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Finding Aid to the Records of the American Institute of Physics, Education and Manpower Division, 1940-1973 (bulk 1953-1964)

Description of Collection


American Institute of Physics. Center for History of Physics.

College Park, MD 20740

Papers created by

American Institute of Physics. Education and Manpower Division.

Size of collection

13 linear feet (13 boxes)

Short description of collection

Primarily correspondence and reports (with surveys and responses used in preparing reports) documenting the programs and studies of this American Institute of Physics (AIP) division. Projects include the Visiting Scientists Program for high school and college, the Study of Apparatus for the Teaching of Physics, and the Apparatus Drawing Project. Also contains materials pertaining to the publications of the division, such as bibliographies of faculty at various U.S institutions used in the preparation of the publication, Graduate Programs in Physics and Astronomy; correspondence with the American Association of Physics Teachers primarily concerning co-sponsored projects; correspondence and other records on conferences, women in physics, and the placement of physicists; and booklets and pamphlets on careers. In addition, the collection also has subject files on science education brought to the AIP by William C. Kelly when he became head of the division. In recognition of the increasing role which educational projects played in the American Institute of Physics (AIP), a formal Education Department was established in 1958. It was joined with the AIP program on manpower in 1961, forming the Education and Manpower Division. In 1971 education and manpower became separate entities again.

Language(s) of collection


Unit ID

AR 215

Organizational History

During 1957, the educational activities of the American Institute of Physics (AIP) increased many fold. In cooperation with the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) and many other agencies, the AIP facilitated the improvement of the teaching of physics at the high school, college and graduate school levels. With the aid of grants from the Fund for the Advancement of Education, Ford Foundation, and the National Science Foundation, the AIP had on staff two visiting physicists to assist in the work, W.C. Kelly from the University of Pittsburgh and Grant O. Gale from Grinnell College. Work done at the AIP included assisting various AAPT, American Physical Society (APS) and AIP committees working in education. An important part of the activity was an evaluation of the feasibility of effectively teaching large numbers of students with few teachers by television and color movies. Quantitative estimates were made of the supply of trained physicists and the future need for physicists and for greater education in the field of physics. Monthly newsletters were distributed summarizing AIP educational activities.

Under a grant from the National Science Foundation and with the joint sponsorship of the American Association of Physics Teachers, the AIP organized a Visiting Scientists Program with the major purpose of bringing distinguished physicists to colleges which ordinarily did not have contact with these physicists.

In recognition of the increasing role which educational projects played in the American Institute of Physics program, a formal Education Department was established in 1958 headed by W. C. Kelly. Kelly started a comprehensive program aimed at strengthening physics education at all levels. Many projects were sponsored jointly by the AAPT and the AIP with the financial support of the national foundations. The entire program of the department was followed closely by an Advisory Committee on the AIP education program in which the AAPT had strong representation. The major projects in the program are described below. The first AAPT-AIP Visiting Scientists Program was financed under a National Science Foundation grant. Secondly, a grant was made by the Educational Facilities Laboratories, Inc. to study the design of physics buildings. This was a joint AAPT/AIP project, which grew out of a survey of an AAPT committee (under the chairmanship of Dr. Yale Roots). A third joint project was one to prepare and distribute working drawings of apparatus specially designed by college physics teachers for lecture demonstrations and laboratories. This project was supported by the National Science Foundation and followed by the AAPT Committee on Apparatus.

A grant from the National Science Foundation provided for several career and guidance booklets: 1) a booklet for 8th, 9th, and 10th grade pupils to encourage them to study physics and mathematics in high school; 2) a major revision of "Physics as a Career" designed for college majors; 3) a booklet on "Graduate Study in Physics" to help orient students for graduate work.

W. C. Kelly remained in the capacity of director until the end of 1965. Van Zandt Williams and then R. A. Sawyer followed in his place as acting directors of the Education and Manpower Division. On 1 September 1966, Arnold Strassenburg became Director of the Division.

After 1 July 1971, the Education and Manpower Divisions of the American Institute of Physics became separate entities. The Manpower Division (statistical studies of physics manpower production and utilization and the placement service) remained at the E. 45th Street New York office, headed by Raymond W. Sears.

The Education Division was transferred to the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, New York with Arnold Strassenburg as Director. Some programs were terminated when the Education and Manpower Divisions separated, e.g. the AIP Education Newsletter and the AIP Career Booklets.

Scope and Contents of Collection

When the AIP Education Division transferred its headquarters to SUNY at Stony Brook in 1971, Arnold Strassenburg deposited with the Center a collection of miscellaneous Education and Manpower materials (1955-1968). These materials and have been organized into ten series:

The first series contains bibliographical information used in the publication of "Graduate Programs in Physics and Astronomy" (1968). This information includes the lists of publications of the faculty members of the various U.S. institutions as requested by the Education Division in order to substantiate the research specialties claimed by the departments.

The second series involves the activities of the Visiting Scientists Program from 1957-1961. Included are a random sampling of folders with comments of physicists and institutions involved in the program, reports and form letters.

The AAPT Committee on Apparatus for Educational Institutions generated various materials (correspondence, etc.) in the preparation of the report, Scientific Apparatus for the Teaching of Physics. These materials are included in the third series, spanning the period 1955-1957.

Surveys, questionnaires and the final published report of the AAPT Apparatus Drawing Project make up the fourth series (1956-1957).

The collection also includes materials on the Apparatus Competition, Tools for Science, conference surplus property, AAPT Committee on Apparatus for Educational Institutions, Manpower, AIP publications, miscellaneous AIP materials, AAPT and the Kelly file.

An additional deposit of records (1957-1973) from the AIP Education and Manpower Division was made in July 1978. These materials were at Stony Brook when the AIP offices there moved to AIP Woodbury. The additional records comprise the last series of the collection.

Restrictions on Use and Access

Permission of an officer of The American Physical Society is required for access to records less than 25 years old. Earlier records are open to qualified researchers.

Use of primary source material in the Niels Bohr Library requires prior approval through an Application for Access, which includes a statement of research purpose and the names and addresses of two scholars as references. Access applications can be obtained by contacting the Library (telephone 301-209-3177; or e-mail The application can also be printed from our website.

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These papers have been indexed in the International Catalog of Sources for History of Physics and Allied Sciences (ICOS) using the following terms. Those seeking related materials should search under these terms.


Kelly, William Clark, 1922-


American Association of Physics Teachers.

Subject terms

Physics -- Public relations.
Physics -- Societies, etc.
Physics -- Study and teaching.
Physics -- Vocational guidance.
Science -- Study and teaching.
Teaching demonstrations.
Women in science.

Preferred Citation of Collection

Cite as: Box [number], Folder [number], Records of the American Institute of Physics. Education and Manpower Division, 1940-1973. American Institute of Physics, Niels Bohr Library, College Park, MD 20740, USA.

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Administrative Information


Finding Aid to the Records of the American Institute of Physics, Education and Manpower Division, 1940-1973(bulk 1953-1964)


American Institute of Physics. Center for History of Physics.

One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740

November 12, 2004

Encoding Information

Machine-readable finding aid encoded in EAD 2002 by Katherine A. Hayes on November 12, 2004. Any revisions made to this finding aid occurred as part of the editing and encoding process.

Series 1. Graduate Programs in Physics and Astronomy, 1968

Box 1

A handbook for advisors of prospective doctoral and master's students. A publication of the Educational and Manpower Division of the AIP. This publication provides descriptive information; e.g. the graduate faculty; research specialties, staff, and related major facilities; undergraduate preparation assumed; requirements for the PhD and examination and dissertations; assistantships and fellowships; graduate student statistics; extension and summer courses; environment; further information; physics-related doctoral programs) and statistical data to assist advisors and prospective graduate students in selecting an institution for graduate work in physics and astronomy leading to the master's or doctoral degree.

Lists of publications of the faculty members of the various institutions in the U.S. were requested by the Education Division in order to substantiate the research specialties claimed by the department. This bibliographical information is what is listed here, as it is not contained in the handbook.


Box 1 Folder 1 University of Alabama
Folder 2 Auburn University


Box 1 Folder 3 University of Alaska


Box 1 Folder 4 Arizona State University
Folder 5 The University of Arizona


Box 1 Folder 6 University of Arkansas


Box 1 Folder 7 California Institute of Technology
Folder 8 University of California-Berkeley
Folder 9 University of California-Davis
Folder 10 University of California-Irvine
Folder 11 University of California-Los Angeles
Folder 12 University of California-Riverdale
Folder 13 University of California-San Diego
Folder 14 University of California-Santa Barbara
Folder 15 University of California-Santa Cruz
Folder 16 Naval Postgraduate School
Folder 17 University of Southern California
Folder 18 Stanford University


Box 1 Folder 19 Colorado School of Mines
Folder 20 Colorado State University
Folder 21 University of Colorado
Folder 22 University of Denver


Box 1 Folder 23 The University of Connecticut
Folder 24 Wesleyan University
Folder 25 Yale University

District of Columbia

Box 1 Folder 26 Catholic University of America
Folder 27 Georgetown University


Box 1 Folder 28 Florida State University
Folder 29 University of Florida
Folder 30 University of Miami
Folder 31 Nova University


Box 1 Folder 32 Georgia Institute of Technology
Folder 33 The University of Georgia


Box 1 Folder 34 University of Hawaii


Box 1 Folder 35 University of Idaho


Box 1 Folder 36 The University of Chicago
Folder 37 Illinois Institute of Technology
Folder 38 University of Illinois-Urbana
Folder 39 Northwestern University


Box 1 Folder 40 Indiana University
Folder 41 University of Notre Dame
Folder 42 Purdue University


Box 1 Folder 43 Iowa State University
Folder 44 University of Iowa


Box 1 Folder 45 Kansas State University
Folder 46 The University of Kansas


Box 1 Folder 47 University of Kentucky


Box 1 Folder 48 Louisiana State University
Folder 49 Tulane University


Box 1 Folder 50 University of Maine


Box 1 Folder 51 The Johns Hopkins University
Folder 52 University of Maryland


Box 1 Folder 53 Boston College
Folder 54 Boston University
Folder 55 Brandeis University
Folder 56 Harvard University-Physics Dept.
Folder 57 Harvard University-Division of Engineering and Applied Physics
Folder 58 Harvard University-Astronomy Dept.
Folder 59 Lowell Technological Institute
Folder 60 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Folder 61 University of Massachusetts
Folder 62 Northeastern University
Folder 63 Tufts University
Folder 64 Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Box 1 Folder 65 Michigan State University
Folder 66 The University of Michigan
Folder 67 Wayne State University


Box 1 Folder 68 University of Minnesota


Box 1 Folder 69 University of Missouri
Folder 70 The University of Missouri at Rolla
Folder 71 Saint Louis University
Folder 72 Washington University


Box 1 Folder 73 Montana State University


Box 1 Folder 74 The University of Nebraska


Box 1 Folder 75 University of Nevada

New Hampshire

Box 1 Folder 76 Dartmouth College
Folder 77 University of New Hampshire

New Jersey

Box 1 Folder 78 Princeton University
Folder 79 Rutgers-The State University
Folder 80 Stevens Institute of Technology

New Mexico

Box 1 Folder 81 New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Folder 82 New Mexico State University
Folder 83 The University of New Mexico

New York

Box 1 Folder 84 Adelphi University
Folder 85 The City University of New York
Folder 86 Clarkson College of Technology
Folder 87 Columbia University
Folder 88 Cornell University
Folder 89 Fordham University
Folder 90 New York University
Folder 91 Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
Folder 92 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Folder 93 The University of Rochester
Folder 94 The State University of New York - Albany
Folder 95 SUNY Binghamton
Folder 96 SUNY Buffalo
Folder 97 SUNY
Folder 98 Syracuse University
Folder 99 Yeshiva University

North Carolina

Box 1 Folder 100 Duke University
Folder 101 North Carolina State University
Folder 102 The University of North Carolina


Box 1 Folder 103 Air Force Institute of Technology
Folder 104 Case Western Reserve University
Folder 105 University of Cincinnati
Folder 106 Kent State University
Folder 107 The Ohio State University
Folder 108 Ohio University


Box 1 Folder 109 Oklahoma State University
Folder 110 The University of Oklahoma


Box 1 Folder 111 Oregon State University
Folder 112 University of Oregon


Box 1 Folder 113 Bryn Mawr College
Folder 114 Carnegie Melon University
Folder 115 Drexel Institute of Technology
Folder 116 The Pennsylvania State University
Folder 117 University of Pennsylvania
Folder 118 University of Pittsburgh
Folder 119 Temple University

Rhode Island

Box 1 Folder 120 Brown University

South Carolina

Box 1 Folder 121 Clemson University
Folder 122 University of South Carolina

South Dakota

Box 1 Folder 123 South Dakota School of Mines and Technology


Box 1 Folder 124 The University of Tennessee
Folder 125 Vanderbilt University


Box 1 Folder 126 Baylor University
Folder 127 University of Houston
Folder 128 North Texas State University
Folder 129 William Marsh Rice University
Folder 130 Southern Methodist University
Folder 131 Texas Christian University
Folder 132 Texas Technological College
Folder 133 The University of Texas


Box 1 Folder 134 Brigham Young University
Folder 135 Utah State University


Box 1 Folder 136 Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Folder 137 University of Virginia
Folder 138 College of William and Mary


Box 1 Folder 139 Washington State University
Folder 140 University of Washington

West Virginia

Box 1 Folder 141 West Virginia University


Box 1 Folder 142 The University of Wisconsin-Madison
Folder 143 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Box 1 Folder 144 The University of Wyoming
Folder 145 Graduate Programs in Physics and Astronomy, 1964-1966

Series 2. Visiting Scientists Program, 1957-1961

Box 2

The Visiting Scientists Program was sponsored jointly by the AAPT and the AIP with the support of the National Science Foundation. It provided visits to smaller universities, colleges and high schools in the United States by well-known foreign and American physicists. The program was designed to promote an interest in physics at the undergraduate level; to enable the students to meet the visiting physicists on an informal basis; to initiate and make effective the cooperation of physicists with the school officials; to acquaint other members of the academic community and the public with recent developments in physics; and to explore ways in which interest in physics in high schools could be stimulated by brief visits by physicists.

This collection includes a random sampling of folders with comments of the physicists and institutions involved from the years 1957-1961, as well as reports, form letters, etc. The comments discussed in particular the schools visited and the success of the program.

Box 2 Folder 1 AAPT VSPP - College - Letter Survey and Return Card
Folder 2 1957-1958 File Copies of Form Letters
Folder 3 Questionnaire
Folder 4 VSPP 1957-1958 Comments from Visitors
Folder 5-6 VSPP 1957-1958 Comments from Institutions
Folder 7 1957-1958 Summaries of Reports from Universities & Visitors
Folder 8 1958-1959 Form Letters-Ground Rules
Folder 9 1958-1959 Form Letters- "Confirmation" to Institution & Visitor
Folder 10 1958-1959 Listing of Visitors
Folder 11 1958-1959 Report to National Science Foundation
Folder 12 1958-1959 Reports from Visiting Scientists
Folder 13 1958-1959 Kelly's responses to the comments of visitors
Folder 14 1958-1959 Comments from Institutions
Folder 15 Background Statistics on AIP Visiting Scientists Program
Folder 16 1959-1960 Foreign-Comments from Visitors and Institutions
Folder 17 1959-1960 Draft of Report to NSF
Folder 18 1960-1961 Visiting Foreign Scientists Program-Reports from Institutions and Visitors
Folder 19 1960-1961 Foreign-Draft of Report to NSF
Folder 20 1960-1961 Foreign-Institutions Interested Drafts, Suggested Visitors
Folder 21 1960-1961 Foreign-Schedule of Visits
Folder 22 1960-1961 Casimir, H.B.G.
Folder 23 1960-1961 California Institute of Technology
Folder 24 1960-1961 University of Arizona
Folder 25 1960-1961 University of Wisconsin
Folder 26 1960-1961 Carroll College
Folder 27 1960-1961 Beloit College
Folder 28 1960-1961 Domestic-Reports from Visitors
Folder 29 1960-1961 Domestic-List of Visitors and Institutions
Folder 30 1960-1961 Domestic-Report to NSF
Folder 31 1960-1961 Domestic Committee
Folder 32 1960-1961 Domestic-Reports from Institutions
Folder 33 1960-1961 Domestic-Draft of Reports
Folder 34 1960-1961 Domestic-Schedule of Visits
Folder 35 1960-1961 Visitor-Bardeen, J.
Folder 36 1960-1961 Visitor Bergmann, P.
Folder 37 1960-1961 Institutions-Austin College
Folder 38 1960-1961 Institutions-Southern Methodist University
Folder 39 1960-1961 Institutions-Lamar State College of Technology
Folder 40 VSPP-Colleges and Universities-Description
Folder 41 VSPP Institutes for Teachers
Folder 42 Visiting Lecturer Program-Public Relations
Folder 43 Visiting Lecturer Program-Administration
Folder 44 1958-1959 Colleges and High Schools Applications for Grants
Folder 45 1958-1959 High Schools-Announcement
Folder 46 1958-1959 High Schools-Press Release
Folder 47 1958-1959 HS Appalachian
Folder 48 1958-1959 HS Southern California
Folder 49 1958-1959 HS Illinois
Folder 50 1958-1959 HS New York State
Folder 51 Visiting Scientists Program 1964

Series 3. Study of Apparatus for the Teaching of Physics, 1955-1958

Boxes 3-4

The AAPT Committee on Apparatus for Educational Institutions conducted this study in the physics departments of colleges, high schools, universities and junior colleges throughout the United States and was done in response to the shortage of apparatus for the teaching of physics. It was intended to give information about 1) the apparatus then being used by physics teachers; 2) educational trends that affect the purchase and use of apparatus; 3) the need for new apparatus; and 4) apparatus developed locally that might have had commercial possibilities because of its interest to other teachers.

This series contains the questionnaires, correspondence from the various institutions, and the final reports from the institutions.

Along the lines of this study, a report was published, Scientific Apparatus for the Teaching of Physics, which covers the following areas: organizations and objectives; traditional federal policy as to apparatus; better physics teaching aids; the scientific instrument industry; U.S. production and international trade; and proposed conclusions and recommendations. The materials (correspondence, etc.) which were used to prepare this report are included.

Box 3 Folder 1 Correspondence - Alabama Polytechnic Institute
Folder 2 Correspondence - University of Alabama
Folder 3 Correspondence - Antioch College
Folder 4 Correspondence - University of Arizona
Folder 5 Correspondence - University of Arkansas
Folder 6 Correspondence - Beloit College
Folder 7 Correspondence - Berea College
Folder 8 Correspondence - Bowdoin College
Folder 9 Correspondence - Brooklyn College
Folder 10 Correspondence - Brown University
Folder 11 Correspondence - Bryn Mawr College
Folder 12 Correspondence - University of California-Berkeley
Folder 13 Correspondence - California Institute of Technology
Folder 14 Correspondence - Carleton College
Folder 15 Correspondence - Carnegie Institute of Technology
Folder 16 Correspondence - Case Institute of Technology
Folder 17 Correspondence - University of Chicago
Folder 18 Correspondence - The Citadel
Folder 19 Correspondence - City College of New York
Folder 20 Correspondence - University of Colorado
Folder 21 Correspondence - Colorado State A & M College
Folder 22 Correspondence - Colorado School of Mines
Folder 23 Correspondence - Columbia University
Folder 24 Correspondence - University of Connecticut-Storrs
Folder 25 Correspondence - Cooper Union
Folder 26 Correspondence - Cornell University
Folder 27 Correspondence - Dalhousie University
Folder 28 Correspondence - Dartmouth College
Folder 29 Correspondence - Depauw University
Folder 30 Correspondence - Drexel Institute of Technology
Folder 31 Correspondence - Eastern Michigan College
Folder 32 Correspondence - El Camino College
Folder 33 Correspondence - Emory University
Folder 34 Correspondence - Georgetown University
Folder 35 Correspondence - George Washington University
Folder 36 Correspondence - Goucher College
Folder 37 Correspondence - Grinnell College
Folder 38 Correspondence - Harvard University
Folder 39 Correspondence - Harpur College
Folder 40 Correspondence - Howard University
Folder 41 Correspondence - Hunter College
Folder 42 Correspondence - University of Illinois
Folder 43 Correspondence - Illinois Institute of Technology
Folder 44 Correspondence - Iona College
Folder 45 Correspondence - State University of Iowa
Folder 46 Correspondence - Johns Hopkins University
Folder 47 Correspondence - University of Kansas
Folder 48 Correspondence - Kansas State Teacher's College
Folder 49 Correspondence - University of Kentucky
Folder 50 Correspondence - Lake Forest College
Folder 51 Correspondence - Newark College of Engineering
Folder 52 Correspondence - New York State College for Teachers
Folder 53 Correspondence - Morrisville Agricultural & Technical Institute
Folder 54 Correspondence - North Carolina State College of Agriculture & Mining
Folder 55 Correspondence - University of North Dakota
Folder 56 Correspondence - Northwestern University
Folder 57 Correspondence - Occidental College
Folder 58 Correspondence - Pennsylvania State University
Folder 59 Correspondence - Linfield College
Folder 60 Correspondence - University of Maryland
Folder 61 Correspondence - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Folder 62 Correspondence - McMaster University
Folder 63 Correspondence - University of Michigan
Folder 64 Correspondence - Michigan State University
Folder 65 Correspondence - University of Minnesota
Folder 66 Correspondence - Mount Holyoke College
Folder 67 Correspondence - Mount Union College
Folder 68 Correspondence - The University of Nebraska
Folder 69 Correspondence - University of Nevada
Folder 70 Correspondence - University of Pittsburgh
Folder 71 Correspondence - Princeton University
Folder 72 Correspondence - University of Puerto Rico
Folder 73 Correspondence - Purdue University
Folder 74 Correspondence - University of Redlands
Folder 75 Correspondence - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Folder 76 Correspondence - The Rice Institute
Folder 77 Correspondence - Rutgers University
Folder 78 Correspondence - St. Olaf College
Folder 79 Correspondence - The University of the South
Folder 80 Correspondence - University of Southern California
Folder 81 Correspondence - Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas
Folder 82 Correspondence - Texas Christian University
Folder 83 Correspondence - University of Texas
Folder 84 Correspondence - Thiel College
Folder 85 Correspondence - United States Air Force Academy
Folder 86 Correspondence - Ursinus College
Folder 87 Correspondence - University of Utah
Folder 88 Correspondence - Vanderbilt University
Folder 89 Correspondence - The University of Vermont
Folder 90 Correspondence - Virginia Military Institute
Folder 91 Correspondence - Wabash College
Folder 92 Correspondence - University of Washington
Folder 93 Correspondence - Washington and Jefferson College
Folder 94 Correspondence - Wesleyan University
Folder 95 Correspondence - Western Michigan College
Folder 96 Correspondence - William Jewell College
Folder 97 Correspondence - Williams College
Folder 98 Correspondence - Wooster College
Folder 99 Correspondence - Yale University
Folder 100 Letters to High Schools
Folder 101 Letters to Institutions
Folder 102 High School Apparatus
Folder 103 Questionnaires
Folder 104-105 Index to Apparatus Inspected
Folder 106 Report - University of Alabama
Folder 107 Report - University of Arizona
Folder 108 Report - Bryn Mawr College
Folder 109 Report - The Citadel
Folder 110 Report - City College of New York
Folder 111 Report - University of Colorado
Folder 112 Report - Columbia University
Folder 113 Report - University of Connecticut
Folder 114 Report - Drexel Institute of Technology
Folder 115 Report - Goucher College
Folder 116 Report - Harvard University
Folder 117 Report - Hunter College
Folder 118 Report - Johns Hopkins University
Folder 119 Report - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Folder 120 Report - University of Michigan
Folder 121 Report - Lake Forest College
Folder 122 Report - Carnegie Institute of Technology
Folder 123 Report - University of Washington
Folder 124 Report - Purdue University
Folder 125 Report - University of Minnesota
Folder 126 Report - California Institute of Technology
Folder 127 Report - Michigan State University
Folder 128 Report - Newark College of Engineering
Folder 129 Report - North Carolina State College
Folder 130 Report - Northwestern University
Folder 131 Report - Occidental College
Folder 132 Report - Princeton University
Folder 133 Report - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Folder 134 Report - Rutgers University
Folder 135 Report - University of Southern California
Folder 136 Report - Ursinus College
Folder 137 Report - University of Utah
Folder 138 Report - Vanderbilt University
Folder 139 Report - Washington and Jefferson College
Folder 140 Report - Wesleyan University
Folder 141 Report - Yale University
Folder 142 A Report on Physics Apparatus for High Schools
Folder 143 Report to the AAPT Committee on Apparatus - Results of Tabulation of Questionnaires - Parts I and II - 1957
Box 2 Folder 144 Scientific Apparatus for the Teaching of Physics - AAPT Committee on Apparatus
Folder 145 Study of Apparatus for the Teaching of Physics - 1957-1958

Series 4. Apparatus, 1955-1963

Box 4

Includes material on The Apparatus Drawing Project (1957) which was Sponsored jointly by the AAPT and the AIP under grants from NSF. As a result of the study of teaching apparatus conducted in 1956-1957 by the AAPT, the unavailability of commercial apparatus needed by physics departments was seen. However, a number of departments had built in their shops, and used successfully, items of teaching apparatus which could be considered as prototype equipment. In order to make available to physics teachers these items of equipment, the Apparatus Drawing Project was undertaken. The idea was to prepare and publish shop drawings and construction notes of the most interesting pieces of equipment built in shops of physics departments. Included here are the surveys, questionnaires and final published report. This series also includes information on the Apparatus Competition, Tools for Science Conference, and the AAPT Committee on Apparatus for Educational Institutions.

Box 4 Folder 1 Foreign Apparatus Firms Correspondence - 1955-1956
Folder 2 Foreign Apparatus Firms Correspondence - 1957
Folder 3 Foreign Apparatus Firms Correspondence - 1958
Folder 4 American Apparatus Firms Correspondence - 1955-1956
Folder 5 American Apparatus Firms Correspondence - 1958
Folder 6 American Apparatus Firms Correspondence - 1958
Folder 7 Survey of American Apparatus Firms
Folder 8 Small Business Administration - 1957
Folder 9 Tariff - 1955
Folder 10 Tariff - 1956-1957
Folder 11 Apparatus Committee - 1957-1958
Folder 12 Apparatus Purchase Guide - Committee of Seven - 1959
Folder 13 Committee of Seven Meetings
Folder 14 Committee of Seven Bibliography
Folder 15 Apparatus Drawing Project, Robert G. Marcley
Folder 16 Apparatus Drawing Project Survey - 1961
Folder 17 Apparatus Drawing Project Survey - 1961
Folder 18 Apparatus Drawing Project Survey - 1961-1963
Folder 19 Apparatus Drawing Project - Results of Survey and Final Report - 1961-1963
Folder 20 Publicity Release - Apparatus Competition
Folder 21 Apparatus Competition - reprints and reports - 1958-1963
Folder 22 Survey of Teaching Apparatus in Physics - 1961
Folder 23 Tools for Science - 1957-1958
Folder 24 Tools for Science - New York City Conference - 1957
Folder 25 Report to Physics Teachers on Procedures for Obtaining Surplus Government Property
Folder 26 Surplus Property Items of Interest to Physicists
Folder 27 Annual Reports and Minutes
Folder 28 Atomic Energy Commission Grants to AAPT Committee Educational Institutions for the Purchase of on Apparatus for Certain Kinds of Equipment - 1958
Folder 29 Apparatus Notes - Reprints from the American Journal of Physics - 1960-1965
Folder 30 Estimates for a Model Shop and Manufacturing Facility for College Physics Apparatus - 1960
Folder 31 Florence Agreement
Folder 32 Apparatus Reviews - 1958-1962
Folder 33 Misc. Reports of AAPT Committee - 1958-1961
Folder 34 Misc. Reports of AAPT Committee - 1961-1962
Folder 35 Apparatus-Leybold (Klinger) Reports - X-Ray, Health Physics n.d.
Folder 36 Committee on Teaching Materials for High School Physics AAPT-AIP-NSTA - May 1958
Folder 37 Pilot Conference on High School Physics Apparatus - 1958

Series 5. Manpower

Box 4

Box 4 Folder 38 Scientific Manpower Commission Washington, DC - Correspondence
Folder 39 Manpower, Misc.
Folder 40 The President's Committee on Scientists and Engineers
Folder 41 Preceptorship
Folder 42 Physics in Engineering Education
Folder 43 Mass Education in Physics
Folder 44 Legislation
Folder 45 Education and Manpower in Physics - 1964

Series 6. AIP Publications, 1940-1964

Box 5

Box 5 Folder 1 Garrett Report and Revisions - Preparation of Publications of Teachers - 1959
Folder 2 AIP Handbook - "Physics in Your High School" - 1959 - Manuscript, Misc.
Folder 3 Materials from writing "Physics in Your High School"
Folder 4 Letters from Critics
Folder 5 Letters of Comment
Folder 6 What the High School Physics Course Contains - General Carleton Conference
Folder 7 Laboratory and Demonstrations
Folder 8 Physics as a Career - 1959-1960 - Manuscript Misc. - Correspondence
Folder 9 "Physics as a Career" - AIP 1958
Folder 10 Physics as a Career - Revision - 1960
Folder 11 Physics as a Career - Report by the AIP - 1958
Folder 12 Physics as a Career - 1960
Folder 13 Report on the Supply...of Physics Teachers - W.C. Kelly
Folder 14 Survey of Laboratory Instructor - Summary of Student Questionnaire
Folder 15 Career Booklets - F. Miller; "Planning to Study Physics" - Correspondence
Folder 16 Career Booklets - F. Miller; "Planning to Study Physics" - Manuscript
Folder 17 Pake-Planning for Graduate Study in Physics Requests for Reviews, answers, misc. and extra copies
Folder 18 Planning for Graduate Study in Physics
Folder 19 Physics in Your High School - AIP Handbook Correspondence - Re: Requests for review on manuscript
Folder 20-45 Survey of Education in Physics in Universities of the United States Report and Appendices 1-24 - 1964
Folder 46 "Some Educational Activities in Physics" by W.C. Kelly - 1959
Folder 47 "New Developments in the Teaching of Physics" - W.C. Kelly - 1963
Folder 48 "Physics and Culture: Definition of Goals, and Proposals for the Science Instruction" - 1963 - Gerald Holton
Folder 49 "Careers in High School Physics Teaching"
Folder 50 Publicity Release - 1963 - Checklist - Physics Books
Folder 51 "Physics in the News" Plus AIP-PR Newsletter
Folder 52 Weber Physics Films - AJP Reprint
Folder 53-54 Conference - AIP Physics Films - TV Evaluation - New York - 1958
Folder 55 American Journal of Physics Reprints - Films - 1958-1964
Folder 56 Instrument Courses in 65 Engineering Colleges in the United States
Folder 57 Coding Scheme and Preliminary Tabulation Plan - ISA Survey of College Courses
Folder 58 Proceedings of the Wesleyan Conference on Lecture Demonstrations - Wesleyan University - 1959
Folder 59 Graduate Physics Research Specialties in American Educational Institutions - 1960
Folder 60 Graduate Assistanships and Fellowships in Physics in Academic Institutions - 1961-1962
Folder 61 Directory of Physics Research Support for Academic Institutions
Folder 62 Toward Excellence in Physics - Reports from Five Colleges - Prepared by the Committee on Physics Facilities in Colleges
Folder 63 The Brookhaven Alternating Gradient Synchrontron
Folder 64 American Journal of Physics Reprints - Misc. - 1940-1950
Folder 65 Physics Today Reprints - Misc. - 1955-1963
Folder 66 Miscellaneous Education Division Reports - 1958-1960

Series 7. AIP Miscellaneous, 1940-1966

Box 6

Box 6 Folder 1 Committee on Institutes, Conferences and Symposia - 1962-1964
Folder 2 Committee on Physics Faculties in Colleges - 1964-1965
Folder 3 Education Advisory Committee Minutes - 1962-1965
Folder 4 AAPT Committee on Resource Letters - 1963-1966
Folder 5 Committee to Develop Research Opportunities in Physics in Small Colleges - 1962
Folder 6 Report of the Committee on Aims Appendix I - 1960
Folder 7 Conference on the Recruitment and Training of Technicians in Physics - 1962
Folder 8 Conference on Physics in Education - 1956
Folder 9 Conference on the Pilot Project on Pre-College Physics - 1965
Folder 10 Conference on the Improvement of College Physics Courses AAPT - 1960
Folder 11 Ann Arbor Conferences on Curricula for Undergraduate Majors in Physics - 1962-1963
Folder 12 Proposal for Strengthening the Teaching of Pre-College Physics - 1940-1960
Folder 13 Research Proposal - "Productivity" of Undergraduate Institutions - Alexander W. Astin - 1962
Folder 14 An Evaluation of the 1962 Summer Institutes Attended by Science & Mathematics from the New York City Secondary Schools - 1963
Folder 15 Commission on College Physics - 1960-1963
Folder 16 Graduate Record Exams - 1964
Folder 17 Information Center on International Physics Activities Final Report - 1966
Folder 18 Optical Society of America - 1963
Folder 19 News Media Coverage Manpower Study - 1964
Folder 20 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - The Lapham Hall Dedication Lectures - 1962
Folder 21 Future Scientists of America Awards Technical and Scientific Societies of America - 1961-1962
Folder 22 History of Chemistry
Folder 23 Physics Buildings - 1959-1965
Folder 24 Biography of W.C. Kelly
Folder 25-26 Material Survey, NSF, C164
Folder 27 Documentation Research
Folder 28 Strassenburg Files, Misc. - 1968
Folder 29 Public Relations - 1957-1958 - Correspondence

Series 8. AAPT, 1953-1964

Box 7 Folder 1 Conference AAPT-TEPS - Teacher Preparation
Folder 2 International Conference on Physics Proposed - Summer 1960
Folder 3 Science Advisory Committee, Mt. Vernon, NY
Folder 4 Active File - 1953-1957
Folder 5 Carleton Conference
Folder 6 Proposal NSF-Washington and Jefferson College Improvement in Lab Instruction
Folder 7 Proposal - AEC Educational Assistance
Folder 8 Proposal - A Series of Three Summer Institutes for the Study of Physics Courses in Colleges - Resnick NSF 1959
Folder 9 Executive Committee - 1957-1958
Folder 10 Committee on Physics and Engineering Education-1958 - Correspondence
Folder 11 1955 Minutes and Reports
Folder 12 1955 Report
Folder 13 President's File - 1957-1958
Folder 14 Treasurer's File - 1957-1958
Folder 15 Secretary's File - 1957-1958
Folder 16 Regional Sections - 1957-1958
Folder 17 Secondary School Syllabuses - 1957-1958
Folder 18 Nominating Committee - 1957
Folder 19 Minutes of Advisory Committee Meetings - 1957-1958
Folder 20 Quarterly Charges Information - 1959 C
Folder 21 General - 1959
Folder 22 Joint Committee Meetings - 1957 - APS-AAPT
Folder 23 Committees, Reports etc. - 1957
Folder 24 AIP Education Division Advisory Committee - Meetings - General - 1957-1959
Folder 25 Teaching Physics in the Four-Year College
Folder 26 Background Material - College Teaching - 5/62
Folder 27 Conferences - American Educational Research Association - Symposium on Secondary School Teaching of Science and Mathematics - Atlantic City - 1959
Folder 28 Joint Committee on Pre-College Physics - 1958-1959
Folder 29 Introductory Physics Project - 1959
Folder 30 AAPT Regional Counselors
NSF New Instructional Laboratory
Equipment Development Project
Folder 31 Regional Counselor Program - 1961-1966
Folder 32 NSF Undergraduate Instructional Scientific Equipment
Folder 33 PSSC Local Chairman List - 1932
Folder 34 King Reprint - National Conference - 1963
Folder 35-36 Reports - 1961-1964
Folder 37 Improving the Quality and Effectiveness of Introductory Physics Courses - AAPT - Sept. 1957
Folder 38 AAPT - Directories of Teaching Physics Teachers in Universities and Colleges

Series 9. William Kelly Files, 1955-1957

Box 8

Miscellaneous files on science education apparently brought with William Kelly from the University of Pittsburgh to AIP where he was the Director of the Education Division.

Box 8 Folder 1 Stanford
Folder 2 Storrs Conference - University of Pittsburgh
Folder 3 Storrs - Overbeck Handbook
Folder 4 Proceedings of the Conference on High School Physics - Correspondence
Folder 5 Teacher Questionnaire
Folder 6 High School Laboratory Textbooks
Folder 7 Clippings
Folder 8 Committee on Scientific Apparatus for Educational Institutions - 1955
Folder 9 Dunning Physics Test
Folder 10 Pamphlet - re: Physics in Engineering Education
Folder 11 School - Industry Science Program Hughes Aircraft Company - 1956
Folder 12 Aluminum Company of America Participation in the First Science Teacher's Day - Sept. 1956
Folder 13-14 United States Steel - Technical Report - Participation in the First Science Teacher's Day - 1956-1957
Folder 15 Miscellaneous Articles and Pamphlets

Addition, 1957-1973

Boxes 9-13

Box 9 Booklets on physics instruction made available through AIP Information Pool (selection)
List of all documents available through the information Pool, 12/73
Career booklets and teaching conference reports, 1950s and 1960s
W.C. Kelly, "Survey of Physics Education in Universities of the U.S.," 1962
Transcript of Feasibility Conference, Secondary School Science Project, 12/3/66, University of Delaware
Correspondence etc. on career book revision, 1969
Box 10 AIP Education division chronological correspondence file (outgoing), 1972
AIP Education Newsletter - complete file 1957-1969; 1970 except #2 and #8
AAPT-AIP Regional Counselor Reports. Nearly complete file - 1961-1966
Regional counselor files - 1969. Sample: Wisconsin, S. Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania (other states discarded)

Visiting Scientists Program in Physics

Box 11 Reports 1957-1958, 1971-1972 (colleges)
Selected sample of correspondence files, 1966-1968: W. Fowler, N.S. Gingerich, R.B. Lindsay, M.S. Livingston, F.E. Low, A. Nier
List of participants, 1957-1963
Budget reports, 1963-1965, 1968-1970
Reports (High School), 1959-1960, 1963-1964
Reports (Foreign Scientists), 1960-1961, 1964-1965
Photographs of physics buildings, ca. 1970
Pre-college Physics Program: Newsletter and Reports, 1964-1966

Selected Folders from Correspondence and Clippings Files, ca. 1968-1973

Box 12 AAAS Coordinating Committee
Advice and Consultation
Commission on College Physics
Committee on Physics and Society
Education and Manpower Advisory Committee
Education Division Advisory Committee Meeting, 1973
Industry: Education Services
Relevance in Physics
Box 13 Placement Literature
Placement Correspondence
Placement Service Advisory Committee
Scientific Manpower Commission
Secondary School Physics Program
SSPP Advisory Committee
Society of Physics Students Correspondence
Support for Science
Women in Physics