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Pages in the Array are divided into three categories: biographies, institutions, and topic guides. Biographical pages contain information on individuals, institutions contain information on which individuals were associated with which institutions and when, while topic guide pages are rough summaries of the histories of different research programs.


An A–Z listing of individuals included in ACAP. Biographical pages contain a rough outline of physicists' careers, as well as lists of other important posts and committee memberships that the physicist has held. They also contain references to more detailed discussions of that person, and links to resources and information on the website of the Niels Bohr Library and Archives at the American Institute of Physics, and selected resources elsewhere on the web.


Listings of selected institutions to which physicists in ACAP have belonged. Institutions will include universities, national laboratories, government agencies and research laboratories, companies and industrial laboratories, and prizes. Institution pages include affiliation dates, or chronological lists of winners, as appropriate.

Topic Guides

A list of topical guides to the history of different research programs, highlighting important trends and milestones. Our current collection of topic guides is limited, but we expect it to expand with time to include topics such as solid state and plasma physics. These pages will allow physicists to be connected not only through their place of work, but through the content of their work.