96. June 16, 1944: Memorandum of K. K. Darrow’s conversation with R. Smoluchowski outlining developments up to that point.
  • 282. December, 1944: Editorial article published in the December 1944 issue of the Journal of Applied Physics summarizing developments up to that time.

Restrictions on Use and Access

Permission of an officer of depositing organization required for access to records less than 25 years old.

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Darrow, Karl K. (Karl Kelchner), 1891-
Dushman, Saul, b. 1883.
Reed, Thomas A., 1928-
Seitz, Frederick, 1911-2008
Shockley, William, 1910-
Siegel, Sidney L.
Smoluchowski, Roman.
Van Vleck, J. H. (John Hasbrouck), 1899-
Zener, Clarence, 1905-


American Physical Society. Division of Condensed Matter Physics.
American Physical Society. Division of Solid State Physics.

Subject terms

Physics. Societies, etc.
Physics. Societies, etc. Administration.
Solid state physics. Societies, etc.

Organization and Arrangement of Collection

This collection is organized into two series:

  • Series I: Correspondence
  • Series II: 1978 addition

Provenance and Acquisition Information

Deposited by American Physical Society, 1962 and 1978.

Processing Information

This collection was processed by Melanie J. Brown in 2010.

Much of the collection is inventoried at the item level. The folder numbers are expanded to include the item number within each folder. For instance, folder 2.147 indicates folder 2, item number 147.

Preferred Citation of Collection

Box [number], Folder [number], American Physical Society Division of Solid State Physics records of Roman Smoluchowski. American Institute of Physics, Niels Bohr Library & Archives, College Park, MD 20740, USA.

Administrative Information


Finding Aid to the American Physical Society Division of Solid State Physics records of Roman Smoluchowski, 1943-1947


American Institute of Physics Niels Bohr Library & Archives

One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740


Encoding Information

Machine-readable finding aid encoded by Melanie J. Brown in 2010. Any revisions made to this finding aid occurred as part of the editing and encoding process.

Series I: Correspondence

Box 1 Folder 1.1 P. Seitz, 11/23/1943
Folder 1.2 F. Seitz, 11/29/1943
Folder 1.3 C.S. Barrett, 12/1/1943
Folder 1.4 T.A. Read, 12/1/1943
Folder 1.5 F. Seitz, 12/1/1943
Folder 1.6 W.B. Shockley, 12/1/1943
Folder 1.7 S.L. Siegel, 12/1/1943
Folder 1.8 S.L. Siegel, 12/6/1943
Folder 1.9 T.A. Read, 12/14/1943
Folder 1.10 T.A. Read, 12/17/1943
Folder 1.11 W.B. Shockley, 12/17/1943
Folder 1.12 S.L. Siegel, 12/17/1943
Folder 1.13 unknown, 12/23/1943
Folder 1.14 C.S. Barrett, 12/27/1943
Folder 1.15 C.S. Barrett, 1/4/1944
Folder 1.16 C.S. Barrett, 1/12/1944
Folder 1.17 C.S. Barrett, 1/21/1944
Folder 1.18 T.A. Read, 1/21/1944
Folder 1.19 F. Seitz, 1/21/1944
Folder 1.20 W.B. Shockley, 1/21/1944
Folder 1.21 S.L. Siegel, 1/21/1944
Folder 1.22 P.J.W. Debye, S. Dushman, 1/24/1944
Folder 1.23 E.H. Quimby, S. Dushman, 1/24/1944
Folder 1.24 L. Brillouin, S. Dushman, 1/25/1944
Folder 1.25 C.W. Ufford, S. Dushman, 1/25/1944
Folder 1.26 F.Bitter, S. Dushman, 1/27/1944
Folder 1.27 W. P. Davey, S. Dushman, 1/28/1944
Folder 1.28 L.A. DuBridge, S. Dushman, 1/28/1944
Folder 1.29 H. Margenau, S. Dushman, 1/28/1944
Folder 1.30 J.H. Van Vleck, S. Dushman, 1/29/1944
Folder 1.31 C.W. Uf ford, 1/31/1944
Folder 1.32 F. Bitter, 2/3/1944
Folder 1.33 W. P. Davey, 2/3/1944
Folder 1.34 P. S.W .Debye, 2/3/1944
Folder 1.35 L.A. DuBridge, 2/3/1944
Folder 1.36 I. Fankuchen, 2/3/1944
Folder 1.37 H .Margenau, 2/3/1944
Folder 1.38 E.H. Quiznby, 2/3/1944
Folder 1.39 S.H. Van Vleck, 2/3/1944
Folder 1.40 B. Kurrelmeyer, S. Dushman, 2/4/1944
Folder 1.41 F. Seitz, 2/4/1944
Folder 1.42 H.B. Wahlin, S. Dushman, 2/4/1944
Folder 1.43 M. Avramy, W.B. Shockley, 2/5/1944
Folder 1.44 W. B. Shockley, 2/8/1944
Folder 1.45 F. Seitz, 2/11/1944
Folder 1.46 W. B. Shockley, 2/11/1944
Folder 1.47 E.P.T. Tyndall, S. Dushman, 2/11/1944
Folder 1.48 W. C. Herring, 2/13/1944
Folder 1.49 T. A. Read, 2/14/1944
Folder 1.50 B. Kurrelmeyer, 2/14/1944
Folder 1.51 E.P.T. Tyndall, 2/14/1944
Folder 1.52 H. B. Wahlin, 2/14/1944
Folder 1.53 W. C. Herring, 2/15/1944
Folder 1.54 J. H. Van Vleck, 2/16/1944
Folder 1.55 T. A. Read, 2/17/1944
Folder 1.56 F. Seitz, 2/18/1944
Folder 1.57 J. H. Van Vleck, 2/21/1944
Folder 1.58 T. A. Read, 2/23/1944
Folder 1.59 F. Seitz, 2/23/1944
Folder 1.60 W.B. Shockiey, 2/23/1944
Folder 1.61 S.L. Siegel, 2/23/1944
Folder 1.62 I. Fankuchen, S. Dushman, 2/27/1944
Folder 1.63 S. L. Siegel, 3/2/1944
Folder 1.64 F. Seitz, 3/3/1944
Folder 1.65 T. A. Read, 3/4/1944
Folder 1.66 K. K. Darrow, 3/18/1944
Folder 1.67 T. A. Read, 3/20/1944
Folder 1.68 F. Seitz, 3/20/1944
Folder 1.69 W. B. Shockley, 3/20/1944
Folder 1.70 S. L. Siegel, 3/20/1944
Folder 1.71 K. K. Darrow, 3/22/1944
Folder 1.72 K. K. Darrow, 3/22/1944
Folder 1.73 K. K. Darrow, 3/22/1944
Folder 1.74 K. K. Darrow, 3/28/1944
Folder 1.75 T. A. Read, F. Seitz, W.B. Schockley, S.L. Siegel, 3/28/1944
Folder 1.76 W. B. Shockley, 3/30/1944
Folder 1.77 T. A. Read, 4/11/1944
Folder 1.78 S. L. Siegel, 4/11/1944
Folder 1.79 F. Seitz, 4/22/1944
Folder 1.80 K. K. Darrow, 4/25/1944
Folder 1.81 K. K. Darrow, 4/28/1944
Folder 1.82 S. Seitz, K. K. Darrow, 5/6/1944
Folder 1.83 K. K. Darrow, F. Seitz, 5/16/1944
Folder 1.84 J. B. Shockley, 5/17/1944
Folder 1.85 J. B. Shockley, 5/19/1944
Folder 1.86 K. K. Darrow, 5/24/1944
Folder 1.87 K. K. Darrow, 5/25/1944
Folder 1.88 F. Seitz, K. K. Darrow, 5/25/1944
Folder 1.89 F. Seitz, 5/25/1944
Folder 1.90 K. K. Darrow, 5/30/1944
Folder 1.91 F. Seitz, 5/30/1944
Folder 1.92 K. K. Darrow, 5/31/1944
Folder 1.93 K. K. Darrow, 6/9/1944
Folder 1.94 K. K. Darrow, 6/12/1944
Folder 1.95 F. Seitz, 6/14/1944
Folder 1.96 K. K. Darrow, 6/16/1944
Folder 1.97 T. A. Read, F. Seitz, W.B. Schockley, S.L. Siegel, 6/19/1944
Folder 1.98 K. K. Darrow, 6/21/1944
Folder 1.99 T. A. Read, 6/22/1944
Folder 1.100 K. K. Darrow, 6/28/1944
Folder 1.101 K. K. Darrow, 7/4/1944
Folder 1.102 F. Seitz, 7/4/1944
Folder 1.103 K. K. Darrow, 7/7/1944
Folder 1.104 F. Seitz, 7/7/1944
Folder 1.105 K. K. Darrow, 7/11/1944
Folder 1.106 T. A. Read, W.B. Schockley, S.L. Siegel, 7/11/1944
Folder 1.107 F. Seitz, 7/11/1944
Folder 1.108 S. L. Siegel, 7/14/1944
Folder 1.109 F. Seitz, 7/20/1944
Folder 1.110 T. A. Read, 7/27/1944
Folder 1.111 T. A. Read, 8/2/1944
Folder 1.112 F. Seitz, 8/2/1944
Folder 1.113 S. L. Siegel, 8/2/1944
Folder 1.114 F. Seitz, 8/7/1944
Folder 1.115 F. Seitz, 8/10/1944
Folder 1.116 F. Seitz, P. W. Bridgrnan, 8/25/1944
Folder 1.117 F. Seitz, M. Gensamer, 8/25/1944
Folder 1.118 F. Seitz, J. H. Van Vleck, 8/25/1944
Folder 1.119 F. Seitz, C. M. Zener, 8/25/1944
Folder 1.120 F. Seitz, 8/31/1944
Folder 1.121 P.J.W. Debye, 9/1/1944
Folder 1.122 T. Read, 9/1/1944
Folder 1.123 W. B. Shockley, 9/1/1944
Folder 1.124 S. L. Siegel, 9/1/1944
Folder 1.125 J. C. Slater, 9/1/1944
Folder 1.126 J. H. Van Vleck, 9/1/1944
Folder 1.127 F. Seitz, 9/6/1944
Folder 1.128 W. B. Shockley, 9/9/1944
Folder 1.129 J. H. Van Vleck, F. Seitz, 9/9/1944
Folder 1.130 T. A. Read, 9/13/1944
Folder 1.131 S. L. Siegel, 9/13/1944
Folder 1.132 F. Seitz, 9/14/1944
Folder 1.133 K. K. Darrow, 9/20/1944
Folder 1.134 F. Seitz, 9/20/1944
Folder 1.135 W. B. Shockley, 9/20/1944
Folder 1.136 S. L. Siegel, 9/20/1944
Folder 1.137 T. A. Read, 9/20/1944
Folder 1.138 J. H. Van Vleck, 9/20/1944
Folder 1.139 K. K. Darrow, 9/23/1944
Folder 1.140 K. K. Darrow, 9/24/1944
Folder 1.141 K. K. Darrow, 9/26/1944
Folder 1.142 P.J.W. Debye, 9/28/1944
Folder 2.143 P.J.W. Debye, 10/3/1944
Folder 2.144 F. Seitz, 10/3/1944
Folder 2.145 F. Seitz, 10/5/1944
Folder 2.146 K. K. Darrow, 10/9/1944
Folder 2.147 E. Hutchisson, 10/10/1944
Folder 2.148 D. E. Roller, 10/10/1944
Folder 2.149 S. L. Siegel, 10/11/1944
Folder 2.150 E. Hutchisson, 10/13/1944
Folder 2.151 D. E. Roller, 10/14/1944
Folder 2.152 S. L. Siegel, 10/14/1944
Folder 2.153 S. L. Siegel, W. F. Brown, Jr., 10/16/1944
Folder 2.154 S. L. Siegel, G. H. Wannier, 10/16/1944
Folder 2.155 S. L. Siegel, F. Bloch, 10/17/1944
Folder 2.156 E. Hutchisson, 10/17/1944
Folder 2.157 K. K. Darrow, 10/19/1944
Folder 2.158 K. K. Darrow, 10/19/1944
Folder 2.159 S. L. Siegel, 10/19/1944
Folder 2.160 K. K. Darrow, 10/20/1944
Folder 2.161 F. Seitz, 10/20/1944
Folder 2.162 J. C. Slater, 10/25/1944
Folder 2.163 F. Seitz, 10/27/1944
Folder 2.164 S. L. Siegel, 10/27/1944
Folder 2.165 T. A. Read, 10/28/1944
Folder 2.166 T. A. Read, 10/30/1944
Folder 2.167 F. Seitz, 10/30/1944
Folder 2.168 S. L. Siegel, 10/30/1944
Folder 2.169 J. C. Slater, 10/30/1944
Folder 2.170 S. L. Siegel, 10/31/1944
Folder 2.171 K. K. Darrow, 11/3/1944
Folder 2.172 F. Seitz, P. W. Bridgman, 11/3/1944
Folder 2.173 F. Seitz, M. Gensamer, 11/3/1944
Folder 2.174 F. Seitz, J. H. Van Vleck, 11/3/1944
Folder 2.175 F. Seitz, C. M. Zener, 11/3/1944
Folder 2.176 P. W. Bridgman, 11/6/1944
Folder 2.177 T. A. Read, 11/6/1944
Folder 2.178 W. B. Shockley, 11/6/1944
Folder 2.179 S. L. Siegel, 11/6/1944
Folder 2.180 P. W. Bridgman, 11/7/1944
Folder 2.181 C. M. Zener, 11/7/1944
Folder 2.182 S. L. Siegel, 11/9/1944
Folder 2.183 S. L. Siegel, 11/9/1944
Folder 2.184 C. M. Zener, 11/9/1944
Folder 2.185 J. H. Van Vleck, 11/9/1944
Folder 2.186 K. K. Darrow, 11/10/1944
Folder 2.187 J. H. Van Vleck, 11/10/1944
Folder 2.188 T. A. Read, 11/11/1944
Folder 2.189 S. L. Siegel, 11/13/1944
Folder 2.190 S. L. Siegel, 11/14/1944
Folder 2.191 T. A. Read, 11/14/1944
Folder 2.192 F. Seitz, 11/14/1944
Folder 2.193 S. L. Siegel, 11/14/1944
Folder 2.194 S. L. Siegel, 11/15/1944
Folder 2.195 T. A. Read, 11/16/1944
Folder 2.196 F. E. Peters, 11/16/1944
Folder 2.197 F. E. Peters, 11/17/1944
Folder 2.198 K. K. Darrow, 11/22/1944
Folder 2.199 M. Gensamer, 11/22/1944
Folder 2.200 V. Webb, 11/22/1944
Folder 2.201 S. L. Siegel, 11/24/1944
Folder 2.202 M. Gensamer, 11/25/1944
Folder 2.203 K. K. Darrow, 11/25/1944
Folder 2.204 K. K. Darrow, 11/25/1944
Folder 2.205 K. K. Darrow, 11/27/1944
Folder 2.206 K. K. Darrow, 11/28/1944
Folder 2.207 P. W. Bridgman, 11/30/1944
Folder 2.208 K. K. Darrow, 11/30/1944
Folder 2.209 M. Gensamer, 11/30/1944
Folder 2.210 J. H. Van Vleck, 11/30/1944
Folder 2.211 C. M. Zener, 11/30/1944
Folder 2.212 K. K. Darrow, 12/2/1944
Folder 2.213 F. Bloch, R. M. Bozorth, P. P. Cioffi, F. W. Constant, A. R. Kaufmann, S. L. Siegel, 12/2/1944
Folder 2.214 W. F. Brown, Jr., 12/2/1944
Folder 2.215 G. H. Wannier, 12/2/1944
Folder 2.216 J.H. Van Vleck, 12/4/1944
Folder 2.217 P. W. Bridgman, 12/5/1944
Folder 2.218 P. W. Bridgman, 12/6/1944
Folder 2.219 W. F. Brown, Jr., undated
Folder 2.220 S. L. Siegel, 12/7/1944
Folder 2.221 A. R. Kaufmann, 12/12/1944
Folder 2.222 W. F. Brown, Jr., 12/12/1944
Folder 2.223 K. K. Darrow, 12/12/1944
Folder 2.224 K. K. Darrow, 12/13/1944
Folder 2.225 F. W. Constant, 12/14/1944
Folder 2.226 A. R. Kaufmann, 12/14/1944
Folder 2.227 G. H. Wannier, 12/14/1944
Folder 2.228 W. F. Brown, Jr., 12/18/1944
Folder 2.229 F. W. Constant, 12/18/1944
Folder 2.230 K. K. Darrow, 12/19/1944
Folder 2.231 M. Gensamer, 12/19/1944
Folder 2.232 S.L. Siegel, 1/2/1945
Folder 2.233 K. K. Darrow, 1/2/1945
Folder 2.234 R. M. Bozorth, P. W. Bridgman, P. O. Cioffi, F. W. Constant, M. Gensamer, A. R. Kaufmann, T. A. Read, F. Seitz, J. H. Van Vleck, G. H. Wannier, 1/4/1945
Folder 2.235 W. F. Brown, Jr., 1/5/1945
Folder 2.236 S. L. Siegel, 1/5/1945
Folder 2.237 C. M. Zener, 1/5/1945
Folder 2.238 J. H. Van Vleck, K. K. Darrow, 1/29/1945
Folder 2.239 E. Saibel, K. K. Darrow, 2/2/1945
Folder 2.240 J. H. Van Vleck, 2/3/1945
Folder 2.241 K. K. Darrow, 2/5/1945
Folder 2.242 K. K. Darrow, 2/13/1945
Folder 2.243 J. H. Van Vleck, 2/13/1945
Folder 2.244 J. H. Van Vleck, 2/19/1945
Folder 2.245 K. K. Darrow, 2/23/1945
Folder 2.246 J. H. Van Vleck, 3/15/1945
Folder 2.247 J. H. Van Vleck, 3/21/1945
Folder 2.248 F. Seitz, 3/30/1945
Folder 2.249 J. H. Van Vleck, 4/4/1945
Folder 2.250 M. F. Reid, K. K. Darrow, 4/10/1945
Folder 2.251 M. F. Reid, 4/16/1945
Folder 2.252 K. K. Darrow, 5/2/1945
Folder 2.253 H. Fletcher, 5/4/1945
Folder 2.254 H. Fletcher, 5/4/1945
Folder 2.255 K. K. Darrow, 10/18/1945
Folder 2.256 W. H. Crew, 10/23/1945
Folder 2.257 W. B. Shockley, 10/23/1945
Folder 2.258 K. K. Darrow, 10/24/1945
Folder 3.259 Tentative list of metal-physicists members of the American Physical Society (draft) (names in parenthesis are those physicists who made important work in the field of Physics of Metals but who changed their field of interest), undated
Folder 3.260 List of names of members of the American Physical Society who made important work in the field of physics of metals, but who changed their field of interest, undated
Folder 3.261 Tentative list of metal physicists - members of the American Physical Society, undated
Folder 3.262 Comments by R. M. Bozorth, E. Guth, F. H. Wannier and B. Warren, on pros and cons for forming a new subgroup of the American Physical Society concerned with solid state physics, undated
Folder 3.263 Comments for and against the formation of a section of the American Physical Society by: R. M. Bozorth, E. Guth, G. H. Mannier, B. Warren, undated
Folder 3.264 Synopsis of who feels what about organizing a division of the American Physical Society, undated
Folder 3.265 Typed copy of "The Present War Is a Physicist’s War," undated
Folder 3.266 March 17, 1944 pamphlet "Formation of a Division of High Polymer Physics in the American Physical Society," undated
Folder 3.267 The Review of Scientific Instruments, Volume 15, Number 5, May 1944, "American Institute of Physics Report" - report of the Director for 1943, undated
Folder 3.268 "Physics of the Solid State," drafts and final version of the statement prepared by S. Dushman, T. A. Read, R. Smoluchowski, F. Seitz, W. B. Shockley and S. L. Siegel, October 10, 1944, undated
Folder 3.269 Journal of Applied Physics editorial, "Physics of the Solid State." green sheet (editorial routing sheet), typed copy and galley proof of the statement, "Physics of the Solid State," October 19, 1944 (see also 3.268), undated
Folder 3.270 Lists of names of physicists, topics of their papers and how many minutes allowed to each for presentation at the January 1945 symposium on the physics of the solid-state, undated
Folder 3.271 Lists of names of physicists, topics of their papers and how many minutes allowed to each for presentation at the January 1945 symposium on the physics of the solid-state, undated
Folder 3.272 Lists of names of physicists, topics of their papers and how many minutes allowed to each for presentation at the January 1945 symposium on the physics of the solid-state, undated
Folder 3.273 Lists of names of physicists, topics of their papers and how many minutes allowed to each for presentation at the January 1945 symposium on the physics of the solid-state, undated
Folder 3.274 Lists of names of physicists, topics of their papers and how many minutes allowed to each for presentation at the January 1945 symposium on the physics of the solid-state, undated
Folder 3.275 Diagram of the various divisions in physics - organization, undated
Folder 3.276 Suggested changes of Article IX, paragraph 2 of the constitution of the American Physical Society, undated
Folder 3.277 Printed announcement from American Physical Society, I. Fletcher (President), 6/131945
Folder 3.278 Printed announcement from Metropolitan Section, American Physical Society, W. H. Crew, Secretary-Treasurer, undated
Folder 3.279 Printed announcement from the American Physical Society, K. K. Darrow, Secretary - submitting two proposed amendments to the constitution of the American Physical Society, undated
Folder 3.280 Printed announcement from the American Physical Society, K. K. Darrow, Secretary - four amendments to be voted on, undated
Folder 3.281 Mimeographed announcement from W. Cattell, editor of "The Exact Scientist," 1/24/1946
Folder 3.282 Mimeographed announcement from the Metropolitan Section of the American Physical Society, W.H. Crew, Secretary, 1946

Series II: 1978 addition

Box 1 Folder 4 1978 addition, undated