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Bondi, Hermann
Oral history interview with Hermann Bondi, 1978 March 20.
Early life in Vienna, family and religion; atmosphere in Vienna in early 1930s; growth of interest in mathematical physics; anti-Semitism at University of Vienna; influence of history teacher and rejection of religion; influence of reading Arthur S. Eddington and James Jeans in the mid-1930s; further study in England and contact with Eddington; Trinity College, 1937-1940; study with Abraham S. Besicovich; collapse of plebiscite and family in Vienna; internment during World War II; graduate study with Harold Jeffreys: naval radar, 1942; associates during war and circle at University of Cambridge; development of radar research team with Thomas Gold and Fred Hoyle; developing astronomical interests, 1943; early research on accretion and evolution; cosmology; general relativity; contact with Freeman Dyson, James Lighthill and William H. McCrea; work in theoretical stellar structure; the problem of red giants; Hoyle's theory of stellar evolution; Hoyle-Lyttleton red giant models; growing interests in cosmology and discussion of Richard Chase Tolman and Edwin P. Hubble; the Steady State Cosmology; reactions to Steady State theory; gravitational theory and relativity circa 1955. Also prominently mentioned are: Christine Bondi, Abraham Frankel, George Cunliffe McVittie, Maurice H. L. Pryce, Otto Struve; and Trinity College (University of Cambridge).
Besicovitch, A. S.
Bondi, Christine
Bondi, Hermann
Dyson, Freeman J.
Eddington, Arthur Stanley, Sir, 1882-1944.
Frankel, Abraham
Gold, Thomas.
Hoyle, Fred, 1915-2001
Hubble, Edwin, 1889-1953
Jeans, James Hopwood, Sir, 1877-1946.
Jeffreys, Harold, 1891-1989
Lighthill, James
McCrea, William Hunter.
McVittie, George C. (George Cunliffe)
Pryce, Maurice Henry Lecorney, 1913-2003
Struve, Otto, 1897-1963.
Tolman, Richard C. (Richard Chace), 1881-1948
Trinity College (University of Cambridge)
UniversittĖƒ Wien.
University of Cambridge.
Accretion (Astrophysics)
Antisemitism -- Austria.
Mathematical physics.
Red giants.
Relativity (Physics)
Stars -- Evolution
Stars -- Structure.
Steady state cosmology.
World War, 1939-1945 -- Prisoners and prisons.
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DeVorkin, David H., 1944- interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA