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The AIP's Array of Contemporary American Physicists is an unprecedented effort to bring together and organize available knowledge about physicists who have lived and worked in the United States since World War II, and we believe the resource to be as authoritative as any. Nevertheless, it is likely that there is some information in ACAP that is wrong. We welcome corrections. Unless you are a scientist correcting your own profile, please provide us with a source so that we can verify the information. Also, please keep in mind that some sources contradict each other, especially on the internet. We always attempt to use what we feel are the most credible sources, and generally prefer to leave information out rather than rely on suspect sources.


ACAP is an expandable resource that, at present, features over 800 physicists. We have selected them based upon criteria that are further explained on the About page. In the future, we would like to extend the resource to include physicists working before 1945, to physicists who have worked outside the United States, and to broader groups of physicists. While we will not add individual physicists by request, we welcome suggestions for what criteria we can use to expand ACAP in the most useful ways. If we have missed someone who fits currently used criteria, please let us know. Also, we are constantly adding new references to published historical resources, but if you have a particular suggestion for a source that ought to be added, do let us know. The creation of topic guides is likewise an ongoing project, and we welcome suggestions for future guides.


Photographs appearing in ACAP are from the AIP's Emilio Segrè Visual Archives. Many of these images are the property of AIP, and many are not. In cases where they are not, and where we know who their creator or owner is, we have sought permission to use them. However, if you own copyright to an image and are not properly acknowledged, please contact us and we will amend the photograph's credit or remove the image. If you would like to provide us with an alternative photograph from one we use here, please let us know. Where we can, we prefer to use photographs that help convey the culture of physics over official portraits.

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The managers of ACAP cannot fulfill requests for additional information. Please visit the web page of the AIP's Niels Bohr Library & Archives for further information about resources relating to the history of physics.

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