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Records of American Institute of Physics. Office of the Director, Elmer Hutchisson, 1948-1966, (bulk 1957-1964)

Description of Collection


American Institute of Physics. Center for History of Physics.

College Park, MD 20740

Papers created by

American Institute of Physics. Office of the Director.

Size of collection

13 linear feet

Short description of collection

The records of Hutchisson, director of the American Institute of Physics (AIP) (1957-1964), are primarily from his tenure as director, a period of enormous growth at the AIP with the initiation of the Education Department, the History of Physics project, the Documentation Research Project, and a major increase in journal publication. The collection focuses on science education, including various projects to improve physics teaching at all levels and increase the public understanding of physics; physics history, including the creation of the Niels Bohr Library; journal publication, including internal examination of publishing procedures at AIP, and an evaluation of Science Abstracts .

Language(s) of collection


Biography of Elmer Hutchisson

Elmer Hutchisson was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1902. He completed his B.S. degree at Case School of Applied Sciences in 1923, his M.S. at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1924, and his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics at the University of Minnesota in 1926. He studied with Edwin Schrödinger at the University of Berlin, Germany in 1929-30. He was on the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh from 1926 to 1944. From 1941 to 1944, he took a leave of absence from Pittsburgh to administer research on underwater warfare for the Office of Scientific Research and Development of the U.S. National Defense Research Committee. In 1944, he became dean of the faculty at Case Institute of Technology and in 1955, dean of the graduate school and director of the research division there. He served as acting president of Case from 1950 to 1952.

Hutchisson succeeded Henry Barton as director of the American Institute of Physics in 1957, but his association with AIP by no means began with that appointment. He had served as assistant director in 1936-37 while on a leave from the University of Pittsburgh. At that time, he also founded and became editor of the Journal of Applied Physics. He was a member of the joint American Physical Society/AIP Committee on Science Abstracts, the Committee on the Role of Physics in Engineering Education, and the Advisory Committee on Russian Translations. He also chaired the Board of Editors from 1948 to 1953. Some of these activities are documented in the files of the director's office even though they predate Hutchisson's directorship.

Hutchisson was involved in a host of other professional activities, both before and while he was director, including vice-chairmanship of the Abstracting Board of the International Council of Scientific Unions and membership on the U.S. National Committee of UNESCO. Much of this activity is documented in the General Subject Files (Series X).

Hutchisson's publications include original research in physics, works on physics education, numerous reports, and editorials in the Journal of Applied Physics. Reprints of a number of these publications are located in Hutchisson's unofficial file (Series XI).

Hutchisson retired as director of the AIP in October 1964, but continued to take an active interest in its activities. He corresponded frequently with AIP personnel and wrote The Story of the AIP, 1956-1966 (Series I, Box 1, Folder 1) after his retirement.

At the beginning of 1957, the American Institute of Physics was headquartered at 57 East 55th Street in New York City. Its officers were Henry H. Barton, director; Wallace Waterfall, executive secretary; Kathryn R. Bryans, publications manager, Alice Mastro, circulation manager; Eugene H. Kone, director of public relations; and Frederick Seitz, chairman of the Governing Board. The AIP published four Soviet translation journals that were funded by the National Science Foundation and eleven American journals for itself and its member societies. Elmer Hutchisson became director on July 1, 1957. The following is a list of events and changes that took place in each year of Hutchisson's tenure.

Chronology of Events 1957-1964

1957Conversion of the building at 335 East 45th St. began (Jan. 2)
AIP staff moved into the new headquarters (June 8)
Elmer Hutchisson became director of the AIP (July 1)
Dedication of the new headquarters, 1st Karl Taylor Compton Gold Medal awarded to George B. Pegram (Oct. 21)
Constitution and by-laws revised by the Governing Board
Style manual revised
Committee to Study Publishing Problems in Physics headed by E.U. Condon funded by U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, the National Science Foundation, and other sources
The Visiting Scientists Program undertaken under the direction of Grant O. Gale and William C. Kelly
Career Booklets for secondary school students and for graduate students published

1958Lot next door to headquarters building purchased
Physics of Fluids first published
Soviet Physics: Crystallography first published
Soviet Astronomy first published
Translation Clearinghouse established by the Advisory Board on Russian Translations Education Department established under direction of W.C. Kelly
Study of Physics Buildings undertaken with grant from Educational Facilities Laboratories, Inc. AAPT-AIP joint program
Documentary Research Project initiated (Nov.)

1959Capital fund drive undertaken
Soviet Physics: Solid State and Soviet Physics: Uspekhi first published
Solid State Physics Seminar for Science Writers is first of a series of similar seminars (Oct. 30)
American Crystallographic Association and American Astronomical Society join AIP as Associate Member Societies
First Dannie Heineman prize for Mathematical Physics given to Murray Gell-Mann

1960Journal of Mathematical Physics first published
AIP assumed copy-editing and business management of Astronomical Journal
Hugh C. Wolfe became director of publications division
"The Periodical Literature of Physics: A Handbook for Graduate Students" published
International Conference on Physics Education sponsored by AID and AAPT
Committee on the History and Philosophy of Physics proposed project for documenting modern physics; AIP participated in American Philosophical Society/American Physics Society Project on History of Quantum Physics

1961Applied Physics first published
Design of Physics Buildings Project resulted in book: Modern Physics Buildings
AAPT/AIP Regional Counselor Program initiated
History of Physics Project under the direction of J.W. King began with a grant from NSF
Education and Manpower Statistics analysis of data initiated

1962Applied Physics Letters and Sound : Its Uses and Control first published
Applied Optics distributed by AIP
Conference on Technicians in Physics held (May)
Niels Bohr Library dedicated (Sept. 26)
Addition to headquarters building completed

1963AIP Handbook published
AAPT/AIP Education Center for Apparatus in Physics opened (June)

1964Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology first published
Sound ceased publication
The eight original translation journals pay their own way without funding from NSF
Soviet High Temperature Physics first published
Education Division photographic depository started (Spring)
The Information Center on International Physics Activities becomes part of the AIP Education and Manpower Department (Sept. 1)
AIP Personnel survey by Smyth and Murphy Associated undertaken
Elmer Hutchisson retired; Ralph Sawyer became acting director (Oct. 1)

Scope and Contents of Collection

Much of the material in the collection is of a routine nature. It includes a large proportion of copies of correspondence and reports generated by others and sent to the director for his information. Other materials reflect Hutchisson's personal interest and involvement with the activities documented. Among the areas that most interested Hutchisson were science education, publication of scientific journals, and other aspects of scientific documentation. The materials in this collection will provide an especially rich resource in these areas. Also well documented is the funding of scientific and educational endeavors by the federal government. The grant seeking, receiving, and reporting activities were carried out at a heady pace during these years.

Hutchisson's tenure was a time of rapid growth for both physics and the AIP. The best means of describing the diversity of the Institute's activities is to look at the divisions of the Institute and the records that came to the director's office concerning each of them. The basic organization of the collection follows these divisions. The education, history, manpower statistics, publications, documentation research, and public relations activities of the Institute are each represented by one series. The other series are comprised of materials that relate to the organization of the AIP and the awards presented by it; the Institute of Electrical Engineers' publication Science Abstracts, in which the AIP participated; member societies; and unofficial material generated by Hutchisson before, during, and after his tenure, but which remained in the director's office files. In addition, a general subject file contains materials on the interaction of the AIP and its director with other institutions and individuals.

Restrictions on Use and Access

Use of primary source material in the Niels Bohr Library requires prior approval through an Application for Access, which includes a statement of research purpose and the names and addresses of two scholars as references. Access applications can be obtained by contacting the Library (telephone 301-209-3177; or e-mail The application can also be printed from our web site.

No restrictions.

Selected Search Terms

These papers have been indexed in the International Catalog of Sources for History of Physics and Allied Sciences (ICOS) using the following terms. Those seeking related materials should search under these terms.


Barton, Henry Askew, 1898-1983.
Brasher, W. Kenneth.
Brickwedde, F. G. (Ferdinand Graft), 1903-
Darrow, Karl K. (Karl Kelchner), 1891-
Dillon, John Henry.
Gainsborough, George F.
Gale, Grant D.
Herring, William Conyers.
Hutchisson, Elmer, 1902-1983.
Kelly, William C.
King, W. James.
Maizell, Robert E. (Robert Edward), 1924-
Osgood, Thomas Harris.
Quimby, Shirley Leon.
Ramsey, Norman, 1915-
Seeger, Raymond John, 1906-
Seitz, Frederick, 1911-
Waterfall, Wallace.
Webber, Robert T.
Wolfe, Hugh C.


Acoustical Society of America.
American Association of Physics Teachers.
American Institute of Physics. Documentation Research Project.
American Institute of Physics. Education Department.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library.
American Physical Society.
Optical Society of America.
Society of Rheology (U.S.)

Subject terms

Physics -- Abstracting and indexing.
Physics -- Awards.
Physics -- History.
Physics -- Public relations.
Physics -- Publishing.
Physics -- Societies, etc.
Physics -- Study and teaching.

Material Separated from Collection

Materials relating to the directorship of Hutchisson's successors, Van Zandt Williams, Ralph Sawyer, and H. William Koch have been removed and form separate collections. Only duplicate copies and few other items which have been noted in the series descriptions have been removed.

Provenance and Acquisition Information

The collection was transferred to the Niels Bohr Library in 1979.

Related Collections

For further information about Hutchisson and the AIP, researchers may consult the Oral History Interview with Charles Weiner, October, 1970.

Administrative Information


Finding Aid to the American Institute of Physics. Office of the Director, Records of Elmer Hutchisson, 1948-1966, (bulk 1957-1964)


This finding aid has been encoded by the Center for History of Physics, American Institute of Physics as part of a collaborative project supported by a grant from the National Endowment of the Humanities, an independent federal agency. Collaboration members in 1999 consisted of: American Institute of Physics, California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, Rice University, University of Alaska, University of Illinois, and University of Texas.


American Institute of Physics.
Center for History of Physics.

One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740

Published in 2000

Encoding Information

Machine-readable finding aid encoded in EAD v.1.0 by Clay Redding on July 5, 2000 from an existing finding aid using NoteTab Pro and C++ scripts created by James P. Tranowski (provided by Elizabeth Dow, Special Collections, University of Vermont). Any revisions made to this finding aid occurred as part of the editing and encoding process. Reviewed by K. Hayes on September 29, 2000 .

Series Descriptions

Series I: AIP Organization and Awards

Materials relating to the constitution, operations, organization, fund raising, personnel, and awards of the American Institute of Physics. During Hutchisson's tenure, the constitution and by- laws were changed to create the associate member society status and to eliminate personal membership in the AIP itself. A special committee was formed to study relations between the AIP and its member societies. This committee produced a report which is included. Another committee, the Property Committee, oversaw the expansion of the new headquarters and the construction of the Niels Bohr Library. A substantial amount of information on the awards presented by the AIP is found here as well as some information on recipients. Correspondence with individuals closely associated with the AIP also forms part of the series. Among these are Henry Barton, past director, and Wallace Waterfall, secretary of the AIP. In the folder on the dedication of the new headquarters building on 45th Street is material relating to Prince Philip's visit on that occasion.

Very little information on the activities of the Governing Board or the Executive Committee are found in this series. Most of what exists is minutes and routine correspondence concerning attendance and expenses.

The first folder in this series contains Hutchisson's history of the AIP, 1956-1966, which should be consulted for a brief but thorough outline of the programs and problems of the AIP during his tenure.

Series II: Education

Hutchisson's files document his interest in the activities of the AIP Education Department and in the subject of science education in general. The history and activities of the Education Department are described in the finding aid to the Records of the Education and Manpower Division, 1957-73 (see the National Catalog of Sources for History of Physics) and in "The Story of the AIP, 1956-1966" by Elmer Hutchisson (Box 1, Series I, Folder 1 of this collection).

Among the projects documented here are the apparatus drawing project, the production of career booklets, programs to improve high school and college physics teaching, studies of the effectiveness of teaching physics via film and videotape, the visiting physicists programs, and student sections of AIP.

Annual reports of the three visiting scientists programs may be found in the AIP Education and Manpower Division Records, as can additional materials on the above topics.

Series III: Physics History

Materials in this series relate to the first efforts of the AIP to document the history of physics, to the creation of the Niels Bohr Library, and to a proposed research institute for history of physics. Other files relate to the joint project of the American Physical Society and the American Philosophical Society to document the history of quantum physics; this project was funded by a NSF grant managed by the AIP. The correspondence in this series is particularly detailed and exhibits Hutchisson's interest in history of physics and in the projects.

Series IV: Manpower Statistics and Special Services

The duties of this division have included placement; student draft deferments; the physics and astronomy section of the National Register of Scientific and Technical Personnel; surveys of degrees, enrollments and placement; the Director of Academic Physics Departments; and a number of booklets and reports.

Series V: Journal Publication

The primary activity of the AIP since its founding has been the publication of journals. The documentation of these activities in the Director's office files, though not extensive, reflects several important developments. First is the increase in the number of journals published by the AIP itself as distinct from those published for the member societies. These include the Journal of Chemical Physics, Journal of Mathematical Physics, Physics of Fluids, Physics Today, and the Russian translation journals. Second is the extensive examination of publishing operations in general and of print order and inventory policies in particular through a special study by Edward P. Tober, manager of production and distribution for AIP. This study was funded in part by the National Science Foundation. See also the Documentation Research Series (VI) for more research on publishing.

Also in this series are materials Hutchisson collected prior to his appointment as director of the AIP as chair of the Board of Editors, as editor of the Journal of Applied Physics, and as a member of the Russian Translation Advisory Board.

The files also contain a small amount of material on member society journals, revision of the style manual, and advertising.

Not documented are the problems the AIP experienced with punch card machines designed to make subscription handling easier. These difficulties are discussed in Hutchisson's history of his tenure.

Series VI: Documentation Research

This series begins with correspondence from the files of Henry Barton concerning problems encountered in publishing scientific journals. The discussion of these problems led to the creation of the AIP Committee to Study Physics Publishing Problems, the minutes and correspondence of which are included. R.E. Maizell wrote many reports and memoranda to Hutchisson on a wide range of publishing-related matters such as copyright, abstracting, and available technologies. He also wrote the research proposal for the Documentation Research Project and directed it until 1961 when his assistant, Pauline Atherton, assumed principal responsibility. The research was funded by the National Science Foundation and the Atomic Energy Commission. Correspondence with both of these bodies is included. As with most AIP projects, this one was overseen by an advisory committee; the minutes and correspondence of the committee are included. The project advisory committee superseded the Committee to Study Physics Publishing Problems. Some of the research reports generated by the project are to be found at the end of the series, as a brochure prepared in association with it.

Series VII: Science Abstracts

The APS and the AIP contributed materially to the Institution of Electrical Engineers' (IEE publication Science Abstracts, especially Section A, Physics Abstracts, by providing journals for abstracting and by direct financial support. A joint APS/AIP committee evaluated Science Abstracts and asserted American physicists' interests with the IEE. Hutchisson chaired this committee from 1948 to 1959. His pre-AIP files as chairman document the first studies of the ability of Science Abstracts to meet the needs of American physicists, as well as more routine matters such as subscription prices and the committee's membership and meeting arrangements.

Routine correspondence and minutes of the APS/AIP committee and of the IEE Committee of Management of Science Abstracts make up the next several folders. Among these routine materials are a few items that reflect discontent with the coverage of Science Abstracts by the APS/AIP committee and AIP staff.

Folders VII/9-12 document the in-depth evaluation of Science Abstracts and the attitude of the American physics community towards it. They contain the results of a survey conducted by Dwight Gray, reports by Conyers Herring and Pauline Atherton, and correspondence with C. Kittell and other physicists.

The remaining folder (VII/13-19) contain Hutchisson's correspondence with W.K. Brasher and G.F. Gainsborough, secretaries of the IEE; B.M. Crowther, editor of Science Abstracts; R.T. Webber and Thomas Osgood, observers for the APS at IEE Committee meetings; Sir George Thomson, president of the Institute of Physics and Physical Society; Karl Darrow, secretary of APS; F.G. Brickwedde, chairman of the APS/AIP Committee after Hutchisson; and the NSF. The letters from Osgood and Webber provide fuller accounts of the IEE Committee meetings than do the official minutes.

Members of the APS/AIP Committee at times included F.G. Brickwedde (chairman), D. Gray, C. Herring, E. Hutchisson, S.L. Quimby, Norman Ramsey and Hugh Wolfe.

Series VIII: Public Relations

This series documents the expansion of the AIP's public relations activities from simply providing press releases for member society meetings to a broad program that included television and radio spots, seminars for science writers, and a PR Newsletter. These activities were first proposed by Eugene Kone in 1957 and later elaborated upon by the public relations firm of Burson-Marsteller Associates, Inc. This firm also conducted an audit of the "opinion climate regarding physics and physicists."

The folders on the seminars for science writers contain proposals, correspondence with the NSF concerning grants, and reports on the seminars. Most of the expanded PR activities were funded by NSF grants.

Series IX: Member Societies

The files maintained in the Director's office pertaining to member societies are few in number and reflect only a fraction of the activities of the societies and their importance in the AIP. The materials concerning the Acoustical Society of America, the Optical Society of America, and the Society of Rheology consist largely of copies of reports, incomplete runs of minutes, and some informational copies of correspondence. Very little of the material originated in the AIP Director's office.

The files pertaining to the American Association of Physics Teachers contain some substantive correspondence in addition to the usual informational copies, reports, and minutes. The Committee on Apparatus and the Commission on College Physics are represented among other AAPT committees. Additional AAPT activities are documented in Series II: Education. Series I: AIP International Organization and Awards contains information on the relationship of AIP to the member societies. See the National Catalog of Sources for History of Physics for more information on the records of member societies.

Series X: General Subject File

The General Subject File contains materials relating to organizations and activities outside the AIP. These include activities of the director that did not result directly from his position with the AIP but from his standing in the scientific community. Some examples are files on the Committee on Science in UNESCO, the Scientific Manpower Commission, and the President's Science Advisory Committee.

The files contain correspondence with individuals, industries, government agencies, and other institutions. Subjects discussed include educational and scientific legislation and funding, international cooperation on scientific matters, dissemination of scientific information, and scientific organizations.

Series XI: Unofficial Files

Speeches, reprints, personal correspondence, and correspondence that documents some aspects of Hutchisson's involvement with the AIP before he became director. This correspondence concerns Hutchisson's membership on the AIP Board of Editors, his election to the Governing Board, and a fundraising campaign. These and other files contain both substantive and routine correspondence. Other files relating to specific activities such as editorship of Journal of Applied Physics and the Science Abstracts Advisory Committee are located with the other materials on those topics in other series.

Printed materials concerning Case Institute of Technology Board of Trustees were discarded as were reprints of articles by others, newsletters, and magazines.

Container List

Series I: AIP Internal Organization and Awards

The Story of the AIP, 1956-1966 by E. Hutchisson - General Information, Constitution & Governance

Box 1 Folder 1 The Story of the AIP, 1956-1966 by E. Hutchisson - General Information, Constitution & Governance
Folder 2 "Data Book" working file 1957
Folder 3 General Organizational Data: Membership 1957
Folder 4 General Organizational Data: Program 1957
Folder 5 Brochures on AIP Programs 1957-1961
Folder 6 Constitution & By-laws 1957
Folder 7 Report of the Special Committee of the AIP on the Relations between the Institute & Member Societies 1957


Box 1 Folder 8 American Institute of Physics Incorporated Annual & Special meeting: Minutes 1959-1964
Folder 9 Governing Board membership list & miscellaneous 1957-1958
Folder 10 Arden House meeting of Corporate Associates & Governing Board - 27 Sept. 1962: Correspondence 1962
Folder 11 Executive Committee Meeting, 8 Dec. 1962: 1962 Minutes, 1962
Folder 12 "Looking to the Future: Activities & Cost Estimates", report of the Director to the Governing Board, Sept. 1962, 1962


Box 1 Folder 13 General information on Compton, Tate, & Heineman Awards 1961-1962

Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics

Box 1 Folder 14 Murray Gell-Mann 1959
Folder 15 Marvin L. Goldberg 1961
Folder 16 Leon Van Hore 1962
Folder 17 Keith A. Brueckner 1963
Folder 18 Tullion Regge 1964

John T. Tate International Medal for Distinguished Service to the Profession of Physics

Box 2 Folder 19 References to Tate Award in Executive Committee minutes 1957-1961
Folder 20 Tate Memorial Fund Committee correspondence 1959
Folder 21 Requests for grants from foundations & responses 1960
Folder 22 Correspondence 1960
Folder 23 Correspondence 1961
Folder 24 Banking & Insurance 1957
Folder 25 Barton, Henry A., correspondence 1957-1965
Folder 26 Dedication Ceremony: Program 1957
Folder 27 Dedication Ceremony: Correspondence 1957

Development Fund Campaign

Box 2 Folder 28 General 1957-1958
Folder 29 Correspondence with industrialists 1957-1959
Folder 30 Mailing literature; committee correspondence; & Golden Book of contributors 1957-1958
Folder 31 Meggers, William F., Gallery of Nobel Laureates 1958-1959
Folder 32 Personnel Office: correspondence & memoranda 1957-1964
Folder 33 Pomeroy, David, Fund: correspondence 1960
Folder 34 Property Committee 1958-1964
Folder 35 Seitz, Frederick 1957-1960
Folder 36 Waterfall, Wallace 1958-1964
Folder 37 Wolfe, Hugh 1958-1964

Series II: Education

Box 3 Folder 1 Memoranda on educational activities: proposals by Grant Gale & William Kelly 1957-1958

Advisory Committee on Education

Box 3 Folder 2 Minutes of meetings 1957-1963
Folder 3 Correspondence 1957-1959
Folder 4 Education Department Correspondence 1957-1960
Folder 5 Education Department Correspondence 1963-1964

Apparatus projects

Apparatus Center in Physics

Box 3 Folder 6 Proposal & NSF correspondence 1961-1964
Folder 7 Reports & correspondence

Apparatus drawing projects

Box 3 Folder 8 Questionnaire & reports 1957-1960
Folder 9 Correspondence & reports 1958-1963
Folder 10 Reports & correspondence 1962-1965
Folder 11 Conference on High School Physics Apparatus 1958-1959

Career booklets

Box 4 Folder 12 Proposal & grant 1958-1960
Folder 13 Proposal & grant 1960-1963
Folder 14 Correspondence 1959-1962
Folder 15 "Careers for Women in Physics": booklet, agenda for conference, correspondence 1959-1961
Folder 16 "Careers in Physics in Industry" 1963-1964
Folder 17 "Careers in High School Physics in Teaching" 1961-1962
Folder 18 "Careers in Physics Teaching in Colleges & Universities 1961-1962
Folder 19 "Physics as a Career" 1957-1960
Folder 20 Revision of "Physics as a Career" 1959-1960
Folder 21 "Physics as a Career": proposal to Ford Motor Co. to reprint booklet 1962-1963
Folder 22 "Planning for Graduate Studies in Physics" 1959-1960
Folder 23 "Why Should You Study Physics in High School?" 1957-1960
Folder 24 "Why Should You Study Physics in High School?" 1959-1961

College Physics Teaching Programs

Box 4 Folder 25 Proposals & correspondence with NSF concerning joint AIP/AAPT programs 1958
Folder 26 Physics research in small colleges: correspondence & survey 1957-1958
Folder 27 Testing teaching effectiveness: joint proposal of AIP, AAPT, & Educational Testing Service 1957-1958
Folder 28 Summer science institutes for non-science teachers 1958
Folder 29 Checklist of books for an undergraduate physics library 1964
Folder 30 Exhibit project: proposal to study effectiveness of 1960-1965

Film and television

Box 5 Folder 31 General correspondence 1958-1960
Folder 32 General correspondence 1961
Folder 33 Physics TV-film evaluation conference: proposal, correspondence, minutes, & report 1958-1960
Folder 34 AAPT-AIP film list project: proposal & report 1959-1960
Folder 35 Proposal to catalog & review physics films 1960-1961
Folder 36 Proposal to prepare annotated list of physics films 1961-1962
Folder 37 Fluid Dynamics: proposal & conference on the role of fluid dynamics in the education of physicists 1964
Folder 38 Ford Foundation: request for grant for educational projects 1958-1950
Folder 39 Graduate Physics Departments Handbook: correspondence with NSF & others 1962-1964
Folder 40 Lawrence Hall of Science, Science Training Center: proposal & correspondence 1961
Folder 41 Modern Physics Buildings (book): correspondence & financial statement 1962-1971
Folder 42 Photographic depository 1963-1964

Physics Faculties in Colleges

Box 5 Folder 43 Advisory committee 1962-1963
Folder 44 Research opportunities 1961-1963
Folder 45 NSF correspondence 1961-1964
Folder 46 Final report 1964

Regional Counselor Program

Box 6 Folder 47 Proposal and correspondence 1960-1964
Folder 48 Requests for support from GM and GE 1962-1965
Folder 49 Correspondence 1961-1962
Folder 50 Correspondence 1963-1964
Folder 51 Reports and conference proceedings 1963-1966
Folder 52 The Role of Physics in Engineering Education: report and correspondence 1957-1959

Secondary school physics education

Box 6 Folder 53 Reports and correspondence 1958-1961
Folder 54 Correspondence 1964
Folder 55 Brochure to awaken interest in physics 1957-1958
Folder 56 Evaluation of TV instruction: reports, evaluation forms and working materials 1957-1958
Folder 57 Evaluation of TV instruction: correspondence 1957-1959

Student sections

Box 7 Folder 58 Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Student Activities 1954-1964
Folder 59 Report by D.E. Cunningham on proposed student sections 1959
Folder 60 Correspondence with advisory committee, constitutions, and general information 1952-1960
Folder 61 General correspondence 1961-1963
Folder 62 Copies of papers presented at APS Conference prepared for student sections 1961
Folder 63 Sigma Pi Sigma 1961-1962
Folder 64 Teacher recognition program 1961-1962

Teacher Education and Professional Standards (National Council on, part of National Education Association)

Box 7 Folder 65 Correspondence, memoranda, reports, and conference materials 1958-1961
Folder 66 Correspondence, memoranda, etc. 1962-1964
Folder 67 List of state representatives 1959
Box 8 Folder 68 Technical Assistants in Physics Program: correspondence 1963-1964
Folder 69 Technical Assistants in Physics Program: reports and conference materials 1962-1964
Folder 70 Traveling Teacher Program: symposium at Oak Ridge 1959

Visiting Scientist Program: general

Box 8 Folder 71 Report to NSA (All subsequent reports are in the AIP 1957-1958
Folder 72 AAPT Committee on Visiting Scientists 1958-1960
Folder 73 Conference on program at Temple University 1959

Visiting Scientists Program: colleges 1957-1959

Box 8 Folder 74 General correspondence (W. Kelly)
Folder 75 General correspondence 1960-1964
Folder 76 NSF correspondence 1957-1963
Folder 77 NSF correspondence 1963-1964

Visiting Scientists Program: foreign

Box 8 Folder 78 Correspondence with participants 1959
Folder 79 Correspondence with participants 1959-1961
Folder 80 NSF correspondence and report 1960-1964

Visiting Scientists Program: high school

Box 8 Folder 81 NSF correspondence 1957-1965
Folder 82 General correspondence 1958-1959

Series III: Physics History

Project for History of Recent Physics in the U.S.

Box 9 Folder 1 Proposal and comments 1960-1961
Folder 2 NSF Grant
Folder 3 History project reports by John J. Beer and W.J. King 1963-1964
Folder 4 Project correspondence 1960-1962
Folder 5 Project correspondence 1963-1964
Folder 6 Niels Bohr Library 1961-1964
Folder 7 Niels Bohr Bust and Portrait 1962-1964
Folder 8 Proposed research institute for history of physics 1964

Sources for History of Quantum Physics

Box 9 Folder 9 APS/APS Joint Committee: reports, minutes, correspondence 1960-1964
Folder 10 Correspondence concerning deposit of AHQP at AIP 1964
Folder 11 General correspondence 1960-1965

Series IV: Manpower Statistics and Special Services

Advisory Committee on Manpower

Box 10 Folder 1 Minutes 1961-1964
Folder 2 Correspondence and reports 1961-1964
Folder 3 General correspondence 1958-1964
Folder 4 Manpower project: NSF correspondence 1961-1964
Folder 5 Educational and Manpower Statistics: correspondence and reports 1960-1969
Folder 6 Survey of enrollments and degrees 1957-1960
Folder 7 Heads of physics departments: list 1959
Folder 8 Graduate assistantships and fellowships: correspondence 1958-1959

National Register of Scientific and Technical Personnel

Box 10 Folder 9 Background material and correspondence 1957-1959
Folder 10 Printer material 1959
Folder 11 Specialties list and research specialties booklet 1959
Folder 12 Salary data for physicists: correspondence and report 1959

Placement Service

Box 10 Folder 13 Correspondence 1958-1959
Folder 14 Reports 1955-1959
Folder 15 Placement for educational institutions 1958-1960

Series V: Journal Publication

Box 11 Folder 1 Publication Board Meetings and statement on copyright 1959-1960
Folder 2 Advertising 1958-1964
Folder 3 Review Articles: NSF grant correspondence 1960-1963
Folder 4 Slepian, Joseph 1956-1959
Studies and Reports b E.P. Tober
Box 11 Folder 5 Back Number Study 1958-1960
Folder 6 Optimal print order and inventory policies 1959
Folder 7 AIP Publishing Operations 1960
Folder 8 Monthly reports 1958-1959
Folder 9 Style Manual: copies and correspondence re-revision 1957-1959
Folder 10 Subscription and back number rates for agencies and booksellers 1958

Correspondence concerning journals

Box 11 Folder 11 Journal of Applied Physics (Pre-director file) 1954-1958
Folder 12 Journal of Applied Physics 1958-1959
Folder 13 Journal of Applied Physics 1959-1960
Folder 14 Journal of Applied Physics Magnetism Conference 1958-1962
Folder 15 Journal of Applied Physics Ad Hoc Committee 1960
Box 12 Folder 16 Journal of Chemical Physics 1956-1958
Folder 17 Journal of Chemical Physics 1959
Folder 18 Journal of Chemical Physics 1960-1965
Folder 19 Journal of Mathematical Physics 1956-1957
Folder 20 Journal of Mathematical Physics 1958-1959
Folder 21 Journal of Mathematical Physics, re: editorship 1957-1959
Folder 22 Physics of Fluids 1956-1961
Folder 23 Physics of Fluids Symposium of Magneto Fluid Dynamics 1960-1961
Folder 24 Physics of Fluids International Symposium on Fundamental Problems in Turbulence and Geophysics 1961-1962
Folder 25 Physics Today 1957-1959
Folder 26 Physics Today: plans for changes 1959
Folder 27 Physics Today: letter to retired members and replies 1958
Folder 28 Reviews of Scientific Instruments 1957-1961
Folder 29 Reviews of Modern Physics 1957-1963

Translation journals

Box 13 Folder 30 Russian Translation Advisory Board (as member) 1955-1956
Folder 31 Russian Translation Advisory Board 1957
Folder 32 General Correspondence 1955-1959
Folder 33 NSF grant for translation journals 1955-1958
Folder 34 Soviet Physics: JEPT, Advisory Board (as member) 1955-1956
Folder 35 Translation Survey: report by Hutchisson and Gray 1954-1955
Folder 36 Translation journals subscription campaign 1957-1958
Folder 37 Russian translations: general correspondence 1957-1960
Folder 38 Translation and basic research 1960
Folder 39 Chinese translation
Folder 40 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics: Grant to distribute the journal 1962-1963

Series VI: Documentation Research

Box 14 Folder 1 Correspondence from H. Barton's files 1956-1957

Committee to Study Physics Publishing Problems

Box 14 Folder 2 Minutes 1956-1950
Minutes 1956-1950
Folder 3 Correspondence 1957-1958
Folder 4 Correspondence 1959-1960
Folder 5 Studies, reports, and memoranda by R.E. Maizell 1958-1960
Folder 6 Correspondence on review articles 1958-1959
Folder 7 Advisory Committee of Documentation Research Project: minutes and correspondence 1961-1966
Folder 8 Project correspondence 1962-1964

Funding requests and correspondence

Box 14 Folder 9 Atomic Energy Commission (A. Ruark primarily) 1958-1963
Folder 10 NSF 1959-1960
Folder 11 NSF 1961-1965
Folder 12 NSF: supplementary grant for citation index 1963
Folder 13 NSF: for foreign scientists' travel to Gordon Research Conference 1962-1963
Folder 14 Citation Index: examples and correspondence 1961-11964
Folder 15 Study of Physics Abstracts by Pauline Atherton and Jean Yovich 1962
Folder 16 "Bibliographic Coupling" report by M.M. Kessler 1963
Folder 17 "The Periodical Literature of Physics" (brochure) 1962

Series VII: Science Abstracts

APS/AIP Committee on Science Abstracts

Box 15 Folder 1 Hutchisson's file as chairman of the committee 1948-1954
Folder 2 Hutchisson's file as chairman of the committee 1955-1957
Folder 3 Minutes: Includes Physics Abstracting Services, report by R.E. Maizell, 1960, 1958-1964
Folder 4 Committee correspondence 1957-1959
Folder 5 Committee correspondence 1960-1961
Folder 6 Committee correspondence 1962-1964

IEE Committee of Management of Science Abstracts

Box 15 Folder 7 Minutes 1957-1964
Folder 8 Budget and finance 1953-1963

Studies, Surveys and Reports

Box 16 Folder 9 Survey of Physics Abstracts by Dwight Gray 1958
Folder 10 Studies of the coverage in Science Abstracts by Conyers Herring 1960-1961
Folder 11 Reports on Physics Abstracts: IEE memoranda and progress reports; reports by P. Atherton and C. Herring 1961-1964
Folder 12 Correspondence with physicists 1957-1961

General Correspondence

Box 16 Folder 13 W.K. Brasher and B.M. Crowther 1957-1959
Folder 14 W.K. Brasher 1958-1962
Folder 15 B.M. Crowther 1959-1964
Folder 16 R.T. Webber and Karl Darrow 1956-1959
Folder 17 Thomas H. Osgood 1959-1961
Folder 18 Sir George P. Thomson 1960-1961
Folder 19 NSF and others concerning conference on abstracting 1964-1965

Series VIII: Public Relations

Box 17 Folder 1 Public relations program: reports and proposals by Eugene Kone 1957-1959

Burson-Marstellers Public Relations Firm

Box 17 Folder 2 Opinion audit and proposal 1958
Folder 3 Committee to Study Public Relations Audit 1958
Folder 4 Correspondence 1958
Folder 5 Correspondence and press releases 1959

Public relations for member societies

Box 17 Folder 6 Reports 1958
Folder 7 Press releases and popular versions of papers by physicists 1957-1959
Folder 8 Press releases 1959
Folder 9 "Public Relations Newsletter" 1958-1962
Folder 10 "Physics in the News" 1958-1959
Folder 11 Television and films: correspondence 1957-1959

Public Information Service to Promote Scientific Understanding

Box 17 Folder 12 Proposal and grant from NSF 1959-1964
Folder 13 Correspondence with participants 1963-1964

Seminars for science writers

Box 17 Folder 14 Solid state physics, 30 Oct. 1959 1959
Folder 15 Three seminars for science writers in rapidly advancing areas of physics 1960-1965
Box 18 Folder 16 Additional seminars for science writers 1963-1964
Folder 17 International Seminar for Science Writers at the Century 1961-1963
Folder 18 Exposition in Seattle in 1962
International Seminar for Science Writers to be held at the New York World's Fair in 1964, 1963-1964
Box 18 Folder 19 General Correspondence

Series IX: Member Societies

Acoustical Society of America

Minutes of meetings (Executive Council and others)

Box 18 Folder 1 23 Oct. 1957, Ann Arbor 1957
Folder 2 6-10 May 1958, Washington, DC 1958
Folder 3 19-22 Nov. 1958, Chicago 1958
Folder 4 24 Feb. 1959, New York 1959
Folder 5 21-24 Oct. 1959, Cleveland 1959
Folder 6 19-22 Oct. 1960, San Francisco 1960
Folder 7 9-11 May 1961, Philadelphia 1961
Folder 8 General correspondence 1957-1958
Folder 9 Conference on Educational Acoustics: proposal, program, and correspondence with NSF 1963-1964

American Association of Physics Teachers

Box 18 Folder 10 General correspondence 1956-1960
Folder 11 Correspondence with William Kelly 1958-1959
Folder 12 General correspondence 1961
Box 19 Folder 13 General correspondence 1962
Folder 14 General correspondence 1963-1965

Committee on Apparatus

Box 19 Folder 15 Correspondence of Hutchisson and W. Kelly 1957-1959
Folder 16 Correspondence, primarily of W. Kelly 1960-1961
Folder 17 Correspondence, primarily of W. Kelly 1962-1965
Folder 18 Novel experiments in Physics correspondence 1964-1965

Conference on College Physics

Box 19 Folder 19 Proposal, report, and correspondence 1959
Folder 20 Report and correspondence, 1st meeting 1959-1960
Folder 21 Report and correspondence, 2nd meeting 1960

Commission on College Physics

Box 19 Folder 22 Minutes 1963-1964
Folder 23 Correspondence 1960-1961
Folder 24 Correspondence 1962-1964
Folder 25 Committee on Cooperation with High Schools 1958-1959
Folder 26 Committee on Engineering Education 1955-1959
Folder 27 Committee on Institutes, Conferences, and Symposia 1963-1964
Folder 28 Committee on International Education in Physics 1962-1964
Folder 29 AAPT History Project 1962-1964

American Physical Society

Box 20 Folder 30 Council Minutes 1957-1960
Folder 31 Council Minutes 1961-1962
Folder 32 Council Minutes 1963-1964
Folder 33 General Correspondence 1959-1961
Folder 34 General Correspondence 1962-1963

Optical Society of America

Box 20 Folder 35 General Correspondence 1957-1958
Folder 36 Correspondence on translation of Soviet optical journal 1957-1958
Folder 37 Local Sections Newsletter 1948-1954
Folder 38 Society of Rheology

Series X: General Subject File

Box 21 Folder 1 American Association for the Advancement of Science: Chinese Science Symposium 1960-1961

American Council on Education

Box 21 Folder 2 Programs, minutes, and list of AIP delegates 1957-1958
Folder 3 General correspondence 1952-1959

Asia Foundation

Box 21 Folder 4 General and grant information 1958-1966
Folder 5 Grant information 1959-1960
Folder 6 Applications and general information 1961-1963
Folder 7 Awards 1960-1963
Folder 8 Bearden, Alan J.: Trip to U.S.S.R. 1958
Folder 9 Calandra, Alexander 1961-1964
Folder 10 Council for the Advancement of Science Writing, Inc. 1962-1963

Council on Documentation Research

Box 21 Folder 11 Materials from meeting, Feb. 3-4, 1958 1958
Folder 12 Proposal for discussion, summary and transcript 1958
Box 22 Folder 13 "Plan for the Creation of a National Center for the Coordination of Scientific and Technical Information" 1958
Folder 14 "Information Resources": based upon the proceedings of the Council 1958
Folder 15 "D"
Folder 16 Education legislation: correspondence with legislators, primarily Hubert Humphrey, and copies of bills 1957-1958
Folder 17 Engineering Index, Inc. 1963-1964
Folder 18 "F"
Folder 19 Ford Foundation Future Physicists Fund 1957-1962
Folder 20 Foundation for Instrumentation Education and Research 1962-1964
Folder 21 Frontiers of Science Foundation 1957-1959
Folder 22 "G"
Folder 23 Howard University: proposal for PhD program in physics 1958-1959

International Conference on Scientific Information

Box 22 Folder 24 News releases and planning meeting 1956
Box 23 Folder 25 General administrative correspondence 1956-1958
Folder 26 Correspondence with participants "B-J" 1957-1958
Folder 27 Correspondence with participants "L-V" 1958
Folder 28 Area 2 Discussion panel 1958
Folder 29 Permuted index to preprints of the conference 1958
Folder 30 International Congress on Magnetism and Magnetics 1962
Folder 31 Killian, James: summary of a talk 1960

Managing Officers of Scientific Societies (MOSS)

Box 23 Folder 32 Background materials 1958-1962
Folder 33 MOSS meetings 1963-1962
Folder 34 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Physics: Report to members of the visiting committee 1963
Folder 35 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Physics: Report to members of the visiting committee 1964
Folder 36 National Academy of Sciences, Advisory Committee to the Office of Documentation: Minutes 1960-1964
National Academy of Sciences. Commission on Science in UNESCO. SEE UNESCO. Commission on Science in UNESCO.
Box 24 Folder 37 National Analysts, Inc. 1957-1958
Folder 38 National Noise Abatement Council: correspondence with L.J. Buttolph 1957

National Science Foundation

Box 24 Folder 39 General 1957-1958
Folder 40 Science Information Council 1959
Folder 41 Science Information Council 1959
Folder 42 Science Information Council 1959
Folder 43 Science Information Council: Foreign Science Panel 1959

New York Academy of Science

Box 24 Folder 44 Hutchisson's membership 1957-1958
Folder 45 Table of Fundamental Particles by J.J. Grebe 1958
Folder 46 "P"
Folder 47 Particle Accelerator Conference
Folder 48 Physicists: miscellaneous correspondence 1957-1964
Folder 49 Physics Club of Philadelphia 1957-1958

President's Science Advisory Committee. Panel on Scientific Information

Box 24 Folder 50 Minutes and membership lists 1958-1960
Box 25 Folder 51 Meeting, 5 March 1960 1960
Folder 52 Meeting, 23 April 1960 1960
Folder 53 General correspondence 1958-1959
Folder 54 General information on the Panel 1957-1960
Folder 55 Press releases 1958-1959
Folder 56 Documents 1958
Folder 57 Documents 1958
Folder 58 Expenses 1958
Folder 59 Reports and printed materials 1958
Folder 60 "R" 1959-1961
Folder 61 Relations with allied sciences: meetings and conferences
Folder 62 Russian physicists
Box 26 Folder 63 "S" 1958-1962
Folder 64 Saturday Review: John Lear, science editor 1957-1958

Scientific Manpower Commission

Box 26 Folder 65 Minutes and schedule 1957-1962
Folder 66 General correspondence 1957-1964
Folder 67 Statement and correspondence concerning ROTC 1960-1962
Folder 68 Printed material 1958-1959
Folder 69 Seeger, Raymond J. 1955-1963
Folder 70 Seven Colleges Vocational Workshops 1962-1964
Folder 71 Sloan Fellows, 1955-1962: List and memo concerning outstanding young physicists 1962-1964
Folder 72 Symposium on Basic Research 1959

Symposium on Temperature, 27-31 March, 1961

Box 26 Folder 73 Minutes and reports 1959-1961
Folder 74 Correspondence
Box 27 Folder 75 Program, participants and registration materials
Folder 76 Strauss, Lewis 1959
Folder 77 Strong Interactions Conference 1960-1961
Folder 78 "T" 1959-1960
Folder 79 Textile Research Institute: correspondence with J.H. Dillon 1958-1962
Folder 80 "U", "V" and "W" 1959-1960
Folder 81 United Nations: General 1962-1964
Folder 82 United Nations Conference on Science and Technology 1961
Folder 83 UNESCO Agreement on importation of scientific instruments (Florence Agreement) 1959-1960

UNESCO. Committee on Science in UNESCO of the National Academy of Science

Box 27 Folder 84 Meeting 3/2/59 1959
Folder 85 Meeting 12/10/59 1959-1960
Folder 86 Meeting 2/27/61 1961
Folder 87 Meeting 4/26-27/62 1962
Folder 88 Meeting 9/16-21/63 1963
Box 28 Folder 89 Committee correspondence 1958-1960
Folder 90 Committee correspondence 1962-1963
Folder 91 Projects and programs 1962

UNESCO. U.S. Commission for UNESCO

Box 28 Folder 92 Executive Committee Minutes 1962-1963
Folder 93 Executive Committee Minutes: correspondence 1959-1961
Folder 94 Commission correspondence 1957-1958
Folder 95 Commission correspondence 1959-1961
Folder 96 Commission correspondence 1962
Folder 97 National Conference 9/29-10/2/59 1959-1960
Folder 98 National Conference 9/29-10/2/59 1959
Folder 99 National Conference 9/26-27/60 1960
Folder 100 National Conference 10/12-13/61 1961
Box 29 Folder 101 National Conference 10/12-13/62 1962
Folder 102 National Conference 4/24-26/63 1963
Folder 103 Committee on Membership 1961-1963
Folder 104 Committee on Natural Science 1963
Folder 105 Committee on UNESCO Program 1961-1962

U.N. Non-Governmental Organizations

Box 29 Folder 106 Meetings 1958-1961
Folder 107 Correspondence 1957-1963

U.S. Government

Box 29 Folder 108 Various agencies 1959-1960
Folder 109 Various agencies 1959-1960
Folder 110 Correspondence with H. Humphrey concerning education legislation 1958-1959
Folder 111 Atomic Energy Commission 1957-1960
Folder 112 Proposed Department of Science 1958-1959
Box 30 Folder 113 Federal Communications Agency: concerning channel 13 and radio astronomy 1963
Folder 114 Information Agency 1961

Western Reserve University, Center for documentation and Communications Research

Box 30 Folder 115 Correspondence 1957-1959
Folder 116 Correspondence 1960
Folder 117 Proposed program 1959

Series XI: Unofficial Files

Box 31 Folder 1 Correspondence with H. Barton, W. Waterfall, and AIP personnel prior to Hutchisson's directorship concerning editorship of the Journal of Applied Physics, Hutchisson's membership on the Governing Board, a fundraising campaign, and other matters 1948-1957
Folder 2 Personal correspondence 1956-1962
Folder 3 Certificates of membership in the Cleveland Engineering Society 1953
Folder 4 Speeches 1950-1957
Folder 5 Speeches 1958-1959
Folder 6 Speeches 1960-1961

Articles and reports by Elmer Hutchisson

Box 31 Folder 7 "Teaching Performance" 1956
Folder 8 "An Economic Study of College Salaries and Academic Rank Distribution" 1959
Folder 9 "An Operations Research Study of the Educational Process" (Proposal for research) 1956
Folder 10 "Engineering - A Good General Education" n.d.
Folder 11 "Engineering Curricula Then and Now" 1954