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-- PEOPLE --





Hansen and Pinatubo model maps:


Arvid Hogbom:

John Tyndall ca. 1859:

Dave Keeling 1955:

Suess (2nd from rt.) and Keeling (rt.) 1964:


Dick Lindzen:

Lonnie Thompson:

Lonnie Thompson and Ellen Mosley-Thompson:


Suki Manabe:

Michael Mann:

Milutin Milankovitch:

R. Pachauri of the IPCC (2007):



Revelle (on left) ca. 1946:


-- OTHER --

Aerosol pollution image:


Currier & Ives - Cutting ice:

deep-sea coring with dredger:

deep-sea coring:

sea core analysis:

Sahel 1972:

2003 European heat wave:


greenhouse effect graphic:

(inaccurate -- image on the right should show not reflected light,
but heat radiation rising from the ground)


MIT "roulette wheels" for future temps:

Warming in 2000's - ARGO:

Hockey stick 1999:

sea level rise - storm surge:



ice age:

Mauna Loa station:

National Center for Atmospheric Research NCAR:

Other greenhouse gases - image

Pinatubo ash cloud:


Tyndall's lab - gas apparatus:

Vostok station:

Vostok supply train:


1977 newspaper:

Toronto Conference report 1988:

EPA report 1988:

NY Times 1976: