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Finding Aid to the William F. Meggers Papers, Addition, 1870-1973


American Institute of Physics. Center for History of Physics.
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740

October 31, 2004

Encoding Information:

Machine-readable finding aid encoded in EAD 2002 by Katherine A. Hayes in 2004. Any revisions made to this finding aid occurred as part of the editing and encoding process.

Finding aid written in English.

Description of the Collection

Location of collection:

American Institute of Physics. Center for History of Physics.
College Park, MD 20740

Title and dates of collection:

William F. Meggers Papers, Addition, 1870-1973 (bulk 1906-1966).

Papers created by:

Meggers, William F. (William Frederick), 1888-1966.

Size of collection:

39 linear feet
(84 boxes: 52 manuscript boxes; 8 postcard/negative boxes; 23 flat boxes; 1 oversize flat box; 6 oversize folders; 3 oversize boxes)

Short description of collection:

Physicist (physical optics, spectroscopy). National Bureau of Standards, 1914-1958; Head of Spectroscopy Section, 1920-1958. Known for precise measurements of standard wavelengths; describing the photographed spectra; quantum interpretation of wavelengths for more than half the known elements; measuring spectra of rare elements; and practical applications of spectroscopy. Developed an electrodeless lamp using the isotope mercury-198 for a precise standard of length for use in spectroscopy and metrology in 1942. Active contributor to the American Institute of Physics, the Optical Society of America, the International Astronomical Union, and other international organizations and conferences relating to physics and spectroscopy. Types of records include correspondence; postcards; manuscripts, typescripts and reprints of publications; photographs and motion pictures; diaries; scrapbooks; and ephemera. Subjects covered include his early life and education at Ripon College, University of Wisconsin, and Johns Hopkins University; work at the Carnegie Institute of Pittsburgh and the National Bureau of Standards; travels for research and recreation; family and relatives; work with professional organizations; conferences and meetings; revisions of the Welch Periodic Chart including fifteen final copies of revisions of charts from 1934-1965; early infrared photographic emulsions; and applied spectroscopy. Most of the collection dates from 1906-1966.

Language(s) of material:

Predominantly in English, with some material in German.

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Biography of William F. Meggers

William Frederick Ferdinand Meggers (WFM), often referred to as the "dean of American spectroscopists," is most well-known for his extensive research in physical optics, spectrochemical analysis, and spectroscopic wavelength standards, and for his contributions to the related fields of atomic and nuclear physics, astrophysics, and technical/scientific photography.

Meggers grew up in Clintonville, Wisconsin, the town in which he was born on July 13, 1888 to John Meggers and Bertha Bork Meggers, who emigrated to Wisconsin from Pomerania in 1872. Other relatives, such as his cousin Henry (Hank) Bork, and Meggers relatives, lived in the area. He had a sister, Clara (who married August Bleck and had a daughter, Gloria Bleck Meserve), with whom he maintained a lifelong correspondence. His parents divorced in 1910 or 1911 and his mother married Peter Monty. During summers he worked on various farms and the local railroad, also his father's employer. His interests were varied, including music, drawing and art, photography, natural history, stamp and coin collecting, and contemporary literature. He used correspondence schools and mail-order sources to learn and acquire the tools and instruction to pursue these interests.

He graduated from high school as valedictorian in 1906 and attended Ripon College on a scholarship, where he was greatly inspired by Professor William Barber who taught physics there from 1906 to 1946. Meggers earned extra money by organizing an orchestra in which he played violin, trombone, and trumpet. He majored in physics, received his Bachelor's degree in 1910, and spent the following year as Barber's first graduate assistant. He then began earning credits toward a Master's degree at the University of Wisconsin.

In 1912, however, he became an instructor in physics at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh. While there, he learned of Bohr's explanation of the hydrogen spectrum, an event which impressed him greatly. Shortly thereafter, in 1914, Meggers passed a civil service examination and was appointed laboratory assistant to Keivin Burns, sole spectroscopist at the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) in Washington, D. C. From that time on, Meggers carried out, over a period of half a century, a systematic program of research in optical spectroscopy which led to significant improvements in wavelength standards, accurate descriptions and quantum interpretations of atomic spectra and their applications in the identification of chemical elements, and precise measurements of spectral-line intensities.

During World War I, Meggers measured standard wavelength with the use of Fabry-Perot étalons, photographed spectra beyond the visible red, demonstrated the use of red-sensitized emulsions for aerial photography, made many atmospheric indices of refraction measurements, performed many spectrochemical analyses, and earned a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) in 1917. In 1920, Meggers became chief of the Spectroscopy Section of the National Bureau of Standards, a position which he held until his retirement in 1958.

Working on more than 70 spectra, he was the first to unravel the complex atomic energy levels and electron configurations of the rare-earth elements. His early efforts to extend spectrographic records led, finally, to the opening up of a new octave in the near-infrared to spectroscopic study, adding data on 45 elements. By making thousands of measurements with Fabry-Perot étalons, he greatly improved the secondary standards of wavelength, measuring those from an iron arc relative to the primary standard (red radiation from cadmium). He later provided an improved primary standard derived from a mercury isotope source of his own design (widely known as the Meggers lamp), and superior secondary standards from wavelengths emitted by an electrodeless lamp containing thorium iodide (with R. W. Stanley).

Meggers demonstrated the usefulness of spectrochemistry for the analysis of metals and alloys, for testing proof gold, and in the detection of crime. His paper on "Practical Spectrographic Analysis" (1922; with C. C. Kiess and F. J. Stimson) is generally credited with reviving interest in chemical spectroscopy. His many years of service to Chemical Abstracts led to the publication, with B. F. Scribner, of An Index to the Literature on Spectro-Chemical Analysis, 1920-1939 (Philadelphia: American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), 1941; Part II, 1940-1945, ASTM, 1947; Part III, 1946-1950, ASTM, 1954; Part IV, 1951-1955, ASTM, 1959). With both Scribner and C. H. Corliss, he published extensive tables detailing spectral-line intensities of great value in spectrochemical analysis, of which he can be considered one of the "founding fathers."

Meggers' scientific papers number over 200, and the honors which were bestowed upon him for his outstanding work are numerous. Among them are the Ives medal (1947) and the Mees medal (1964) of the Optical Society of America (OSA), a Gold Medal from the U. S. Department of Commerce (1949), medals from the University of Liege (1951) and the Society of Applied Spectroscopy (1952), and the Cresson medal of the Franklin Institute (1953). Meggers served as vice-president (1947-49) and president (1949-51) of the Optical Society of America and was a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS). He was chairman of the Committee on Line Spectra of the National Research Council (NRC) (1946-60) and served as president of the International Joint Commission on Standard Wavelengths and Spectral Tables (also known as Commission 14) of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in 1935, 1938, 1948, and 1952. Other scientific societies of which he was a member include the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and the American Astronomical Society (AAS).

In 1920, Meggers married Edith Marie Raddant, from Shawano, Wisconsin, whom he met while she was working at NBS. They raised three children, a daughter and two sons. Betty Jane attended college, earning a Ph.D. in anthropology and went on to work at the Smithsonian Institution. She married Clifford Evans, a fellow anthropologist, and together they worked and traveled extensively in the Amazon rainforest. Son William Jr. married and moved to California to work as an engineer in the aerospace industry; he collaborated with his father on some of the revisions to the Welch Periodic Chart of the Elements, and the Chart of Electromagnetic forces. Son John passed away shortly before his father in 1966.

Bill and Edith (ERM) shared a love of travel and an interest in collecting and exhibiting various exotic and technological items for which they constructed "The Meggers Museum of Technology" in their home.

In 1958, Meggers donated to the American Institute of Physics (AIP) his collection of photographs of 33 Nobel Laureates in spectroscopy and related fields. The Institute subsequently undertook the task of augmenting the collection to include photographs of all Nobel Prize winning physicists, as well as chemists who had received the Prize for work related to physics. The "Gallery of Nobel Laureates", dedicated to the memory of William F. Meggers, is now displayed on the walls of the hallways outside the Niels Bohr Library. In addition, collections of stamps and coins valued at more than $50,000 were left by Meggers, shortly before his death on November 19, 1966, to the AIP in support of physics education through the Meggers Award. Edith Raddant Meggers died on December 8, 1973.

Scope and Contents of Collection

This collection documents the life and work of William F. Meggers (1888-1966) from 1870 to 1973, with the bulk spanning the years 1906 to 1966. It consists of correspondence, manuscripts, typescripts, reprints, conference programs, meeting minutes, diaries, photographs, scrapbooks, memoranda, reports, awards, and ephemera. The materials document his personal life and interests, education, work at the National Bureau of Standards as head of the Spectroscopy Section (1920-1958), and professional and personal relationships with family, friends, and other physicists. There is correspondence relating the experiences of friends and relatives in Europe during World War II. Also covered are his activities in national and international professional organizations, primarily the Optical Society of America, the International Astronomical Union, the American Institute of Physics, and the National Research Council. There is documentation of other special meetings, his work as a consultant, and his activities in various alumni groups. Subjects include the science of spectroscopy; international standards of wavelength; photographic technology in the early 20th century. Geographic areas covered include life in Wisconsin in the early 20th century; travel in the United States, Europe, and Russia in the first half of the 20th century, by steamship and early air travel.

Physicist (physical optics, spectroscopy). Known as the "Dean of American Spectroscopists," Meggers began work at the National Bureau of Standards in 1914, becoming Head of the Spectroscopy Section in 1920 where he remained until his retirement in 1958. Among his voluminous contributions to the field are the mercury standard of length and revision of the periodic table of elements. He was an active contributor to the American Institute of Physics, the Optical Society of America, the International Astronomical Union, and other international conferences and organizations relating to physics and spectroscopy. Records include voluminous personal correspondence with family, co-workers, and other physicists; postcards; manuscripts, typescripts and reprints of his work and that of other physicists; records of national and international conferences he attended; photographs and motion pictures of personal travel, conferences and meetings; and diaries, scrapbooks and ephemera. Subjects covered include his early life in Clintonville, Wisconsin; interests in art, music, coin collecting; education at Ripon College, University of Wisconsin, and Johns Hopkins University; work at the Carnegie Institute of Pittsburgh and the National Bureau of Standards; travels for recreation and research; family and relatives; work with professional organizations; conferences and meetings; revisions of the Welch Periodic Chart including fifteen final copies of revisions of charts from 1934-1965; and photographic emulsions. Most of the collection dates from 1906-1966.

Organization and Arrangement of Collection

The collection is organized into seven series, with subseries where necessary.

  • Series I. Correspondence, 1900-1970; 10.5 linear feet.
  • Series II. Biographical and Family Materials, 1898-1970; 6.0 linear feet.
  • Series III. Professional Affiliations, 1919-1967; 2.5 linear feet.
  • Series IV. National Bureau of Standards (NBS), 1913-1966; 2.0 linear feet.
  • Series V. Writings and Research Materials, 1895-1967; 6.5 linear feet.
  • Series VI. Scrapbooks and Ephemera, 1898-1973; 6.0 linear feet.
  • Series VII. Photographs, ca. 1870-1965; 5.0 linear feet.

Files are mostly arranged chronologically; in some cases they are arranged alphabetically and then chronologically. See individual series and subseries descriptions for more detailed information.

The arrangement was imposed during processing due to loss of original order in the transfer and early incompleted processing of the collection circa 1974-1977.

Access to Collection

Open to approved researchers without restrictions. Use of primary source material in the Niels Bohr Library requires prior approval through an Application for Access, which includes a statement of research purpose and the names and addresses of two scholars as references. Access applications can be obtained by contacting the Library (telephone 301-209-3177; or e-mail nbl@aip.org). The application can also be printed from our website.

Restrictions on Use of Collection

The scholar pledges not to quote from, cite, or reproduce by any means this material except with the written permission of the Institute.

Provenance and Acquisition Information

Gift of Edith R. Meggers, 1966; and the Meggers children, 1974.

Processing Information

Shortly after this accession was received in the mid-1970s, some preliminary work was done on the papers, and much of the original order was disrupted. Some materials were stamped with the collection name; photographs were removed to the Emilio Segrè Visual Archives (ESVA); most correspondence was opened and organized chronologically. Some scrapbooks were disassembled and photographs were removed. The materials were then reboxed and inventoried. Some folders reflect the original order and labeling, notably in Series III and Series V, where documents were found grouped together in envelopes labeled with a title or subject by the creator.

There's also evidence that Meggers started to organize his papers in preparation of an autobiography which he never wrote. His annotations can be found throughout the collection. The final processing of this collection was completed by Katherine A. Hayes in 2004.

Duplicate materials were removed from the collection. Paper clips and staples were removed from the documents and in some cases replaced with archival quality paper clips over acid-free paper strips. Brittle materials and newspaper articles were photocopied onto acid-free paper and the originals were removed from the collection. All materials were rehoused in archival quality, acid-free folders and boxes. All notations made by the processor to assist with identification were made in pencil and enclosed in brackets. All other notations were previously on the documents in the collection when it was received.

Preferred Citation of Collection

Cite as: Box [number], Folder [number], William F. Meggers Papers, Addition, 1870-1973. American Institute of Physics, Niels Bohr Library, College Park, MD 20740, USA.

Other Related Materials

See also William F. Meggers Papers, 1917-1966; the Home Movies of William F. Meggers, 1927-1957; Biographical file of William F. Meggers (all in the Niels Bohr Library); and the Meggers Gallery of Nobel Laureates at the American Institute of Physics.

Materials Separated from Collection

Many photographs that depicted Meggers at work, portraits, with wife, and at events, were removed to the ESVA in the 1970s. Photocopies of photographs removed in the final processing were placed in the collection at original location if known. As Meggers practiced photography himself, there are many family snapshots, most unlabeled, which remain in the collection where they were found or in scrapbooks.

Duplicates and reprints of articles by other physicists were removed unless specifically related to other materials in the collection, or annotated by Meggers. Some were added to the Niels Bohr Library's Manuscript Biography or Institutional History collections.

The following artifacts were returned to the National Institute of Standards and Technology in July 2002: four wooden encased vapor lamp tubes; bronze medallion, "Universite de Liege" engraved "A/Mr le Dr W. F. Meggers/Octobre 1950"; Two Department of Commerce 30 year pins; Frederic Ives Medal/Awarded by The Optical Society of America to William F. Meggers, 1947; Department of Commerce Medal Award for Meritorious Service to Edith R. Meggers, Feb. 14, 1957; Department of Commerce Medal Award for Exceptional Service to Dr. W. F. Meggers, Feb. 14, 1949; Elliott Cresson Medal awarded by the Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania; one gold Phi Beta Kappa key engraved "William F. Meggers, E. of Wis. 1956 A"; rectangular box containing: two refractory glass plates; 1879 Bernhard Schmidt/1935 Bergedorf/I.A.U. Hamburg 1964 medallion; 2 business cards reading "William F. Meggers, Ph.D., Physicist, Bureau of Standards, Washington"; 2 identification badges for W. Meggers and E. Meggers at the IAU 1958 in Greece; 2 one-quarter-inch buttons for the Dept. of Commerce; one 1952 medal for the IAU in Rome; Mees Medal, Oct. 1964; Medal from The Society for Applied Spectroscopy, For Distinguished Work in Spectroscopy, Awarded by The Society for Applied Spectroscopy to William F. Meggers, May 22, 1952; Medal from the National Academy of Sciences Centennial, 1963.

Two maps were deaccessioned to the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania: Map of Greater Pittsburgh, published by R. L. Polk & Co. and R. L. Dudley, and Bedford Pennsylvania and Hotel Pennsylvania map, both from circa 1920s-1930s.

Several items that were duplicates or outside the collection scope were donated to the Clintonville (Wisconsin) Historical Society: Award [statue] "First Alumnus Honoris/Clintonville High School/William Frederick Meggers/1956"; photocopy of 31 May 1956 article from Clintonville Tribune-Gazette "Meggers Cited as Alumnus Honoris As 130 Graduate"; [Clintonville High School] Class of '06 Commencement Program (3 copies); four blank tinted photographic postcards of Clintonville scenes, circa 1908.

Duplicate items and items from Ripon College, with no direct relation to the collection, were deaccessioned to the Ripon College Archives: Ripon Military Band card (Jan. 1910); Ripon College Postcard with small flag and hatchet attached (Feb. 22, 1911); Glee Club program (1911); Calendar with photographs of Ripon sites (1905-1907); photograph of WFM receiving honorary Doctor of Science degree (June 1951); 1951 Commencement program; advertisement and order blank for Ripon College Choir record album; "The Ripon Alumnus", April 1951 and July 1951.

The original accession included two oil paintings that were a gift of T. L. de Bruin. One is in the Director's Office at the American Institute of Physics; the other was given to Lewis Slack (who held various offices at AIP, 1967-1987) upon his retirement from AIP.

Container List

Series I. Correspondence, 1900-1970 Boxes 1-21 (18 manuscript boxes; 3 postcard boxes)
Includes correspondence arranged in subseries as Received, Sent, and Postcards, and in chronological order therein. There are snapshots attached to some letters with which they were sent.
Subseries A. Correspondence received by WFM, 1900-1970 Boxes 1-17
Includes correspondence from other physicists (see Index), co-workers and professional contacts, as well as family members, some of which is in German. Family includes his sister Clara and her daughter Gloria, cousin Hank, his mother and father, wife Edith, his three children, and his grandchildren, as well as correspondence addressed to both William and Edith Meggers or the Meggers family. Also included up until about 1914 are materials from various correspondence schools and vendors. There are two folders at the end of the series containing letters and cards, most of which were sent to Bertha Bork and WFM's children, usually by other family members.
After the bulk of the correspondence was processed, folders of what appears to be "active" correspondence (probably kept by WFM in his desk) were found in boxes of other materials dating from about 1958 to 1966. These were kept in original order, with responses attached.
Box 1 Folder 1 Correspondence rec'd, 1900-1901
Folder 2 Correspondence rec'd, 1902-1903
Folder 3 Correspondence rec'd, 1904
Folder 4 Correspondence rec'd, 1905
Folder 5 Correspondence rec'd, 1906 Jan.-June
Folder 6 Correspondence rec'd, 1906 July-Dec.
Folder 7 Correspondence rec'd, 1907 Jan.-June
Folder 8 Correspondence rec'd, 1907 July-Dec.
Folder 9 Correspondence rec'd, 1908 Jan.-June
Folder 10 Correspondence rec'd, 1908 July-Dec.
Box 2 Folder 1 Correspondence rec'd, 1909 Jan.-June
Folder 2 Correspondence rec'd, 1909 July-Dec.
Folder 3 Correspondence rec'd, 1910 Jan.-June
Folder 4 Correspondence rec'd, 1910 July-Dec.
Folder 5 Correspondence rec'd, 1911 Jan.-Mar.
Folder 6 Correspondence rec'd, 1911 April-June
Folder 7 Correspondence rec'd, 1911 July-Sept.
Folder 8 Correspondence rec'd, 1911 Oct.-Dec.
Box 3 Folder 1 Correspondence rec'd, 1912 Jan.-Feb.
Folder 2 Correspondence rec'd, 1912 Mar.-April
Folder 3 Correspondence rec'd, 1912 May-June
Folder 4 Correspondence rec'd, 1912 July-Aug.
Folder 5 Correspondence rec'd, 1912 Sept.-Oct.
Folder 6 Correspondence rec'd, 1912 Nov.-Dec.
Folder 7 Correspondence rec'd, 1913 Jan.-Mar.
Folder 8 Correspondence rec'd, 1913 April-June
Box 4 Folder 1 Correspondence rec'd, 1913 July-Sept.
Folder 2 Correspondence rec'd, 1913 Oct.-Dec.
Folder 3 Correspondence rec'd, 1914 Jan.-April
Folder 4 Correspondence rec'd, 1914 May-June
Folder 5 Correspondence rec'd, 1914 July-Sept.
Folder 6 Correspondence rec'd, 1914 Oct.-Dec.
Folder 7 Correspondence rec'd, 1915 Jan.-Mar.
Folder 8 Correspondence rec'd, 1915 April-June
Box 5 Folder 1 Correspondence rec'd, 1915 July-Sept.
Folder 2 Correspondence rec'd, 1915 Oct.-Dec.
Folder 3 Correspondence rec'd, 1916 Jan.-Mar.
Folder 4 Correspondence rec'd, 1916 April-June
Folder 5 Correspondence rec'd, 1916 July-Sept.
Folder 6 Correspondence rec'd, 1916 Oct.-Dec.
Folder 7 Correspondence rec'd, 1917 Jan.-Mar.
Folder 8 Correspondence rec'd, 1917 April-June
Folder 9 Correspondence rec'd, 1917 July-Sept.
Folder 10 Correspondence rec'd, 1917 Oct.-Dec.
Box 6 Folder 1 Correspondence rec'd, 1918 Jan.-April
Folder 2 Correspondence rec'd, 1918 May-Aug.
Folder 3 Correspondence rec'd, 1918 Sept.-Dec.
Folder 4 Correspondence rec'd, 1919 Jan.-April
Folder 5 Correspondence rec'd, 1919 May-June
Folder 6 Correspondence rec'd, 1919 July-Sept.
Folder 7 Correspondence rec'd, 1919 Oct.-Dec.
Folder 8 Correspondence rec'd, 1920 Jan.-March
Folder 9 Correspondence rec'd, 1920 April-June
Folder 10 Correspondence rec'd, 1920 July-Sept.
Folder 11 Correspondence rec'd, 1920 Oct.-Dec.
Box 7 Folder 1 Correspondence rec'd, 1921 Jan.-April
Folder 2 Correspondence rec'd, 1921 May-Aug.
Folder 3 Correspondence rec'd, 1921 Sept.-Dec.
Folder 4 Correspondence rec'd, 1922 Jan.-March
Folder 5 Correspondence rec'd, 1922 April-June
Folder 6 Correspondence rec'd, 1922 July-Sept.
Folder 7 Correspondence rec'd, 1922 Oct.-Dec.
Folder 8 Correspondence rec'd, 1923 Jan.-April
Folder 9 Correspondence rec'd, 1923 May-Aug.
Folder 10 Correspondence rec'd, 1923 Sept.-Dec.
Folder 11 Correspondence rec'd, 1924 Jan.-Apr.
Folder 12 Correspondence rec'd, 1924 May-Aug.
Folder 13 Correspondence rec'd, 1924 Sept.-Dec.
Box 8 Folder 1 Correspondence rec'd, 1925 Jan.-March
Folder 2 Correspondence rec'd, 1925 April-June
Folder 3 Correspondence rec'd, 1925 July-Sept.
Folder 4 Correspondence rec'd, 1925 Oct.-Dec.
Folder 5 Correspondence rec'd, 1926 Jan.-April
Folder 6 Correspondence rec'd, 1926 May-Aug.
Folder 7 Correspondence rec'd, 1926 Sept.-Dec.
Folder 8 Correspondence rec'd, 1927 Jan.-April
Folder 9 Correspondence rec'd, 1927 May-Aug.
Folder 10 Correspondence rec'd, 1927 Sept.-Dec.
Folder 11 Correspondence rec'd, 1928 Jan.-April
Folder 12 Correspondence rec'd, 1928 May-Aug.
Folder 13 Correspondence rec'd, 1928 Sept.-Dec.
Box 9 Folder 1 Correspondence rec'd, 1929
Folder 2 Correspondence rec'd, 1930
Folder 3 Correspondence rec'd, 1931
Folder 4 Correspondence rec'd, 1932
Folder 5 Correspondence rec'd, 1933
Folder 6 Correspondence rec'd, 1934
Folder 7 Correspondence rec'd, 1935 Jan.-July
Folder 8 Correspondence rec'd, 1935 Aug.-Dec.
Box 10 Folder 1 Correspondence rec'd, 1936 Jan.-July
Folder 2 Correspondence rec'd, 1936 Aug.-Dec.
Folder 3 Correspondence rec'd, 1937 Jan.-June
Folder 4 Correspondence rec'd, 1937 July-Dec.
Folder 5 Correspondence rec'd, 1938 Jan.-April
Folder 6 Correspondence rec'd, 1938 May-Aug.
Folder 7 Correspondence rec'd, 1938 Sept.-Dec.
Folder 8 Correspondence rec'd, 1939 Jan.-July
Folder 9 Correspondence rec'd, 1939 Aug.-Dec.
Folder 10 Correspondence rec'd, 1940 Jan.-June
Folder 11 Correspondence rec'd, 1940 July-Dec.
Box 11 Folder 1 Correspondence rec'd, 1941 Jan.-March
Folder 2 Correspondence rec'd, 1941 April-June
Folder 3 Correspondence rec'd, 1941 July-Sept.
Folder 4 Correspondence rec'd, 1941 Oct.-Dec.
Folder 5 Correspondence rec'd, 1942 Jan.-April
Folder 6 Correspondence rec'd, 1942 May-Aug.
Folder 7 Correspondence rec'd, 1942 Sept.-Dec.
Folder 8 Correspondence rec'd, 1943 Jan.-April
Folder 9 Correspondence rec'd, 1943 May-Aug.
Folder 10 Correspondence rec'd, 1943 Sept.-Dec.
Folder 11 Correspondence rec'd, 1944 Jan.-April
Folder 12 Correspondence rec'd, 1944 May-Aug.
Folder 13 Correspondence rec'd, 1944 Sept.-Dec.
Box 12 Folder 1 Correspondence rec'd, 1945 Jan.-April
Folder 2 Correspondence rec'd, 1945 May-Aug.
Folder 3 Correspondence rec'd, 1945 Sept.-Dec.
Folder 4 Correspondence rec'd, 1946 Jan.-April
Folder 5 Correspondence rec'd, 1946 May-Aug.
Folder 6 Correspondence rec'd, 1946 Sept.-Dec.
Folder 7 Correspondence rec'd, 1947 Jan.-April
Folder 8 Correspondence rec'd, 1947 May-Aug.
Folder 9 Correspondence rec'd, 1947 Sept.-Dec.
Box 13 Folder 1 Correspondence rec'd, 1948 Jan.-Apr.
Folder 2 Correspondence rec'd, 1948 May-Aug.
Folder 3 Correspondence rec'd, 1948 Sept.-Dec.
Folder 4 Correspondence rec'd, 1949 Jan.-June
Folder 5 Correspondence rec'd, 1949 July-Dec.
Folder 6 Correspondence rec'd, 1950 Jan.-April
Folder 7 Correspondence rec'd, 1950 May-Aug.
Folder 8 Correspondence rec'd, 1950 Sept.-Dec.
Folder 9 Correspondence rec'd, 1951 Jan.-June
Folder 10 Correspondence rec'd, 1951 July-Dec.
Box 14 Folder 1 Correspondence rec'd, 1952 Jan.-June
Folder 2 Correspondence rec'd, 1952 July-Dec.
Folder 3 Correspondence rec'd, 1953 Jan.-April
Folder 4 Correspondence rec'd, 1953 May-Aug.
Folder 5 Correspondence rec'd, 1953 Sept.-Dec.
Folder 6 Correspondence rec'd, 1954 Jan.-April
Folder 7 Correspondence rec'd, 1954 May-Aug
Folder 8 Correspondence rec'd, 1954 Sept.-Dec.
Folder 9 Correspondence rec'd, 1955 Jan.-April
Folder 10 Correspondence rec'd, 1955 May-Aug.
Folder 11 Correspondence rec'd, 1955 Sept.-Dec.
Folder 12 Correspondence rec'd, 1956 Jan.-April
Folder 13 Correspondence rec'd, 1956 May-Aug.
Folder 14 Correspondence rec'd, 1956 Sept.-Dec.
Box 15 Folder 1 Correspondence rec'd, 1957 Jan.-April
Folder 2 Correspondence rec'd, 1957 May-Aug.
Folder 3 Correspondence rec'd, 1957 Sept.-Dec.
Folder 4 Correspondence rec'd, 1958 Jan.-April
Folder 5 Correspondence rec'd, 1958 May-Aug.
Folder 6 Correspondence rec'd, 1958 Sept.-Dec.
Folder 7 Correspondence rec'd, 1959 Jan.-June
Folder 8 Correspondence rec'd, 1959 July-Dec.
Folder 9 Correspondence rec'd, 1960 Jan.-June
Folder 10 Correspondence rec'd, 1960 July-Dec.
Folder 11 Correspondence rec'd, 1961 Jan.-July
Folder 12 Correspondence rec'd, 1961 Aug.-Dec.
Box 16 Folder 1 Correspondence rec'd, 1962 Jan.-June
Folder 2 Correspondence rec'd, 1962 July-Dec.
Folder 3 Correspondence rec'd, 1963 Jan.-June
Folder 4 Correspondence rec'd, 1963 July-Dec.
Folder 5 Correspondence rec'd, 1964 Jan.-June
Folder 6 Correspondence rec'd, 1964 July-Sept.
Folder 7 Correspondence rec'd, 1964 Oct.-Dec.
Folder 8 Correspondence rec'd, 1965 Jan.-June
Folder 9 Correspondence rec'd, 1965 July-Sept.
Folder 10 Correspondence rec'd, 1965 Oct.-Dec.
Folder 11 Correspondence rec'd, 1966 Jan.-June
Folder 12 Correspondence rec'd, 1966 July-Dec.
Folder 13 Posthumous letters rec'd, 1966-1970
Box 17 Folder 1 Misc. correspondence rec'd. by other family members, 1906-1936
Folder 2 Misc. correspondence rec'd. by other family members, 1937-1947
Folder 3 Christmas cards rec'd, undated
Subseries B. Correspondence sent by WFM, 1905-1966 Boxes 17-18
Arranged chronologically. This group consists of correspondence written by WFM, jointly by WFM and ERM, or by ERM on behalf of herself and her husband until his death in 1966. The bulk of the correspondence is addressed to family members. The outgoing correspondence contains letters from WFM to his mother Bertha (Bork) Monty and his sister Clara Meggers Bleck; it includes letters to his children, to his niece Gloria Bleck, and letters from WFM and ERM to family while traveling. There are also a few letters from the children or others to various family members. There are several folders of photocopied letters from WFM to William Jr. donated by the latter in the 1970s.
Box 17 Folder 4 Correspondence sent, 1905-1909; undated
Folder 5 Correspondence sent, 1910-1912
Folder 6 Correspondence sent, 1913-1914
Folder 7 Correspondence sent, 1915-1917
Folder 8 Correspondence sent, 1918-1919
Folder 9 Correspondence sent, 1920-1921
Folder 10 Correspondence sent, 1922-1923
Folder 11 Correspondence sent, 1924-1925
Box 18 Folder 1 Correspondence sent, 1926-1927
Folder 2 Correspondence sent, 1928-1929
Folder 3 Correspondence sent, 1930-1935
Folder 4 Correspondence sent, 1936, 1938
Folder 5 Correspondence sent, 1939-1940; 1942
Folder 6 Correspondence sent, 1945-1952
Folder 7 Correspondence sent, 1953-1961
Folder 8 Correspondence sent, 1962-1965
Folder 9 Correspondence sent to William Jr. (copies), 1947 Oct.-1953
Folder 10 Correspondence sent to William Jr. (copies), 1954-1960
Folder 11 Correspondence sent to William Jr. (copies), 1961-1966 Nov. 19
Subseries C. Postcards, 1901-1966 Boxes 19-21
This group consists of postcards received, sent, and collected by William Meggers. These include picture postcards, note cards, invitations, holiday cards, and other miscellaneous cards. Oversized postcards were removed and incorporated into the appropriate group of correspondence. Arranged chronologically.
Box 19 Postcards, 1901; 1907-1914
Box 20 Postcards, 1915-1935
Box 21 Postcards, 1936-1966, undated
Series II. Biographical and Family Materials, 1898-1970 Boxes 22-33 (12 manuscript boxes)
Includes documentation of WFM's education from elementary through graduate levels, personal and family materials, articles about WFM, and personal materials belonging to ERM. All subseries arranged chronologically overall within subject of folder heading.
Subseries A. WFM educational materials, 1898-1961 Boxes 22-26
Includes written papers, report cards, exams, diplomas, certificates, receipts, announcements, and lecture notes as well as some correspondence.
Box 22 Folder 1 Childhood notes and writings, undated
Folder 2 Childhood drawings, undated
Box 80 Folder 1 Technical drawings (graded; prob. from college or graduate school) (oversize), undated
Box 22 Folder 3 School report cards; Ripon grades; University of Wisconsin grades, 1898-1905; 1907-1910; 1916
Folder 4 School papers, 1901-1903
Folder 5 Clintonville Wisconsin high school commencement notices, 1903-1909
Folder 6 School papers, 1904
Folder 7 School papers, 1905
Folder 8 Lederer School of Drawing lessons, ca. 1905-1907
Folder 9 Lederer School of Drawing lessons, ca. 1905-1907
Box 23 Folder 1 School papers, undated; ca.1905-1909
Folder 2 Diplomas, certificates and awards, ca. 1906-1961
Folder 3 School papers, 1906
Box Oversize Folder 1 Diplomas, certificates and awards (oversize), 1906-1963
Box 23 Folder 4 School papers, 1907
Folder 5 American history lectures, 1907-1908
Folder 6 Ripon College, Blue Books (exams), 1907-1908
Folder 7 Ripon College, differential equations, trigonometry notebooks, 1907-1908
Folder 8 Ripon College, French notes, ca. 1907-1910
Folder 9 Ripon College, Blue Books (exams), undated; ca.1907-1910
Box 24 Folder 1 Ripon College, misc. exams (undated), ca. 1907-1910
Folder 2 Early notes, lists, printed materials, ca. 1907-1911
Folder 3 College receipts, 1907-1917
Folder 4 School papers, 1908
Folder 5 Announcements, invitations, notes, 1908-1918
Folder 6 Ripon College, misc. items, 1908-1924, undated
Folder 7 School papers, 1909
Folder 8 Ripon College, Blue Books (exams), 1909-1910
Folder 9 Class notes (two notebooks), ca. 1910
Folder 10 Doctoral thesis (copy) on spectra series: Berthold Dunz, Tubingen University, for Prof. Paschen, 1911
Folder 11 University of Wisconsin, mathematical physics notes, 1911-1912
Box 25 Folder 1 University of Wisconsin, notes and lecture notes, 1911-1912
Folder 2 University of Wisconsin, MA thesis (manuscript), "Wien's and Stefan's Laws of Radiation", 1911-1912
Folder 3 Class lecture notes, ca. 1911-1917
Folder 4 College physics exam questions, 1912-1917, undated
Folder 5 JHU and Carnegie Institute letter drafts (sent and rec'd), 1913-1916
Folder 6 Notes, physical chemistry, 1914
Folder 7 Notebooks (JHU and NBS) on diff. calculus, int. calculus, mechanics, theory of functions, 1916-1917
Folder 8 PhD dissertation (Johns Hopkins University), "Wave-length measurements in spectra from 5600A to 9600A", 1917 June
Folder 9 Lecture notes, ca. 1917-1919
Folder 10 Article on WFM, "Ripon College Days", 1918 Oct 29
Folder 11 Clintonville Wisconsin High School Class of 1906 Anniversaries (photos), 1931, 1956
Folder 12 Ripon College, Class of 1910-11, Reunions, 1936; 1960-1961
Box 26 Folder 1 Ripon College, alumni activities (correspondence, newsletters, etc.), 1946-1963
Folder 2 Ripon College Alumni Assoc./Harley Barber Prize fund correspondence, 1950; 1957-1958; 1960-1964
Folder 3 Ripon College, Doctor of Science degree, 1951 June
Subseries B. WFM personal and family materials, 1866-1967 Boxes 26-31
Includes records from WFM's parents and grandparents, newspaper clippings, employment documents, personal memorabilia, financial documents and tax returns, obituaries and biographies, and diaries. WFM kept diaries for most of his life, as well as a catalog of his books, and an index to his films (see Related Materials).
Box 26 Folder 4 Family records, 1866-1961
Folder 5 Family letters from Germany, to Bertha Meggers, 1884-1898
Folder 6 Misc. personal papers (cards, stationery, announcements, medical notes), 1910-1963
Folder 7 Civil Service exam notes, 1912
Folder 8 Newspaper clippings (photocopies), 1916-1963; undated
Folder 9 Misc. employment documents, 1917-1918
Folder 10 Federal and local tax returns, 1918; 1921-1940
Folder 11 Correspondence re: leases; misc. financial documents, 1918-1939
Folder 12 Stock certificates, 1919-1930
Box 27 Folder 1 Theater programs, misc. printed material, 1921-1936, undated
Folder 2 Correspondence re: 2906 Brandywine, Wash. DC, 1924-1941
Folder 3 Specifications for home at 2906 Brandywine, Wash. DC, ca. 1926
Folder 4 Life insurance documents, 1935; 1944; 1946
Folder 5 Meggers family, featured in Washington Post Sunday section, 1941 Feb. 23
Folder 6 Meggers museum article, 1942 Sept. 20
Folder 7 Profile from "Arcs and Sparks" with letters, 1962-1963
Folder 8 Eight-cent Albert Einstein stamp, first day of issue, 1966 March 14
Folder 9 Obituaries, 1966-1967
Folder 10 Posthumous biographical encyclopedia entries, 1967
Folder 11 Autobiographies, publications, personal histories, biographies, undated
Box 28 Diaries, account books, address books, 1898-1924
Contains entries of ERM for Jan-Feb 1922.
Box 29 Diaries, notebooks, travel diaries, 1926-1958
Box 30 Folders 1-9 Diaries, notebooks, travel diaries, 1958-1966
Folders 10-13 Other personal documents (bibliography and library cards, passports, vaccine certificates), 1935-1963, undated
Folders 14-15 Music books, 1900, 1905
Folder 16 Private library catalog, undated
Folder 17 Index to 16mm films, Nos. 1-51 (B/W, 1927-1935); Nos. 52-82 (Kodachrome, 1935-1950) [also has notes on investments, 1920-29], 1927-1950
Folder 18 Index to 16mm films, Nos. 83-110 (Kodachrome), 1952-1957
Subseries C. Articles about WFM, 1923-1970 Box 31
Contains magazine and newsletter articles about WFM or published photographs of WFM.
Box 80 Folder 2 Scientific American (oversize), 1923 Oct.
Box 31 Folder 1 The National Spectator, 1926 Jan. 16
Folder 2 Science News Letter, 1931 June 13
Folder 3 Chemistry, 1948 Feb.
Folder 4 Surplus Record, 1948 April
Folder 5 Ripon Alumnus, 1948 June
Folder 6 The Science Counselor (by WFM), 1948 June
Folder 7 Scientific American (by WFM), 1948 Aug.
Folder 8 The Scientific Monthly, 1948 Oct.
Folder 9 Newsweek, 1948 Nov. 29
Folder 10 Newsweek, 1948 Dec. 22
Folder 11 Science Illustrated, 1948 Dec.
Folder 12 Newsweek, 1951 May 28
Folder 13 Product Engineering, 1951 May
Folder 14 General Electric Review, 1951 Nov.
Folder 15 Standardization, 1951 Nov.
Folder 16 The National Geographic, 1951 Dec.
Box 80 Folder 3 Life Magazine (oversize), 1952 Jan. 28
Folder 4 Life Magazine (oversize), 1952 Feb. 18
Box 31 Folder 17 Mesures et Controle Industriel (France), 1952 March
Box 80 Folder 5 la Codorniz (Spain) (oversize), 1952 Sept. 21
Box 31 Folder 18 Howe & French Announcer of Scientific Equipment, 1952
Folder 19 Changing America (book) by Andreas Feininger (autograph copy), 1955
Folder 20 The Spex Speaker, 1959 Dec.
Box 80 Folder 6 Saturday Evening Post (oversize), 1960 Sept. 10
Box 31 Folder 21 Science World, 1961 Feb. 1
Folder 22 Arcs & Sparks, 1962 Oct.
Folder 23 Arcs & Sparks, 1963 March
Folder 24 The Physics Teacher, 1964 October
Folder 25 JOSA Vol. 57, No. 3 (obituary), 1967 March
Folder 26 Physics & Chemistry Vol. 71A, No. 6 (memorial issue), 1967 Nov.-Dec.
Folder 27 Sky and Telescope (moon crater named for WFM), 1970 Nov.
Subseries D. Edith Raddant Meggers, 1906-1973 Boxes 32-33
This subseries consists of correspondence addressed only to Edith Marie Raddant Meggers, as well as her diaries as a young woman until her marriage. Also included are biographical and family materials for the Raddant family, and materials from her career before marriage. She was born in Wisconsin, her family remaining in the town of Shawano. She worked at NBS as a secretary when she met her future husband. Included is correspondence from WFM dating from before their marriage, as well as letters he sent while traveling. One diary with ERM's name was moved to WFM's diaries (see Series II, Box 28, 1922).
Box Oversize Folder 2 Diplomas, certificates, ephemera, etc. (oversize), 1906-1961; undated
Box 32 Folder 1 Correspondence, 1915-1919
Folder 2 Correspondence, 1920-1923
Folder 3 Correspondence, 1924-1929
Folder 4 Correspondence, 1930-1939
Folder 5 Correspondence, 1940-1945
Folder 6 Correspondence (missing 1946-1947), 1948-1949
Folder 7 Correspondence, 1950-1959
Folder 8 Correspondence, 1960-1973
Folder 9 Posthumous condolence letters on ERM's death, 1973
Box 33 Folder 1 Carl Raddant Sr. account books, 1897-1899; 1919-1921
Folder 2 School report cards, 1906-1908
Folder 3 Biographical materials, 1911, 1914, 1958, undated
Folder 4 Professional documents, 1917-1957
Folder 5 Examinations in law from LaSalle Ext. University, 1918-1921
Folder 6 Carl Raddant Sr. biographical materials, 1942-1945, undated
Folder 7 Raddant family biographical materials, 1953-1972; undated
Folder 8 Certificates, honors, awards, misc., 1954-1972
Folder 9 Diary, 1914 Jan.-June
Folder 10 Diary, 1914 Oct.-Dec.
Folder 11 Diary, 1914 Dec.
Folder 12 Diary, 1914 June-1915 April
Folder 13 Diary, 1915 Apr.-June
Folder 14 Diary, 1915 June-Aug.
Folder 15 Diary, 1915
Folder 16 Diary, 1920
Folder 17 Diary, 1921
Series III. Professional Affiliations, 1919-1967 Boxes 34-40 (7 manuscript boxes)
Includes meeting materials, reports, correspondence, programs, memoranda, manuscripts, proposals, and committee materials to or from individuals/organizations related to Meggers' work and interests in spectroscopy and related fields. Arranged chronologically if not otherwise noted.
Subseries A. Organizations, 1919-1967 Boxes 34-39
Meggers belonged to or worked with a broad variety of national and international organizations. Included in these are the American Institute of Physics, Atomic Energy Commission and Argonne National Laboratory, for whom he consulted, producing reports on Uranium spectrum analysis and other spectroscopic research, the National Research Council, the International Astronomical Union (IAU), and the Optical Society of America (OSA). Includes founding documents, by-laws, mailings, newsletters. For related materials, see Series V, Writings and Research Materials, and Series VI, Scrapbooks and Ephemera. Arranged alphabetically by organization name and chronologically therein.
Box 34 Folder 1 American Astronomical Society, meeting programs, 1922, 1936
Folder 2 American Institute of Physics (AIP) Trust Fund contributors (Meggers Trust Fund), 1966-1967
Folder 3 AIP, 1951-1952
Folder 4 AIP, 1953-1954
Folder 5 AIP, 1955
Folder 6 AIP, 1956
Folder 7 AIP, 1957
Folder 8 AIP, 1958
Folder 9 American Physical Society (APS), 1915-1963
Folder 10 APS Committee on Ruled Gratings, 1924-1940
Folder 11 Argonne National Laboratory, 1960-1964
Folder 12 Assay Commission, 1928
Folder 13 Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), 1946-1956
Folder 14 AEC monthly reports on uranium spectrum analysis, etc., 1947 April-1950 June
Box 35 Folder 1 International Astronomical Union (IAU), 1919-1921
Folder 2 IAU, 1922, undated
Folder 3 IAU, 1923-1924; 1927-1929
Folder 4 IAU, 1932; 1935; 1937-1938
Folder 5 IAU, 1946-1948
Folder 6 IAU, 1949-1952
Box 36 Folder 1 IAU, 1953-1955; 1958-1959; 1965-1966; undated
Box 81 Folder 2 IAU meeting, Moscow; 7th Annual Colloquium on Spectroscopy, Liege, Belgium (oversize), 1958
Box 36 Folder 2 International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU), 1951-1965
Folder 3 International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP)-IAU Joint Commission for Spectroscopy, 1949-1952
Folder 4 IUPAP-IAU Joint Commission for Spectroscopy, 1953
Folder 5 IUPAP-IAU Joint Commission for Spectroscopy, 1954
Folder 6 IUPAP-IAU Joint Commission for Spectroscopy, 1955
Folder 7 IUPAP-IAU Joint Commission for Spectroscopy, 1956
Box 37 Folder 1 IUPAP-IAU Joint Commission for Spectroscopy, 1957
Folder 2 IUPAP-IAU Joint Commission for Spectroscopy, 1958
Folder 3 IUPAP-IAU Joint Commission for Spectroscopy, 1959
Folder 4 IUPAP-IAU Joint Commission for Spectroscopy, Transactions (annual meeting minutes), 1952, 1954
Folder 5 National Academy of Sciences, 1919-1954
Folder 6 National Academy of Sciences, 1957-1958
Folder 7 National Research Council (NRC) -- Committee on Line Spectra, 1925-1926; 1940
Folder 8 NRC -- Committee on Line Spectra, 1948-1953
Folder 9 NRC -- Committee on Line Spectra, 1954-1955
Box 38 Folder 1 NRC -- Committee on Line Spectra, 1956-1961, undated
Folder 2 Other Spectra Commissions' Reports, 1950; 1961
Folder 3 Optical Society of America (OSA): Physical optics, Report of Progress Committee; Yearbook, 1925-1927; 1928
Folder 4 OSA, 1928-1940; 1942
Folder 5 OSA, 1945-1949
Folder 6 OSA, 1950 Jan.-June
Folder 7 OSA, 1950 July-Dec.
Folder 8 OSA, 1951 Jan.-June
Box 39 Folder 1 OSA, 1951 July-Dec.
Folder 2 OSA, 1952-1954
Folder 3 OSA, 1955-1956; 1958-1959
Folder 4 OSA, 1960
Folder 5 OSA, 1961 Jan.-June
Folder 6 OSA, 1961 July-Oct.
Folder 7 OSA, 1962-1966
Folder 8 Ripon Lodge (Masonic), 1913-1935
Subseries B. Spectroscopy meetings, 1933-1963 Boxes 39-40
Includes programs, correspondence, agendas, etc. for various symposia, conferences and colloquia relating specifically to spectroscopy. Arranged chronologically.
Box 39 Folder 9 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Conference on Spectroscopy, 1933-1941
Folder 10 Spectroscopy Symposium (Oak Ridge, TN), 1949
Folder 11 Rydberg Centennial Conference (Lund, Sweden), 1954
Box 40 Folder 1 Southeastern Seminar on Spectroscopy, 1955-1956
Folder 2 Seventh International Colloquium on Spectroscopy (Liege, Belgium), 1958
Folder 3 Eastern Analytical Symposium (Speech on Peace), 1959
Folder 4 Atomic Spectroscopy Symposium (Argonne, IL), 1961
Folder 5 Other spectroscopy meetings, 1952-1963
Subseries C. Awards, 1953-1958 Box 40
Box 40 Folder 7 Franklin Institute Medal Day, 1953 Oct.
Folder 8 Cresson Medal correspondence, 1953-1954
Folder 9 Nomination materials for "The Atoms for Peace Award", 1958
Series IV. National Bureau of Standards, 1913-1966 Boxes 40-43 (4 manuscript boxes)
Only documents of obvious NBS administrative origin or destination are included here. While most if not all of Meggers' research took place within the parameters of his work at NBS, the research materials and manuscripts are in a separate series (see Series V, Writings and Research Materials). Most of the correspondence concerns photographic plate sensitizing work he began in 1917 for application to spectroscopy, and much is with the Eastman Kodak company. The Spectroscopy Section reports are monthly, quarterly, and/or annual reports on research activities of the section. Arranged chronologically.
Box 40 Folder 10 Spectroscopy section reports, 1913-1918
Folder 11 Education committee; course materials, 1914-1921
Folder 12 Reports, 1914-1957; undated
Folder 13 Memoranda; circular letters; newsletters; administrative bulletins, 1914-1959
Folder 14 Entertainment committee and orchestra, 1915-1922
Box 41 Folder 1 Manuscripts for staff meeting talks, ca. 1915-1938; undated
Folder 2 Travel reports and vouchers, 1915-1948.
Consists of manuscript and typescript descriptions detailing the purposes and results of WFM's research trips.
Folder 3 Misc. receipts, price quotes, budgets, 1915-1960
Folder 4 Correspondence, 1916-1919.
Documents aerial photographic research flights out of Bolling Airfield; includes a preliminary edition of the "Circular on Color Sensitive Photographic Plates."
Folder 5 Physics club, 1916-1925
Folder 6 Misc. documents, 1916-1962; undated.
Includes declassified World War II-era reports from the Metallurgical Laboratory.
Folder 7 Spectroscopy section reports, 1919-1923
Folder 8 Spectroscopy division personnel, salaries and reviews, 1919-1959
Folder 9 Misc. publications, 1919-1965
Folder 10 Reports and correspondence, 1920-1923.
Mostly on sensitizing photographic plates for recording spectra.
Folder 11 Exhibits committee, 1922-1926
Folder 12 Programs for honors and awards dinners and parties, 1920-1951
Folder 13 Spectroscopy section reports, 1923-1927
Box 42 Folder 1 Correspondence, 1927-1928; 1931-1933
Folder 2 Spectroscopy section reports, 1928-1935
Folder 3 Research authorizations and related materials, ca. 1928-1946; undated
Folder 4 Technical News Bulletin (incomplete), 1931-1964
Folder 5 Spectroscopy section reports, 1936-1942
Folder 6 Correspondence, 1935-1936; 1943-1944; undated
Folder 7 Project proposals, 1941
Folder 8 Spectroscopy section reports, 1943-1960
Folder 9 Outline for NBS Handbook of Physical Measurements, 1947 Jan.
Folder 10 Technical Report 1165: Light wave of mercury 198 as the ultimate standard of length, ca. 1947
Box 43 Folder 1 Program review data, 1949, 1953-1954
Folder 2 Mercury lamp drawings, 1951
Folder 3 Misc. reports and papers of Spectroscopy Section, 1951-1960, undated
Folder 4 Humphreys, Curtis J. -- Navy Award for Distinguished Achievement in Science. Materials for nomination (mostly photocopies), 1951-1962
Folder 5 Weeks-Astin Affair, 1953-1955
Folder 6 Retirement of WFM; notes for speech and other materials, 1958
Folder 7 Publications announcements, 1958-1962
Folder 8 Monograph 17: New description of thorium spectra, 1960 June
Folder 9 Lines/levels (spectroscopy code written by Walter Lipton), 1966 Aug.
Folder 10 NBS Untitled report on its functions (reproduced typescript; contains photos), undated
Series V. Writings and Research Materials, 1895-1967. Boxes 43-55 (11 manuscript boxes; 2 flat clamshell boxes)
Contains correspondence and other materials about particular projects, articles, etc. kept together as found but transferred to folders. Some original order has been lost; documents with no obvious relationships were moved to more relevant series, or to folders containing materials on specific research subjects, such as the mercury lamp which Meggers developed at NBS.
Subseries A. Writings and correspondence, 1895-1964 Boxes 43-45
Writings by others are typescripts with annotations. Includes manuscripts by Charlotte Moore, Arthur S. King, G. Racah, and Henry Norris Russell. Includes manuscripts for talks and speeches given by WFM. See also manuscripts of talks given at NBS staff meetings in Series IV. Arranged chronologically.
Box 43 Folder 11 C. P. Snyder, "The New Cosmology" and supporting graphics, 1895
Folder 12 N. Ernest Dorsey to H. A. Rowland, 1899-1900
Folder 13 Charles Porter Snyder correspondence, 1899-1901
Folder 14 N. E. Dorsey to C. P. Snyder, 1900-1901
Box 80 Folder 7 List of values to be used in the preliminary representation of the "Wave number system of rhodium" (for N.E. Dorsey) by H. Kayser and H. A. Rowland (oversize), 1901
Box 43 Folder 15 Manuscripts and typescripts by WFM, 1916-1933
Folder 16 "W. F. Meggers - Doodles, etc." (from envelope labeled by WFM), 1918-1956; undated
Folder 17 Correspondence, contract, proof for article in the Dictionary of Applied Physics, 1920-1921
Box 44 Folder 1 Correspondence with H. N. Russell on spectroscopic research, 1923-1932
Folder 2 Notes and manuscripts for talks, speeches, etc., ca. 1925-1964; undated
Folder 3 Correspondence re: Charles Porter Snyder and his paper "Wave number system of rhodium,", 1926-1958
Folder 4 "Band spectra of scandium-, yttrium-, and lanthanum monoxides" correspondence and typescripts, 1930
Folder 5 Correspondence, typescripts and manuscripts of WFM bibliographies, 1930-1958
Folder 6 Manuscripts and typescripts by WFM, 1936-1947
Folder 7 Reviews by WFM, 1939-ca. 1965
Folder 8 Correspondence with H. N. Russell on spectroscopic research, 1943; 1946-1947
Folder 9 Correspondence, outlines, notes for volume "Analytical Emission Spectroscopy,", 1945; 1951
Folder 10 Correspondence, typescripts for Encyclopedia Britannica, 1945-1952
Folder 11 Correspondence re: manuscripts, books, reviews, 1946-1955; 1961
Folder 12 Correspondence, drawings, proofs for Encyclopedia Britannica, 1947-1952
Box 45 Folder 1 Manuscripts and typescripts by WFM, 1952-1964
Folder 2 "Wavelengths from Thorium-Halide Lamps" (manuscripts and correspondence), 1957-1958
Folder 3 Correspondence, manuscripts for McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, 1958-1959; 1963
Folder 4 Correspondence with American People's Encyclopedia re: article "Spectrum" (inc. manuscripts), 1959
Folder 5 Correspondence, manuscripts, typescripts, diagrams, proofs for article in "The Physics Teacher,", 1964
Folder 6 History of spectroscopy (typescript), undated
Folder 7 Manuscripts and typescripts by WFM, undated
Folder 8 Manuscripts and typescripts by others (annotated), undated
Folder 9 Notes on letters, articles, calculations, drawings, undated
Folder 10 Research diagrams and writings, undated
Subseries B. Biographical writings, 1921-1966 Box 46
WFM was asked to write biographies of some of the scientists he knew. He also collected photographs and autographs of Nobel prize winners in physics (see the American Institute of Physics Meggers Gallery of Nobel Laureates). Arranged alphabetically by name and chronologically therein.
Box 46 Folder 1 William W. Coblentz biographical memoir materials, 1962; undated
Folder 2 Coblentz biographical memoir manuscript, undated
Folder 3 Coblentz Society materials for biographical memoir, 1954-1964
Folder 4 W. W. Coblentz biographical memoir materials, 1964-1966
Folder 5 Henry Crew biographical materials from National Academy of Sciences, 1943-1955
Folder 6 Correspondence re: biography of Henry Crew, 1961
Folder 7 Correspondence re: biography of Henry Crew, 1962-1964
Folder 8 Autobiography of Heinrich Kayser (in German, with short biography of Kayser by G. Herzberg), 1936; undated
Folder 9 Correspondence re: H. Kayser autobiography, 1949-1963
Folder 10 Biographical materials, misc., 1941; 1957; undated
Folder 11 Letters about photos of physicists, 1921-1942
Folder 12 Misc. regarding photos and biographies of physicists, undated
Subseries C. Reprints by WFM, 1917-1967 Box 47
Arranged chronologically.
Box 47 Folder 1 Reprints, 1917-1919
Folder 2 Reprints, 1920
Folder 3 Reprints, 1921-1923
Folder 4 Reprints, 1924
Folder 5 Reprints, 1925
Folder 6 Reprints, 1926
Folder 7 Reprints, 1927-1928
Folder 8 Reprints, etc., 1930-1949
Folder 9 Reprints, etc., 1950-1959
Folder 10 Reprints, etc., 1960-1967; undated
Subseries D. Analyses of atomic spectra, 1918-1962 Boxes 47-50
Includes manuscripts and typescripts, correspondence, data, graphs, tables. Arranged alphabetically by element name and chronologically therein.
Box 47 Folder 11 Actinium, 1950-1956
Folder 12 Antimony -- correspondence, calculations, 1942
Folder 13 Cerium wavelength tables, undated
Folder 14 Columbium -- correspondence, calculations, 1941
Box 48 Folder 1 Hafnium energy level tables, 1966
Folder 2 Iron, 1950-1952
Folder 3 Iron, 1953
Folder 4 Iridium wavelength tables, undated
Folder 5 Lanthanum I, II tables, undated
Folder 6 Lutecium I, II, 1930, 1935, 1937, 1954
Folder 7 Mercury 198 and universal standard of length, 1948-1950
Folder 8 Mercury 198 and universal standard of length, 1951
Folder 9 Mercury 198 and universal standard of length, 1952
Folder 10 Mercury 198 and universal standard of length, 1953-1955
Box 49 Folder 1 Mercury 198 and universal standard of length, 1956-1959
Folder 2 Osmium tables, undated
Folder 3 Palladium tables, undated
Folder 4 Promethium, 1949-1950
Folder 5 Rhenium (correspondence and manuscripts), 1931; undated
Folder 6 Rhenium data, ca. 1931
Folder 7 Rhenium, 1955-1957
Folder 8 Ruthenium (correspondence, typescripts, tables), 1929-1958; undated
Folder 9 Technetium, 1948-1955
Folder 10 Thorium, 1964
Box 50 Folder 1 Uranium, 1965-1966
Folder 2 Ytterbium, 1932-1935; undated
Folder 3 Ytterbium, 1936-1962; undated
Folder 4 A Description of Ytterbium Spectra (manuscript), 1959-1961; undated
Folder 5 Rare earth elements for spectroscopic investigations, 1918-1942
Folder 6 Standard wavelengths, 1941; 1948-1949
Folder 7 Misc. wavelength tables, undated
Folder 8 Partial spectra of uranium in silver on copper, undated
Folder 9 Partial spectra of IZ elements, undated
Box 80 Folder 8 Graphs and values; computer printouts (oversize), undated
Subseries E. Welch Periodic Chart of the Atoms, 1940-1967 Boxes 51-53
Contains correspondence with the Welch Scientific Co. regarding WFM's revisions of the Periodic Chart of the Elements. Correspondents include M. M. Welch, and Glenn M. Hobbs (of Welch Co.). Arranged chronologically.
Box 51 Folder 1 Welch Periodic Chart, 1940
Folder 2 Welch Periodic Chart, 1941
Folder 3 Welch Periodic Chart, 1945-1946
Folder 4 Welch Periodic Chart, 1947
Folder 5 Welch Periodic Chart, 1947-1948
Folder 6 Welch Periodic Chart, 1949
Folder 7 Welch Periodic Chart, 1950
Box 52 Folder 1 Welch Periodic Chart, 1951-1952
Folder 2 Welch Periodic Chart, 1953
Folder 3 Welch Periodic Chart, 1954
Folder 4 Welch Periodic Chart, 1955-1957
Folder 5 Welch Periodic Chart, 1957-1958
Folder 6 Welch Periodic Chart, 1959
Folder 7 Welch Periodic Chart, 1960-1962
Folder 8 Welch Periodic Chart (final copies), 1959-1965
Box 53 Folder 1 Welch Periodic Chart (WFM revisions), 1963
Folder 2 Welch Periodic Chart, 1963
Folder 3 Welch Periodic Chart, correspondence, 1964-1967
Box 81 Folder 1 Welch Periodic Chart (oversize), undated
Oversize box 1 Folder 1 Welch Periodic Chart, 1941
Folder 2 Welch Periodic Charts, 1934, 1941, 1947
Folder 3 Welch Periodic Chart, 1956
Folder 4 Welch Periodic Chart, 1953
Oversize box 2 Folder 1 Welch Periodic Chart, 1959
Folder 2 Welch Periodic Chart and booklet, 1965
Folder 3 Welch Periodic Chart, 1950
Folder 4 Welch Periodic Chart, 1963
Oversize box 3 Folder 1 Welch Nuclear transmutation chart, 1940
Folder 2 Welch Chart of electromagnetic radiation, 1944
Folder 3 Welch Spectrum chart, 1941
Subseries F. Other Projects, 1909-1963 Boxes 53-55
Includes materials relating to his work in developing photographic emulsions for infrared photography used in aerial reconnaissance; the "Chart of Electromagnetic Radiations"; the mercury lamp and wavelength photographs; and other photographs. Subjects of photographs (most ca. 1918-1919) include: Washington DC monuments (Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson), buildings (Capitol, White House, Library of Congress, Union Station), neighborhoods, Navy Yard; countryside estates, other buildings and locations (Camp Perry, Bolling Airfield); racetracks; Cleveland; rivers and floods; biplanes and crashes; victims of crashes. Also includes unsolicited "crank" scientific theories he received.
Box 53 Folder 4 "The Photo Miniature" magazine, 1909; 1916
Folder 5 Correspondence, manuscripts, typescripts, charts for "A Key to the Chart of Electromagnetic Radiations,", 1961 Mar-April
Folder 6 Correspondence, manuscripts, charts for "A Key to the Chart of Electromagnetic Radiations,", 1961 Aug.-1963
Box 80 Folder 9 Mock-up for Chart of Electromagnetic Radiations (oversize), ca. 1963
Box 53 Folder 7 Typescripts, diagrams, reprints for "A Key to the Chart of Electromagnetic Radiations,", undated
Folder 8 Mercury lamp photographs, undated
Folder 9 Misc. wavelength prints (photographic), undated
Folder 10 Misc. photos, undated
Box 54 "Photographic Researches" (bound report), 1919
Box 55 Folder 1 "Photographic Researches" (extra prints), ca. 1919
Folder 2 "Photographic Researches" (extra prints), ca. 1919
Folder 3 "Photographic Researches" (extra prints), ca. 1919
Folder 4 "Photographic Researches" (extra prints), ca. 1919
Folder 5 "Photographic Researches" (extra prints), ca. 1919
Box Oversize Folder 5 "Insane science" and crank submissions (oversize), 1955-1958, undated
Series VI. Scrapbooks and ephemera, 1898-1973 Boxes 56-68 (13 flat clamshell boxes)
WFM started a lifelong practice of taking photographs as a young man, mounting them in scrapbooks. He progressed to home movies later on (see related collection, "Home movies of William Meggers" in the Niels Bohr Library). He also documented his professional and personal travels and meetings in scrapbooks. The later scrapbooks contain ticket stubs, menus, photographs, currency, clippings, programs and letters. Some of the scrapbooks contain materials that relate to documents in Series III, Professional Affiliations, specifically some of the European meetings. Ephemera unrelated to other materials are included in this series. Arranged chronologically.
During initial processing in the 1970s, some of the scrapbooks were disassembled and the original page order was lost. During the final processing (1998-2004), some bindings in very bad condition were removed and the materials were separated from black paper backing but kept in order in acid-free folders. The scrapbooks in better condition remain intact.
Box Oversize Folder 4 Ephemera (personal) (oversize), undated
Box 80 Folder 10 Ephemera (cartoons, broadsides, programs, advertisements, etc.) (oversize), ca. 1898; undated
Scrapbook I. Photos from Ripon College, WI, etc., ca. 1907-1912
Subjects include college sports, campus scenes, student life, and special events. Also includes scenes of other places in Wisconsin, including Madison, the Wisconsin Delles, Green Lake, and railroad sites. Photos were removed from scrapbook pages in the 1970s and have been sleeved individually and organized by subject.
Box 56 Folder 1 Ripon, WI scenes of college and town, ca. 1907-1912
Folder 2 Ripon College scenes of special events, ca. 1907-1912
Folder 3 Ripon College scenes of special events, ca. 1907-1912
Folder 4 Ripon College classrooms, labs, dorm rooms (interiors), ca. 1907-1912
Folder 5 Ripon College sports events, ca. 1907-1912
Folder 6 Clintonville, WI town scenes; home and family, ca. 1907-1912
Folder 7 Photos of people (students, friends, workers), ca. 1907-1912
Folder 8 Photos of people (students, friends, workers), ca. 1907-1912
Folder 9 University of Wisconsin (Madison) and other locations, ca. 1907-1912
Folder 10 Scenes in Wisconsin; railroads, scenic spots, harbors, ships, laborers, war veterans, ca. 1907-1912
Folder 11 Science and experimental photos (x-rays, astronomical events), ca. 1907-1912
Scrapbook II. Photos, ca. 1909-1911
Includes photos of Ripon College campus scenes; football heroes; labs and x-ray photos; prom decorations; sports; events; Madison, WI, 1911; Milwaukee harbor and town views; family and home; farming; Clintonville 4th of July 1911 parade; Ripon buildings, factories, town events; railroad workers; birthplace of the Republican Party; Tour of the west, 1911; Chicago; University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana; University of Chicago; sports events in Chicago. Pages were numbered and remain in original order.
Box 57 Folder 1 Pages 1-28, ca. 1909-1911
Folder 2 Pages 29-66, ca. 1909-1911
Folder 3 Pages 67-100 and separated photos, ca. 1909-1911
Scrapbook III. Photos, ca. 1911-1913
University of Wisconsin sports, buildings, labs, events; Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh buildings and sites; Pittsburgh flood of 1913; early science photos; summer job at Lake Okoboji, Iowa; Madison, WI; other midwest travel; trip to New York city. In the 1970s many photos were removed from the original pages and notations were transferred to back of photos with ink. Some of the photos were trimmed to remove residue from album pages, and some tears were repaired with scotch tape during this time. Original order was lost.
Box 58 Folder 1 & 2 Photos removed from pages, ca. 1911-1913.
Ripon College campus scenes; labs and classrooms; sports; Glee Club; Madison WI campus scenes, capitol, classmates; Family, Shawano Lake, Ralph M. Young.
Folder 3 Photos, ca. 1911-1913.
Solar spectra; microphotographs, weather; Pittsburgh; Lake Okoboji; Iowa; Carnegie Institute (1913); HJ Heinz Industries; floods, 1913.
Folder 4 Photos, ca. 1911-1913.
University of Wisconsin sports, student groups, buildings, events, band, drills, ca. 1912.
Folder 5 Photos, ca. 1911-1913.
Friends; University of Wisconsin physics staff, 1911-1912; New York City and environs.
Scrapbook IV. Photos, ca. 1914-1918
Subjects of photographs include family and friends in Wisconsin; the cities of Washington D.C., Baltimore, Pittsburgh and New York; Edison Labs in New Jersey; Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh; Yellowstone Park; and experimental photographs. In the 1970s pages were unnumbered and removed from scrapbook, destroying their original order.
Box 59 Folder 1 Photos, ca. 1914-1918.
Family and friends; Clintonville and Aniwa, WI.
Folder 2 Photos, ca. 1914-1918.
Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD; diplomas; early residences; War parade
Folder 3 Photos, ca. 1914-1918.
New York; Washington DC, 1914; NBS; Pete's farm (WI); Edison labs, NJ
Folder 4 Photos, ca. 1914-1918.
Yellowstone Park; Pittsburgh; Carnegie Institute of Technology.
Folder 5 Photos, ca. 1914-1918.
Microphotographs and spectra photographs; astronomy photographs.
Scrapbook V. Photos, ca. 1915-1921
Subjects include family, friends, travels and work, as well as interesting sites seen along the way. Most are stereo prints.
Box 60 Folder 1 Photos, ca. 1915-1921.
Washington DC zoo; Madison, WI; Bolling Airfield; friends; home in WI; NBS lab portraits; Allegheny Observatory; Edison Labs, NJ; New York city; John Brashear at Pittsburgh.
Folder 2 Photos, ca. 1915-1921.
Home; friends; Colorado; Ripon, WI; Wisconsin Delles; Wolf River; Raddant family; ship launching and christening of the American Emergency Fleet; Armistice Day and Victory Parade (showing Woodrow Wilson walking in parade), Washington DC, 1919.
Folder 3 Photos, ca. 1915-1921.
Porter spectrograph; Harvard Observatory and AAS meeting, 1919; Allegheny Observatory (Thaw Telescope Reflector); family visit; Wilson's Inauguration.
Folder 4 Photos, ca. 1915-1921.
Inauguration; GAR Parade, 1916; NBS symphony orchestra, 1918; NBS Optical Instruments Section, 1918; Interstate Club, 1918.
Folder 5 Photos, ca. 1915-1921.
Raddant family; Edith; friends; Haslup girls, Laurel. Includes enlargements of earlier photographs.
Scrapbook VI. Travels, 1915, 1921
Box 61 Folder 1 Trip to U.S. West, 1915.
Lick Observatory and telescopes; Pacific Exposition; Grand Canyon.
Folder 2 Trip to Europe with Edith, 1921.
Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, England.
Folder 3 Trip to Europe with Edith (some U.S. West, 1915), 1921.
During this trip WFM visited family and European physicists, notably Arnold Sommerfeld.
Scrapbook VII. European Research Trip, 1920-1921
The purpose of this trip was to learn the status of research work being done in the fields of spectroscopy, photography and optics. Contents cover trip to England, Germany and France in August 1927, including receipts, ticket stubs, tour books, maps, notes, documents, menus, and clippings.
Box 62 Folder 1 Scrapbook pages, 1920-1921.
Passports; clippings; Cunard Line documents; tour books; ticket stubs pages (photocopies); programs.
Folder 2 Scrapbook pages, 1920-1921.
Copies of letters; clippings (photocopies); tour books; documents.
Folder 3 Scrapbook pages, 1920-1921.
Scrapbook VIII. Trip to Europe, August-September 1927
Trip to England, Germany, France and Holland in Aug. 1927 on the White Star Line RMS Majestic; returning on the SS Minnesota. Visits to various scientific institutions doing similar work. Includes receipts; ticket stubs; tour books; maps; notes and documents; menus; clippings; photographs. Pages were removed from binding and interleaved with acid-free paper but remain in original order.
Box 63 Folder 1 Maps, itinerary, programs, ship plans and logs, passenger list, brochures, ticket stubs, 1927.
Folder 2 Receipts, programs, postcards, letters, 1927.
Folder 3 Receipts, ship plans, passenger list, menus, ship logs, business cards, clippings, 1927.
Folder 4 Photos from trip, 1927.
Scrapbook IX. Trip to Europe, June-July, 1928
Trip to Germany, Netherlands, England in June 1928 with Bertha Monty on SS Republic, returning on SS Leviathan. Delegate for NAS to IAU meeting in Leiden in July; also attended International Congress of Photography, London, in July. Includes programs; menus; postcards; documents; receipts; ticket stubs; maps; tour books; clippings; passport; photographs. Pages were removed from binding and interleaved with acid-free paper but remain in original order.
Box 63 Folder 5 Maps, sailing schedule, itinerary, ship plan, menus, passenger list, ship log, receipts, 1928.
Folder 6 Receipts, tourist maps, ticket stubs, letters, 1928.
Folder 7 IAU program, notices, group photo, tour book of London, notice of ICP talk, 1928.
Folder 8 ICP program, ships notices, ship plan, passenger list, ship log, clippings, menus, map, passport, 1928.
Folder 9 Photos from trip, including noted astronomers, 1928
IAU Meeting, Stockholm, 1938
Box 64 Folder 1 Program; letters from Kayser, Sommerfeld, Paschen, de Bruin, 1938.
Folder 2 Brochures and maps of Amsterdam and Germany, 1938.
Folder 3 Brochures and maps of England, Switzerland, and Sweden, 1938.
Folder 4 Documents, brochures, tourist information, maps, telegrams, menus, ship cabin plans, 1938.
Folder 5 Misc. Scrapbook, ca. 1940s.
Personal items; clippings and photographs (copies); NBS; reprints; correspondence re: Mercury 198 as a standard of length, 1947.
IAU Meeting, Zurich, 1948
Box 65 Folder 1 Correspondence; travel documents; passport; American Overseas Airlines promotional materials, 1948.
Folder 2 Conference materials; tourist information; maps; brochures, 1948.
Folder 3 Conference materials; tourist information; maps; brochures; Swissair promotional materials, photos (copies), 1948.
IAU Meetings, 1952, 1955
Box 65 Folder 4 IAU Meeting, Rome, 1952.
Travel materials; conference materials, correspondence, news release..
Folder 5 IAU Meeting, Rome, 1952.
Box 66 Folder 1 IAU Meeting, Dublin, 1955.
Travel documents; tourist information; conference materials, ticket stubs, autographs, maps, receipts.
IAU and other meetings, 1958
Box 66 Folder 2 IAU Meeting, Moscow, 1958.
Travel documents; tourist information; conference materials, programs, receipts, itinerary, correspondence.
Folder 2 7th International Colloquium on Spectroscopy, Liege, Belgium, 1958
Folder 3 IAU Meeting, Moscow, 1958.
Brochures on atomic energy in USSR, UK, Scandinavia.
Folder 4 IAU Meeting, Moscow, 1958.
Photographs; postcards.
Retirement Scrapbook, 1958
Letters, photos, clippings, biography, articles, and memorabilia from career at NBS. Binder was red leatherette with gold border and gold name personalization. Some materials were added by WFM after. Letters are from colleagues both at NBS and elsewhere, including Harley Barber, Lyman Briggs, T. L. de Bruin, W. W. Coblentz, George R. Harrison, P. F. A. Klinkenberg, Julian Mack, K. W. Meissner, Paul W. Merrill, Allen Shenstone, Charlotte Moore Sitterly, C. A. Skinner, Lauriston S. Taylor, John A. Wheeler. Pages were removed from binder because of rusting hardware; letters were removed from plastic page protectors with only first page showing. Page order is preserved; acid-free inserts indicate page breaks.
Box 67 Folder 1 Retirement, 1958.
Certificate, photos, articles, clippings.
Folder 2 Retirement, 1958.
Letters from friends and colleagues.
Folder 3 Retirement, 1958.
Letters, photos, articles.
Pleasure travel, 1960, 1963
Box 67 Folder 4 Around the world cruise, 1960.
Photos, itinerary.
Folder 5 Mediterranean cruise, 1963.
Letters, photos, cruise ship program (Caronia).
Memorial Scrapbook, 1966-1973
Contains letters from friends; obituaries; memorial notices; biographical articles; commemorations; obituaries of WFM's friends and colleagues; Meggers Award materials.
Box 67 Folder 6 Memorial materials, 1966-1973.
Memorial program, biographical memoir, obituaries, OSA resolution, clippings, letters, photos.
Folder 7 Memorial materials, 1966-1973; undated.
Letters and telegrams.
Edith Raddant Scrapbook, ca. 1900-1920
These date from Edith's teens and early adulthood, and contain photographs and some documents. Pages remain in original order.
Box 68 Folder 1 Photos, ca. 1900-1915
Folder 2 Photos, ca. 1900-1915
Folder 3 Photos, ca. 1915-1920
Series VII. Photographs, ca. 1870-1965 Boxes 69-81 (1 manuscript box, 5 postcard boxes, 7 flat clamshell boxes)
WFM was an avid photographer his entire life. He recorded all his travels with pictures and movies. This series contains photographs that had been removed from scrapbooks and albums before the final processing was undertaken so their original placement is lost.
They have been organized by topic and then chronologically.
Box 69 Folder 1 Meggers family photographs, ca. 1870-1900
Folders 2 & 3 Personal photographs, ca. 1905-1958; undated.
Friends at Clintonville High School, 1906; Chauncy G. Peters, 1920 (NBS; best man at wedding); Francis M. Walters, Jr.; Gideon Apell, 1906; male quartet, 1906 (WFM, Albert Abrahamson, Art Larsen, Harvey Larsen); group at WFM's home, ca. 1929 with Humphries, Scribner, Kiess, Carroll, de Bruin, Donald Hubbard, WFM; Clintonville High School 25th class reunion, ca. 1931. Snapshots of Dr. Lucy Wilson, JHU, 1917; Pearl V. Olmstead, 1906; Emma Schauder, 1906; Gladys Branegan, Madison WI, 1912; Bess McElroy, Pittsburgh, 1913; Hazel Wassman, Aniwa WI, 1913; Clara Kuester, Clintonville WI, 1913.
Box 82 Panoramic photograph of NBS staff (oversize), 1916
Box 69 Folder 5 Meggers family photographs, ca. 1920-1965
Folder 6 Meggers relatives (Bork, Binder) in Germany, ca. 1930s
Folder 7 Misc. photographs of family and friends, ca. 1940s-1960s
Folder 8 South America trip; Washington DC, 1961
Box 70 Folder 1 Edith Raddant family photographs, ca. 1900-1920
Folder 2 International Astronomical Union trip (Sweden; Holland; Germany), 1938
Folder 3 International Astronomical Union trip (Sweden; Holland; Germany), 1938
Folder 4 International Astronomical Union trip (Zurich), 1948
Box 71 Folders 1-5 Aerial photographs, 1918-1919.
Subjects include Washington, DC; National Mall; White House; Capitol; Washington Monument; Library of Congress; Union Station; neighborhoods; Great Falls; Potomac River; clouds; biplane; NBS; see also Series V, Subseries F, Boxes 54-55.
Box 72 Folder 1 Observatories: Mt. Wilson, Mt. Hamilton (Lick Observatory), Allegheny Observatory, ca. 1920s-1930s.
Includes instruments used outside at Mt. Wilson; other astronomers and families; view of mountains. Some photos transferred to ESVA.
Folder 2 Astronomical and solar photographs, ca. 1920s-1930s
Folder 3 Interference fringes; Mercury 198, ca. 1920-1950
Folder 4 Graphical and tabular illustrations of data (photos), ca. 1925-1956
Folder 5 Graphical and tabular illustrations of data (negatives), ca. 1956
Box 73 Folder 1 Spectrographic prints, undated
Folder 2 Spectra photos, undated
Folder 3 Spectra photos, undated
Box 74 Folder 1 Spectra photos, mounted, undated
Folder 2 Spectra photos, mounted, undated
Folder 3 Spectra photos, mounted, undated
Box 75 Folder 1 Spectra photos, mounted, undated
Folder 2 Spectra photos, mounted, undated
Folder 3 Spectra photos, negatives, undated
Box 76 Research negatives, Oct. 1954-Dec. 1955
Box 77 Scrapbook photo negatives, 1913-1928
Box 78 Scrapbook photo negatives, 1930-1949
Box 79 Stereoscopic prints, ca. 1920s-1940s.
Mostly duplicates of photos in scrapbooks or earlier in series; some copies also in ESVA. Contains family photos (1920s-1940s); work and travel (1920s-1940s); aerial photos (1918-1919); others. Also includes stereoscopic viewing glasses.
Box 80 Lantern slides, 1906-1952.
Astronomy, 1906-1909 (14 slides); Washington DC and Pittsburgh, 1916-1917 (8 slides); Titian painting of Venus Couchee, ca. 1918 (1 slide); "Three-Color Analysis," ca. 1918 (1 slide); United Scientific Co. slides on physics (diagrams of instruments), ca. 1918 (7 slides); aerial photography, 1918 (2 slides); spectroscopy equipment, 1918 (2 slides); male nude, ca. 1918 (1 slide); battleship, test firing, 1919 (5 slides); "Famous Spectroscopists," from IAU 1938 (8 slides) [all are in ESVA]; Welch periodic table, 1947 edition (1 slide); spectroscopy equipment, 1952 (1 slide).
Box 81 Glass negatives, 1923; undated.
Spectra of various elements, ca. 1920s, undated; arc spectra; instruments; NBS.
Box Oversize Folder 3 Personal photographs (oversize), 1911-1970, undated.
University of Wisconsin concert band, 1911-1912; WFM on rim of Grand Canyon, ca. 1915; National Bureau of Standards (2 images), ca. 1916, undated; early spectroscope (?), ca. 1920; Mercury lamp rings, undated; Frederick J. Bates retirement dinner, 4 February 1947; Meggers lunar crater (2 images and a letter), ca. 1970.
Folder 6 Panoramic meeting photographs (oversize), 1916-1935.
American Physical Society, 1916; National Bureau of Standards personnel, 1920; International Astronomical Union, 1935; Spectroscopy Conference at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1933 (includes list of names in photo).
Folder 7 Oversize scrapbook pages (photographs), 1935.
Trip to physical institutes in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
Folder 8 Panoramic meeting photographs (oversize), 1920-1936, undated.
American Physical Society, 1920; Optical Society of America, 1928, 1934; International Astronomical Union, 1932; American Astronomical Society, 1936, undated.

Index to Correspondents

Correspondence with significant physicists is listed chronologically by date.

Ames, Joseph Sweetman, 1864-1943 -- 1916: May, July. 1918: March, September. 1919: March, April, July. 1920: October. 1921: December.
Burns, Keivin, 1881-1958 -- 1914: May. 1915: July. 1916: June, July. 1917: January, April, July, August, October, November, December. 1918: January, June, July, October, November, December. 1919: January, May, June, July, August, October, November. 1920: January, February, March, May, July, August, September, October, November. 1921: January, March, May, June, December. 1922: March, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. 1923: January, July, August, September, November, December. 1924: January, February, March, April, May, June, August, September, October, December. 1925: February, June, August, September, October, December. 1926: March, April, May, June, October. 1927: March, May June, October, December. 1928: February, March, May, June, September, December. 1929: May. 1931: October, November. 1932: June, August. 1933: February, August. 1934: July. 1935: September, May, June. 1936: September. 1937: January, March, June, July, August, December. 1938: June, July, October. 1939: February, April, June, July, August, October. 1940: January, February, May, July, November, December. 1941: July. 1948: July, Dec
Crew, Henry, 1859-1953 -- 1918: May. 1921: April. 1922: May. 1923: October. 1926: Feb. 1927: March. 1930: November. 1940: November, December. 1941: July. 1947: September. 1949: March, May, April. 1950: January, Feb. 1952: March, October
de Bruin, Taco L. -- 1928: May. 1929: January, February, July, August, October, December. 1931: October, November. 1932: September, October. 1934: December (Mrs. de Bruin). 1935: November. 1936: December. 1937: Feb. 1938: April, July, December. 1939: July. 1945: November. 1946: January, March, July, September, November. 1947: October. 1948: December. 1949: April. 1962: November (includes Nobel Laureate items from P. Lenard and M. von Laue written to P. Zeeman)
Fowler, A. (Alfred) -- 1919: June. 1920: July. 1921: December. 1925: September. 1939: July.
Harrison, George Russell, 1898- -- 1925: June, July. 1926: June. 1929: June. 1936: July. 1938: July, September. 1940: March, April, May, June, December. 1941: January, February, April, August. 1942: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, October. 1943: January, March, July, August, October, December. 1944: September, November. 1945: January, August, September, October, November. 1946: January, February, July, November. 1947: January, April, September, November. 1948: February, May, June, September, November. 1949: March, April, May, June, July, August, November, December. 1950: January, June, July, November. 1951: January, June. 1952: January, October, November, December. 1953: February, March, April, May, June, August. 1954: January, February, September. 1955: January, May, June, August. 1956: April, May, October. 1957: July, September. 1958: February, March, May, June. 1960: December. 1961: August, December. 1962: January, August. 1964: January, March, October, December. 1965: January, July, August.
Hutchisson, Elmer, 1902- -- 1958: December. 1959: February, May. 1960: January, February.
Kiess, Carl Clarence, 1887- -- 1918: January, March, April, May, July. 1919: July, August. 1920: August. 1921: August, September. 1923: July, October. 1925: July. 1928: June. 1929: June, July. 1931: August. 1933: August. 1935: July. 1936: August. 1937: May.
LaPorte, Otto, 1902- -- 1924: September. 1925: September. 1926: October, November. 1927: January, March, April, December. 1928: February, November. 1930: April, June. 1935: Jan. 1942: April.
Moore, Charlotte Emma, 1898- -- 1932: April. 1936: January, April. 1937: August, October. 1940: February. 1960: February. 1961: February, April. 1964: September.
Russell, Henry Norris, 1877-1957 -- 1924: June, November. 1925: January, February, May, June, October, December. 1926: May. 1927: January, February, March, October. 1928: September, October. 1930: June, August. 1932: January, June, July. 1945: April, May. 1962: on Humphreys and Navy Award, see Box 43, Folder 4.
Schlesinger, Frank, 1871-1943 -- 1918: April, May. 1919: June. 1920: January, July, August. 1921: November, December. 1926: February.
Shenstone, Allen Goodrich -- 1926: November. 1927: February, March, October. 1928: September, October, November. 1929: January, February, June. 1930: February. 1934: December. 1940: Feb. 1959: Jan. 1962: June.
Sommerfeld, Arnold, 1868-1951 -- 1922: May, June, November. 1923: May, November. 1925: January, February, June. 1928: February, May. 1936: December. 1949: February.
Takamine, T. (Toshio), b. 1885 -- 1917: September. 1920: October. 1921: October. 1922: January, May, August. 1924: September, October, November. 1925: February. 1928: August. 1940: May, August. 1949: February.
Wheeler, John Archibald, 1911- -- 1930: October. 1931: September. 1932: April, August, October. 1933: Jan. 1934: March. 1935: June. 1965: April [notes on contents of film made by WFM], July.